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on 4 October, several T-80 tanks positioned themselves across the Moscow River from the White House. Meanwhile, commandos from Alpha Group reluctantly took up positions around the building, waiting for the order to storm it. It was during the lead-up to the operation that another mysterious tragedy occurred. As the Alpha detachment was exiting their APCs, one of the soldiers was hit by a sniper and mortally wounded. That’s a lie. That was done with one goal in mind, to make Alpha angry, so that we rushed in there and cut everyone to pieces. €™14 If true, it might cast new light on the killing of Private Sitnikov the previous day, which had provoked the massacre at Ostankino by the Vityaz commandos. The identity of the sniper, the killer of the Alpha soldier, remains one of the key mysteries yet to be unravelled in the events of that October, just like the explosion at the Ostankino tower. If Alpha, the elite soldiers of Russia’s intelligence service, were themselves merely rats in the maze of a broader conspiracy, it is chilling to think of who could have been higher up the food chain. Shortly before 9 a. . one of the T-80 tanks fired a 150mm shell at the White House, hitting the top floors. There followed several more shells, likewise aimed at the top floors in order to avoid killing the building’s occupants. The shelling was mainly symbolic, to break the morale of the defenders. Nonetheless, some 70 people are believed to have been killed, including some bystanders.

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I just read some theories on reddit about six months back, that came true in ep6. It was nice to know Ravens can fly faster than dragons. inti. I'm sure the reason the benjen was there at the end was due to Bran. That's all I'm saying for those who haven't watched it. I find it better than episode 4 because along with action it had a lot of emotional factor. Emilia Clarke ( Dany ) is an amazing actress, she is truly a queen with her expressions. But things are moving towards a closer and that character driven approach was always going to be minimal. The phrases and dialogues especially from the usual witty persons like Tyrion lack the same vivacity. But i believed they still take viewpoints from Martin. But now without his aid i think they have realized that they need to increase the pace and action to cover the downfall in writing. I think just one from NK was to describe his power and terror. We had been listening for years that Winter is coming. I think this scene corroborates the fear of the NK and the dead. Poor Jorah Now, reading all the previous posts since the 6th episode after having watched it myself.

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The director’s final DuPont Show of the Month was The Lincoln Murder Case, which was adapted from Theodore Roscoe’s The Web of Conspiracy by Dale Wasserman, and featured Luther Adler and Andrew Prine. Segal’s Hedda Gabler was one of the first international co-productions for TV, forged by intrepid producer David Susskind for CBS and the BBC, and aired on both networks. Ingrid Bergman starred as Henrik Ibsen’s title heroine surrounded by three luminaries of the British acting tradition: Ralph Richardson as Brack, Trevor Howard as Lovborg, and Michael Redgrave as Tesman. Segal emphasized the enduring and universal resonance of Arthur Miller’s quintessential twentieth-century American play, about Willy’s sudden realization that his inflated idea of his professional position and his high opinions of his mediocre sons were based more on wishful thinking than reality—the idea that the American dream in this case was pretty much only that, hope and presumption. The piece won Emmy Awards for outstanding drama, Segal, and Miller. Playing the sons Biff and Happy were James Farentino and George Segal. Also in the cast were Gene Wilder, Albert Dekker, Karen Steele, Margo Redmond, and Edward Andrews. Jack Gould, writing in The New York Times, called the show “a veritable landmark in studio drama. there is no earlier parallel to cite. €ť Segal’s relationship with Susskind was a fruitful one, continuing through The Diary of Anne Frank and another of Miller’s plays, The Crucible. The Crucible, Miller’s drama based on the Salem Witch Trials, received a fierce interpretation through Segal’s handling of George C. Scott, Colleen Dewhurst, Melvyn Douglas, Tuesday Weld, Fritz Weaver, Will Geer, and Catherine Burns. Segal’s direction, Scott, and Dewhurst all received Emmy nominations. Certain Honorable Men was a fresh start as well as a throwback. It was the first production under NBC’s umbrella series sponsored by the insurance company, Prudential’s On Stage.

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ult time analyzing writing. She writes very clearly, but her writing tends to be very narrative, narrative style. And I feel very badly when I hear people say 287 High School II that, you know, because I feel there was something that I didn’t do. You know, I feel like I’m responsible for that, you know. So all I’m saying, what I was saying, was that I think that we need to, you know, be more conscious of where, the world our kids are going into, who they’re going to be competing with, that we want to, want them to be successful. If they go to college and they spend the ? st two years taking remedial reading and writing courses and they’ll feel inadequate, then they’re not going to stay in college. They’re going to drop out, and then where will they be. Cut to shot of Broadway intersection with an ambulance speeding by, siren wailing. So we want to just make sure that we know how to use a condom. And, I mean, one of the things is that we want to check an expiration date on the condom package—and why don’t I hand some of them out so you can look at them. You will—there are evidently two kinds of condoms that have been donated for the Board of Ed, one that is lubed—lubricated— and one that is not. You will want to ask, because if they don’t have the stamped date on it you want to talk to— female teacher (offscreen): ’96. But people need to be made aware that they should check the expiration date, because if they’re using a condom past the expiration date, they’re using something that’s bound to be more risky. Rubber, we all, the condom must be latex, but if latex is worn, and we say this to guys a lot, in the back pocket of a pair of tight jeans, although today they don’t have to worry about that ’cause they wear the real baggy jeans—but if it’s constantly rubbing up in some part of the body where it’s really warm, here, you’re going to wear away the material and the odds are you’re going to weaken the condom as well.

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