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The death of the youngest Baratheon brother to the hands of Melisandre’s shadow-baby was definitely one of these moments. Seeing the monster’s talons stab Renly to death in front of a shocked Brienne and Catelyn Stark and vanish in the blink of an eye was a gripping GoT moment, indeed. Instead, Theon changes alliances to gain his father’s approval by seizing Winterfell and having his sword fight teacher, Rodrik Cassel beheaded, a symbol of his dismissal for what Winterfell had done for him. The entire battle was insane to say the least, but watching the barrels of wildfire blow up with tremendous force and envelop the waters was by far, one of the most incredible scenes of the show to date. Sam then beholds an army of living-dead folks, led by the terrifying White Walkers and their commandant, who has long grey hair as white as snow, piercing blue eyes, and a chilling glare that can send anyone into a cold sweat. Suddenly, the dragon’s hot, fiery breath turns the slave trader, Kraznys into barbecued meat, before making Dany’s new army of Unsullied massacre the other traders. As he confesses what made him decide to kill the Mad King who threatened to burn the world to the ground, the Kingslayer gains Brienne of Tarth’s sympathy, and that of the audience. An anticipated, beautiful ceremony is turned into a brutal and unexpected massacre. As they’re having a blast in honor of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey’s wedding, Lady Catelyn, Robb Stark, his pregnant wife, Talisa and his banner-men are gruesomely killed by Walder Frey’s men to the tune of the Lannister’s anthem played by the wedding orchestra. Easily the most epic lovers’ quarrel we’ve ever seen. Since no one in the Seven Kingdoms was rooting for him, it’s not hard to imagine that many wedding guests had to hide their glee. Watching Joffrey’s sour face turn purple from poison and then dying after a long agony in the arms of his incestuous parents was a relief, indeed. In the fourth episode of that season, the White Walkers are seen up-close for the very first time as they turn a literal baby human into one of their own by poking it with its claw and turning its eyes icy blue. We’re not sure if we found that scene compelling or bizarre, but with this show, these two feelings are rarely mutually exclusive. The most honorable, nice characters in the series are bound to be kicked off the chess board at some point, and Oberyn Martell’s death during his duel with the Mountain is no exception to the rule. As his win seemed secured, Oberyn regrettably gets shoved to the ground by the giant and his eyes are crushed until his entire skull blows up. Definitely one of the most shocking and gruesome Game of Thrones scenes thus far.

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a Bhandara will take place at Hanuman Chowk. Arora said that rotary will be best rotary in Jammu city and it is also entrance gate of city of temple for all tourists coming from Srinagar. Statements on the basis of religion during the poll campaigning need to be taken cognizance by the Election Commission and action be initiated for such act. BJP State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, while condemning the use of religion by Farooq Abdullah during election public meeting in Kangan, said that such type of politics is not healthy as it may lead to hatred and divide among people of different faiths. He said that religion should not be the mean to seek votes but one’s programmes for the people should be highlighted by any contesting candidate. He said that by openly seeking support from Jamaat-e-Islami on the name of Islam to cater to his own personal need of winning this election by polarizing the peace loving communities Farooq Abdullah has committed a sin in the eye of society as well as law of land. Dr. Narinder Singh reminded the people of the valley that the NC leaders change colours like chameleons and always try to mislead the innocent voters on one pretext or the other. Such party and its candidates should be shown the door for strengthening the social bonds and maintain communal harmony. Dr. Narinder Singh said that the Congress also owe an explanation and need to clear its stand whether it believes in politics based on religion and caste as Congress senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad had shared dais with the Farooq Abdullah when the NC candidate sought votes from the people by using religion as a mean to attract them towards him. The Congress, if disagree with the views of Farooq Abdullah, it should seek an apology from the people of the state. Silence on part of the Congress would mean that it is no different from the NC and endorses whatever Farooq Abdullah have been saying in public rallies. Party MPs to spend 48 hours in a constituency: Sat During party’s nationwide programmes from April 6 to 14, every MP of BJP will have to spend 48 hours in one of the Parliamentary constituency, meet the party activists, interact with the public and stay with them following local hospitality instead of going to Guest House or other luxurious accommodations. While April 6 will be celebrated as the Foundation Day of BJP, April 14, the birthday of Dr. B.

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8,000 to train as a secondary-school language teacher in England. You can play a part in equipping the next generation with skills employers need. Good language teachers are in demand and there has never been a better time to enter the profession, with attractive starting salaries and long-term job prospects. Residents of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will need to be entitled for support as set out by their country’s student finance body (Student Finance Wales, Student Awards Agency Scotland or Student Finance NI). The training place must be with a provider allocated ITT places via DfE and lead to achieved Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) status. QTLS is for further education (post-16) and you cannot obtain QTLS if you are on a course for pre-16. Successful candidates will be invited to interview in June and July, and scholarships will be awarded to successful candidates in July. It’s important to make sure that teaching is for you, so if you haven’t had recent experience in a UK school, then Get Into Teaching can help you with their School Experience Programme. There are two different types of teacher-training routes. One is school-led, and the other is university-led. Both will give you practical and theoretical skills to become an effective and inspirational qualified teacher, but they are delivered differently. Once you send your teacher-training application, you’re ready to book your skills test. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). Students will be notified on or around February 1, 2019. The link to the Kathryn Davis application is in the confirmation email that you receive after submitting your Language School application. An advocate for international education, she was a champion of peace and a force for the greater good. Read more.

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What’s up with Tyrion and Varys and where do they end up. Not having watched any of these three movies, but just going from the overall Boxoffice, it seems that Kit’s Pompeii, Emilia’s Terminator and Sophie’s (though a side-role) X-Men, all underperformed. And yeah, they need to release the synopsis for ep 8 soon. Surely we will get that before the preview tomorrow. Do you think it was foreshadowing the necessary connection in the future. At the end of the day surely a united front is what’s needed against the undead army. How? That question has never been addressed unless someone can tell me otherwise. For all the worrying and complaining you’re doing (not unjustified, of course) about Jon and his arc, you need to remember how important he is. So if Sansa is stepping up because she (rightfully) gets called out about her history, including willingly marrying Ramsay, well, that’s important too. And I think Tormund vouching for Jon as it was shown in the previews is incredibly powerful. I read the Sansa line about Jon being a bastard before I saw the show and I was so annoyed until I watched it and it was clearly not as people were portraying it. If she’s saying that Rickon is dead, it’s either because that’s what she believes Ramsay would do or someone (LF? told her that was true. Or she hears the Umbers killed Shaggydog or something. But we should keep in mind that there are still 4 big episodes left and I truly think we’ll see some epic Jon stuff (excluding the battle). SO HYYYPED.


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. In my mind it’s as influential (albeit way lesser known) as Psycho or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are countless sub genres born out of Black Christmas, that would all splinter off as their own thing throughout the late 70s to mid 80s. Predating Halloween by four years, it offers a similar premise, set around a snowy college town on Christmas Eve. I love the performances, love the aesthetic and especially atmosphere that Bob Clark created, book ending this film like he would with A Christmas Story 9 years later. Instead of diffused colorful lights and warm saturated tones along with music, Black Christmas, while also showing a house, is painted in stark blacks and whites, no music but the sound of snow falling. I like horror films that could happen in real life. This film set the bar for those kinds of horror films that followed, Cape Fear, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wolf Creek and so on. Zombies, vampires and monsters don’t do it for me. . I had not seen a horror film since I was a kid on VHS and it was my first time seeing a horror film in a cinema. Intense laughing and intense fear is a killer combo. . John Carpenter’s Halloween and The Thing are also some of my favorites. . Stands the test of time and people’s reactions to it are so strong. Just mention the name around anyone who is near a body of water and watch people think twice about getting in.

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Ada lebih dari satu lagu yang bikin buluku berdiri. Adegan musikal yang ada terdengar dan terlihat megah sekali. O ne of them could be the next Let It Go, catchy dan fun to listen to. Kalo ayam bisa nyanyi pastilah aku juga sudah ikut bernyanyi. Harapanku semoga lagu tersebut tidak jadi annoying, sih, kayak Let It Go yang mentang-mentang bagus, diputerin terus. Untungnya kami tidak punya radio atau internet di pulau. Kalo didenger-denger lirik lagu-lagu yang mereka nyanyikan memiliki arti dan turut berkembang bersama perjalanan mereka. Perjalanan kami lebih mudah diikuti oleh anak-anak karena tidak banyak yang tersembunyi di bawah permukaan. Zootopia yang bertema lebih mature akan membuat penonton tenggelam dalam pikiran demi pikiran yang menantang. Pesan dalam Moana lebih tembak-langsung dan dibumbui oleh banyak humor ringan dan sekuens aksi yang seru. Nilai entertainment petualangan kami jauh lebih tinggi. Kalian bisa bernyanyi, tertawa, dan terkagum oleh animasi tanpa perlu banyak berpikir. Kalian enggak perlu pinter banget dulu untuk ngakak melihat kelakukan dan tampang blo’onku. Kemandiriannya mengajarkan banyak hal, terutama buat anak cewek. You don’t need to wait to be saved, that you can take the matters to your own hands and save all things you loved yourself. Bahkan mengajarkan hal tersebut kepada pria sekuat Maui yang berhasrat dielukan sebagai pahlawan; kita perlu bergerak untuk mewujudkan yang kita inginkan. Atau malah kepada seekor ayam, a village-idiot, sepertiku.


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The bug appears to affect most messaging apps, including iMessage, WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook for iOS, or Facebook Messenger. The Verge reports that Telegram and Skype are unaffected. At the very least, receiving the character will crash whatever messaging app sees the character, forcing you to force-close the app. If you reopen the app and the character is still there, it will crash the app again, so you’ll need to use a different (non-iOS device) to access the messaging app and delete the message including the character. That’s easy enough for Facebook Messenger or iMessage (assuming you have a Mac), but harder for WhatsApp unless you already have web access enabled. The bug will only crash the entire iPhone if a notification card or banner containing the character pops up on the device. If that happens, the Springboard software, which serves as the iOS app launcher, appears to crash, forcing you to reboot or reset your device in order to make it work again. The Verge also reports that the bug is not present in the iOS 11. beta, indicating that Apple already knows the problem exists, and is preparing to patch it in the next update. iOS 11. public beta 2 is available for download already, so if you’re particularly worried about someone spamming you the character to be annoying, you can download the beta today to immunize yourself. However, rolling back to regular release firmware requires a PC and iTunes, and beta software is notorious for its bugginess and potential impact on performance. New iOS 11. . bug: Wacky Indian character will crash your iPhone and lock down the Messages app phonearena. om A single character can crash your iPhone’s messaging apps slashgear. om New iOS bug can disable iMessage and crash iPhones with a string of characters bgr.

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This wraps up another year of October Horror Month for me, which always makes me a little sad (but also a little happy since I can go back to reviewing all sorts of genres instead of just horror). This year I’ve again seen some truly abysmal horrors but, overall, I lucked out and saw some really good ones. But 15 decent ones out of 32 is REALLY good for the horror genre. The film takes place on a train to Busan, as a zombie apocalypse suddenly breaks in the country and compromises the safety of the passengers. I’m ending with Train To Busan as it was my favorite horror that I saw this year. How many times does it need to be said that we need characters we actually give a shit about if we’re meant to care if they survive or not. Why do so few horror movies bother to spend any time developing their characters. I’m not saying Train To Busan was perfect but we got to know the main characters really well and there was just enough time spent on several of the lesser characters too, making for a much more enjoyable (and intense) experience for the audience. Train To Busan is done right and I highly recommend it, even if you’re getting sick of zombie movies. The story, set mostly on a train (believe it or not! , is just original enough to feel like a somewhat fresh take on the zombie thing. The action moves along at a nice pace and the gore is at the right level (nothing overboard or extreme). And, most importantly, we get to know the characters and want to see them survive this sudden plague. I loved seeing these strangers come together while trying to survive this violent outbreak. I’m so glad I finally got the opportunity to see this one and I hope that more people will check it out. It’s a good human story that I think even those who don’t necessarily love horror films might like. Well, I’ve now finally seen it and I can confirm that it is, indeed, truly bizarre.

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She has the world’s largest crush on him that has built up in every appearance she has made so far in the series. I must say Alaina is a likable character and up to this point is barely used, and that’s a shame. She is more perfect for Wally than the Princess is and here is to hoping he sees that by the next two issues. Vastar and Erasmo return as the issue’s baddies and once more are outsmarted by a kid, making them perfect bad guys for this style of kids fantasy comic. Howard Post did the art in this issue, and it really reminded me of Archie Comics and that’s a cool thing. The cover on this issue is just so-so and could have been better. Sir Evilus and his mother are not happy that they were not invited to the feast and have a plan to attack and take over the Kingdom. But in the mother’s crystal ball she sees that it is Wally who stands in their way of winning this soon to be war, but her son pays it no attention and prepares for the attack. In the morning Evilus attacks and is getting the upper hand until his men kidnap Wally and by mistake a vanishing spell by Mother only makes half his body disappear. The young wizard’s apprentice is nothing more than a floating head scares off the army when they think he is a ghost. In the end the spell wears off, and Wally once more saves the Kingdom, but the credit goes to Marlin who poured water on the army below. Wally is good natured though and never seems to be bothered that he gets no credit and just seems to enjoy the life he was given. Marlin once more is back to full grump mode and is so pushy that magic is fake and science is real, he even skips the feast in order to work on an experiment. Conrad, Jay, Alaina, Princess Penelope and Sir Flauntaroy all make cameos but are given nothing special, besides once more Penelope is a snobby brat. New baddy Sir Evilus is pretty cool as he looks like what you would think of for an evil knight complete with black goatee and evil witch of a mother. While a cool bad guy, he does not come off as a threat to the Kingdom, but his army does. The plot is fun and gets to add a slight horror element to this kids’ comic as Wally acts as a ghost and superstition comes into play about bad omens and haunted castles.