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Kali ini kita akan membahas salah satu film klasik yang terkenal menyeramkan pada kala itu. Menonton film ini menjadi sebuah tantangan uji nyali tersendiri, apakah akan menjadi sangat menyeramkan ditonton dizaman sekarang? Suspiria: Merupakan sebuah film Horror yang diangkat dari sebuah buku berjudul sama yang diterbitkan tahun 1845. Ini merupaka serial pertama dari triologi The Three Mother, berikut urutannya. Dan Suspiria menjadi film yang paling sukses dalam serialnya, dianggap menjadi salah satu film Horror paling sukses pada eranya, mendapatkan banyak pujian tentang pewarnaan, visual serta arahannya. Suspiria dinominasikan untuk dua Penghargaan Saturn: Aktris Pendukung Terbaik, Film klasik terbaik. Dan diakui sebagai salah satu film Horror Argentina paling berpengaruh. Suzy Bannion, seorang mahasiswa balet dari New York City, tiba tiba di Akademi Tari Tanz pada malam hari. Setibanya disana tempat tersebut terlihat sepi dan angker, hingga akhirnya ia bertemu dengan seorang gadis yang ketakutan dan malarikan diri. Singkat cerita, setelah tinggal beberapa hari disana gadis tersebut mulai mengalami hal aneh dalam tempat tersebut. Disaat menonton film ini, saya merasakan berbagai tekanan keras diotak. Berkonsep seperti halnya menonton teather dan lokasinya hanya berlatar disatu tempat saja. Plotnya sendiripun diawal pembuat bingung, saya mengalami kesepian dan ketakutan seperti apa yang dialami oleh aktor utama.

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We may have a little over 10 episodes in the projected 2 seasons left. You can start calling Westeros by it’s new name, Whitewalkerland. If the people of Westeros are to survive, they have to meet and defeat the WW in the North. And Sam and Gilly with little Sam followed closely by Sam’s father traveling along with it. Sam going back to the Wall without having learned a single thing to help Jon seems like a wasted trip to me. Some of us tried to escape the lies and nonsense of politics and the bootlickers that follow it. But you did your job well, and managed to find us. He’s just gonna go off on some mission he could care less about and miss her trial by combat. So Dany will sail to Westeros, and they’ll cut to a scene of Euron going “oh sorry guys I was wrong we don’t need 1000 ships just like 50 maybe? . Maybe you do. And I never ever dismissed anyones opinions. All I did was express my own opinion about two things that bothered me about the trailer and I had someone get so mad, that to get back at me they spoiled the last episode for everyone.

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It’s easily the film with the most significant meaning on this list. Peele perfectly uses different metaphors throughout the film to give a better understanding to the deep narrative behind this film. Peele was able to combine both comedy and horror elements without it being excessive. He uses common film tropes but uses them to highlight the systematic racism there is in this country. Aside from the message, the film also works solely as a horror film although predictable at times. Coco itself was brilliant filled with bright vivid colors thanks to the vibrant culture of my beloved Mexico. All the characters have so much depth and each one is trying to find a deeper meaning to fix what’s “broken” inside of them. This film is very similar to his others in that he sends a message that sometimes man is more evil than even the most gruesome looking monster. Sally Hawkins’ performance as the mute “princess” who falls in love with the monster is exceptional. The film focuses on only one event but splits it into three different points of view all at three different times which connect at the end of the film. Nolan’s vision and his directing style make this film feel realistic. You feel and sympathize for the soldiers on the beach and at times you even hold your breath wondering what’s next. It literally has you on the edge of your seat hoping for the best outcome.

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There is great promise in the solar eclipse. In town after town across the United States, on the weekend leading up to the eclipse, there will be rock concerts, lectures, wine tastings, drum circles, costume parties, art exhibitions, mini-golf tournaments and car shows. They offer opportunities for civic boosters to show off overlooked towns and opportunities for many others to make a buck. Farmers in some states are renting camping spots in their fields for hundreds of dollars; hotel rooms have been booked for years. The new Holiday Inn in nearby Paducah was booked before it opened. But the millions flocking to see the eclipse will also mean a logistical headache, a claim on local resources in places like Wickliffe that have few resources left. “Maybe we could have handled it, ” Mr. Lane said. “But here we are not knowing if we’ re going to have 20,000 people. We sit here with no city police and have to depend on the sheriff. I’ ve heard estimates they’ ll be just lying on the street. State officials talk of half a million people coming to western Kentucky, where the sun, moon and earth will line up most precisely, the point of greatest eclipse. The epicenter will be 100 miles to the east, near Hopkinsville, which has been preparing for this for more than a decade.

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All kinds of fore ign islands; to be compared with them are the cultivated land's areas, made happy and quiet. The court culture nevertheless persisted, although it was over laid and i nterfused with Islamic symbols and ideas and set among an ethnically more differentiated urban mass, which looked with less awe on the classical order. The steady growth-especially on J ava-of Dutch administrative control in the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries constricted the tradition still further. But, since the lower lev els of the bureaucracy continued to be manned almost entirely by Indo nesians of the old upper classes, the tradition remained, even then, the matrix of supravillage political order. The Regency or the District Of fice remained not merely the axis of the polity but the embodiment of it, a polity with respect to which most villagers were not so much actors as audience. It was this tradition with which the new elite of republican Indonesia was left after the revolution. That is not to say that the theory of the ex emplary center persisted unchanged, drifting like some Platonic arche type through the eternity of Indonesi an history, for (like the society as a whole) it evolved and developed, becoming ultimately perhaps more conventional and less religious in general temper. Nor does it mean that foreign ideas, from European parliamentarianism, from Marxism, from Islamic moralism, and so forth did not come to play an essential role in Indonesian political thought, for modern Indonesian nationalism is very far from being merely old wine in a new bottle. It is simply that, as yet, the conceptual transition from the classic image of a polity as a concen trated center of pomp and power, alternately providing a cynosure for popular awe and lashing out militarily at competing centers, to one of a polity as a systematically organized national community has, for all these changes and influences, still not been completed. Indeed, it has been arrested and to some extent reversed. The most prominent attempt to construct, by means of a figurative extension of the classic tradition, an essentially metaphoric re working of it, a new symbolic framework within which to give form and meaning to the emerging republican polity, was President Sukarno's faepic. Translated i n Th. Piegeaud, Java in the 14th Century (The Hague, 1 960), 3:2 1.