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And that’s quite an achievement in this day and age. I have always considered it one of the glories of mankind that, despite its best efforts, it has never completely succeeded in rendering itself superfluous. You see, kid, our instincts order us to multiply, while our intelligence commands us to conserve. We are like a father who bears many sons, but contrives to dispossess all but the eldest. We call instinct blind, but intelligence is equally so. Intelligence has its passions, its loves and its hates; woe to the logician whose superbly rational system does not rest upon a solid base of raw feeling. In the brute-labour department, there’ll always be opportunities for the unwanted. ”. Whether or not, McHonnery, perhaps a precursor of Colitis? is correct about anthropic performance and its future status of indispensability, is perhaps besides the point if consumption patterns can be increasingly satisfied by machined simulacra. In all cases of the detour into simulacra, the role of mechanism increases, and so, too, does its demands, what it requires of its users. Building the mechanised habitats catering to the desires of today, condemns one to live in the same desires tomorrow. What can be seen in the persistent clinging to these totemic ideas, the adherence to the vague haze of their associated positivist assumptions; is the struggle to maintain both the required elemental simplicity of that relation, in order perhaps to assuage anxieties of influence; and the desire to blot out any rival possibilities beyond these simplifying assumptions, in order to achieve determinations sufficient to constitute images of self reflecting said assumptions. Never to actually think through them, though, but always and merely, to shunt around prefabricated pieces of dogma, in an endless quest to approximate the narrow ideal of their initial stupidity and its ignorant, hysterical desire. This partial awareness is produced by a delimited model of cultivational or experimental experience, in which scenarios susceptible to cybernetic selection, according to the idealised criteria of an ideologically rationalised ignorance, have a tendency to obstruct further theoretical insights when hamstrung by habituations of essentially parochial outlook. In short, because breeding processes are observable and manipulable, the positivist bigot views everything in this light, privileging those which he can identify himself and his chosen cultural affiliations with, as his favoured telos. A telos forming a teleological perspective into the limits of which he is constrained to interpret all lines of generally constitutive information; thereby causing obscurities of ideological distortion. It’s a cybernetic schema he lacks the intellectual resources to effectively question.

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One of the first 21st century horror films with a truly new take on the horror genre that flips every known rule on its head. The night goes from a solo theft to a saving mission and a game of cat and mouse from a psychotic killer. The collector is written by the writers of Saw IV, V and VI, and this heavy influence is evident in the film’s gory tale. Raw (2017) Director: Julia Ducournau A vegetarian French student begins her first semester in veterinary school where, due to peer pressure of initiation, she eats raw meat. Afterwards, she understandably feels strange and begins a descent from raw animal meat to human flesh. This debut film from Ducournau is as gory as it is a fresh take on the cannibalistic narrative and is definitely well worth a watch. Get Out (2017) Director: Jordan Peele A trip to meet his girlfriend’s family for the weekend turns from an awkward family meeting to threat for survival as the family, the African American servants and the townspeople are not what they seem. This debut from Peele is both a commentary on society’s prejudices of race as well as a tense nail biting thriller. Rob Zombie (in collaboration with his wife Sheri-Moon Zombie) is back with a dive into the legend of Salem and a throwback to the early art house horror years. Demon House (2018) Director: Zak Bagans Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans buys one of the most haunted houses in Indiana (where a young child was possessed by a demon) and documents the bizarre goings on in an overnight lockdown. This paranormal documentary is a feature length film which explores both the paranormal goings on in the house and the terrifying true story of Latoya Ammons’s three children undergoing hell whilst living in the house, as witnessed by officials. Demon House is a worthy watch for anyone interested in true paranormal investigations. Martyrs (2008) Director: Pascal Laugier Martyrs tells a story of two girls who exact their revenge from their abusive past only to find life goes from bad to worse when this search for revenge leads to a depraved secret organisation on a quest for knowledge. Martyrs is a brutal, unforgiving French film that is perfect for fans of gory psychological horror and one you shan’t forget in a hurry whether you like those sorts of films or not. Devil’s Due (2014) Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett While on their honeymoon, a couple bumps into a psychic who gives them a premonition. After getting drunk in a strange underground bar the female of the couple finds out she is pregnant. Instead of the smooth sailing into motherhood, she and her husband find out the pregnancy might not be all that it appears. This one is a nice twist on the usual supernatural horror film and sees a mother’s protection extend to the demonic forces of evil.

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The song was played during the Red Wedding too and in the latest episode, the song starts playing when we see the Lannisters and the Tarlys marching towards Highgarden, which marks the end of House Tyrell. When Jaime comes to meet Lady Olenna, after capturing the castle, she says a line from song, “ And now the rains weep o’er our halls. ” This is significant as she knows that the Lannisters have successfully managed to eliminate her house, just like they eliminated the Reynes. For those who don’t know the lyrics, check them below. And so he spoke, and so he spoke, that lord of Castamere, But now the rains weep o’er his hall, with no one there to hear. And I buried an axe so deep into Willem’s skull they had to bury him with it. He was forced to join the Watch after murdering his brother's killer, Willem, with an axe. Yoren meets Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Benjen Stark as they are traveling north to the Wall. He arrives at their camp with two rapers, one of which is Rast. They talk about what the strangest thing they've ever eaten is; Tyrion asks if Dornish women count. Yoren considers Benjen Stark as a close friend and ally and sees him off when he departs on a ranging beyond the Wall. After Tyrion gives Bran the plans for a new saddle Robb changes his mind, but Tyrion says he would prefer the brothel in town. After Jory takes Arya from the room Yoren is able to warn Eddard Stark about his wife's actions before they become public. Lord Stark is brought to the Great Sept of Baelor to stand trial and Arya watches from the square. To see over the heads of the crowd, she climbs onto the pedestal of Baelor's statue. She is pushing her way through the crowd trying to draw her sword. He holds her still, covers her ears, and keeps her from witnessing the beheading by blocking her view. Once out of the square he cuts Arya's hair with a knife and instructs her to pose as a boy.