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Another extra says white walkers are defeated on episode 3 in a huge twist but refused to say any more. If you receive any more leaks look for info about this to judge whether or not they are fake. Dude, think. bout your life. write out a fake script about a show. Tell everyone its real, and use a robot voice. mean, loser comes to mind dude. You slurr so fast through the words that it's too difficult to follow what you're saying. So when whatever does happen, I am somewhat emotionally prepared. There's also too much dialog about nonsensical hypotetical situations. aming characters don't make a script. It's fine. ust kept having fun. It's all good but don't pretend this is real people. Please don't bombard me with hate, I love both characters and think the actors are incredible I'm just not sold on this ship, and I hate it. No offense to Jon and Dany shippers, I just hope for and expect a different endgame. Cersei's plan was letting the the Night King's army fight the army of Dany and Jon and elimate each other. And the Golden Company would be waiting in King's Landing to deal with the winner of this war. So from her point of view it is not necessary to waste the lives of very expensive sell swords. I've tried to click on the links and there is only a blank page.

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. . Compilation of a subject bibliography. Retrospective general catalogues of the government publications of United. Revenue terms (Indian), Reference book on, 221211. Ex. 1. Reviewing periodicals as sources in long range reference, 4323. Review of British geographical work during the hundred years ijSg-iSSg, biblio-. Revolution in the functions of a library — i. . . Genesis of reference service. Rheder (Alfred). Comp. The Bradley bibliography, a guide to the literature. Riches (Phyllis M. . Comp. An analytical bibliography of universal collected.


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If you think that Melisandre is anything other than a stock fantasy character, you're kidding yourself. GRRM's had similar characters in other works, too, much like Littlefinger, Loras, the Hound, and even Tyrion have forerunners in other works of GRRM's. Meanwhile, GRRM has done many interviews before and after the leak saying he intends to stick with the same ending. ASOIAF is his actual main story that he's been writing for over 20 years. Yes, he take influence from the War of the Roses but he also takes influence from other fantasy stories. Good-looking, magic sword(GRRM's sample chapter pointed towards him getting Blackfyre), long lost prince who works with his hands, evil villains(the Lannisters) etc. That's kind of his whole point with the the play where the lions eat everything and then a dragon hatches and eats the lions. Varys is using propaganda to prep KL for his dragon. Hell, I can see a scenario where Aegon mobilized his armies to go help the North and the Reach against the Others and Euron only for Daenerys to muck that all up by blowing up King's Landing. Feigned princes are of course an IRL phenomenon, but within the context of this story in particular (as it plays out especially in the cyvasse game with Tyrion and Varys’ monologue in the epilogue to ADWD), what emerges is the Perfect Prince mythos as an in-universe trope being deployed as propaganda, in a manner designed to call attention to how this sort of narrative often works in other fantasy novels. Aegon’s basically trying to hijack the protagonist role of ASOIAF (as Euron’s trying to hijack the antagonist role), and I think his story is meant in part as a satire of audience expectations for our actual protagonists. You want the world to know Jon as Rhaegar’s son and the cheering crowds to hail his crowning. Aegon’s a prefab hero designed in-universe to meet every standard on the Hero’s Journey Checklist. It’s a fantasy story within another fantasy story that won’t let it succeed, because it isn’t earned. Well you have to remember that the show is the show and the books are the books. GRRM has watched season 6 and has already said that the books aren't going to happen anything like that and has kind of called the show fan fiction. And they also change things a lot of the time to make things swifter or to make more sense with their version. If that means Jon won't struggle with who he is then so be it. Like for instance take for example Jon being offered Winterfell for Stannis. It's a real struggle for him in the books complete with flashbacks, sadness, uplifting moments and it's climatic.


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The Ideo team has been testing subtle messaging that might appear on or near buffets, along with ways for hotels to collect more information about guests’ dietary preferences and meal schedules. These so-called eater profiles would enable chefs and event planners to know in advance when diners plan to eat off-property or if they would like to request special meals. So far, consumers seem open to providing more information about their plans and food sensitivities, especially if it aids conservation efforts. “I wasn’ t too aware of the waste, but if we could do our part that would be a good thing, ” said Dinesh Collins, a travel business operator who regularly attends conferences. The challenge will be finding the right balance between delivering a high level of service and minimizing waste. “People don’ t want to be preached to as they are going through the breakfast buffet, ” Pearson said. “At the same time, we shouldn’ t allow people to stack everything on their plates and then just toss it away. . UNLV President Len Jessup laid out the school’s plans, which include pursuing Tier 1 university status, according to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions, the gold standard of college rankings. He said UNLV is a year-and-a-half into to its 10-year plan to achieve that ranking. “We want to be a Carnegie research institution at the highest level academically, and we want to be competing athletically at a level that makes us attractive to Power 5 conferences like the Pac-12 and Big 12, ” Jessup said. “Our plan is driven around doing that. Education additions Infrastructure is a big focus as UNLV looks to expand its footprint. The School of Medicine, which accepted its first class of students this summer, is in the funding stages for its new building. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, will open this fall. “That will help a world-class program now that they have world-class facilities, ” Jessup said. Athletic additions The university has long aspired to be in a Power 5 athletic conference. Everything is going well, and it looks like it's on pace. The planned 70,000-square-foot Fertitta Football Complex is a go after the Nevada Board of Regents approved a funding plan for the complex last week. It’s where they’ ll eat, train and study.


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Just the appropriate number of chairs, grouped according to allegiances, arrayed in a Circle in the Center of the pit. Cersei is already waiting, sitting with Jaime, Oyburn, Euron and the Mountain, and the entirety of her Queens guard. A semicircle of chairs awaits Dany’s loyalists, but Dany herself is still nowhere to be seen. Queen Cersei is preparing to leave when Queen Daenerys arrives on Drogon, with Rhaegal in tow. The crumbled edge of the pit crumbles further where the dragon sets down. Dany climbs down his wing and makes her way toward the main floor. Drogon takes to the air again to join his brother, the two of them rising in gyres to the sky overhead, always remaining in Sight. Most are cowed by the sight of these beasts, including Dany’s allies. Not Cersei. All she displays is disdain for the theatricality of the gesture. As Dany takes her seat opposite Cersei in the circle, Bronn gives Tyrion a parting piece of advice: “You’re better off not wanting a girl like that. A girl like that is not manageable. ” “Shall we begin? Cersei says. “Some of us have been here for some time. On Dany’s prompting, Tyrion is about to begin, but before he can make it to the center of the circle to kick things off, Euron stands up: “I’ll start. He calls out Theon publicly. He has Theon’s sister, and he threatens to kill Yara if Theon doesn’t submit to him here and now. He can tell from Jaime’s expression that Jaime is not a fan. “I think we ought to begin with larger concerns, ” Tyrion Says.


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Complicated by secret affairs and illegitimate children, the Virgin queen is not so virtuous and her suppressed passion for the theatre indulges passionate memories of love long past. Conducting the orchestra in the centre of the political power play is Royal adviser William Cecit (David Thewlis) and later succeeded by his hunch-back son Robert (Edward Hogg), but they are no match for Edwards politically bias and commoner pleasing plays leading to uproar in both the lands and the court. Filled with historical conspiracies, political skulduggery and sexual transgressions, this films compelling and delicious appeal is its web of fact-based elements. Power, betrayal, incest, facades and the theatre, The Bard himself would not lament at screenwriter John Orloff's words or designers Sebastian Krawinkel's exquisite envisioning. 74 year old Redgrave delivers extraordinary complexity and vulnerability to the ageing Queen of England and her daughter Joely Richardson invests playfulness and innocence into the flash-backed younger portions of the role. Ifans is measured and accomplished whist the two Earls, Southampton (Australia's own rising star Xavier Samuel) and Essex (Sam Reid) are credible and destined to elude the indiscretions of their Twilight appearances. For never was there a story of more wow, than this of Elizabeth and her Romeo. Void of decades, years, months or weeks; if you were down to merely days, minutes and seconds, what would you consider important. In Time is a fascinating philosophical allegory in which time is money in the most guttural sense. In similar Sci-fi vein to director Andrew Niccol's 1997 futuristic Gattaca, the power vacuum of society is divided by means. Time is a commodity that few can afford; but greed is good and the human desire for immortality is ever present. In the near future, humans have been genetically altered. Life expectancy is no longer in the hands of fate as people are now engineered to automatically stop aging at 25, and receive merely one bonus year in which to obtain more time or there personal clocks will expire. To keep order, citizens are divided into time zones according to their means. In the working-class ghetto of Dayton, Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is a slave to minimum wage. Surviving hour-to-hour, four minutes is a steep price for a cup of coffee and the 28 year old must always run against the bright green life-expectancy timer imbedded in his forearm. Will and his 25 year-old-looking (but 50 year-old-actual) mother Rachel (Olivia Wade) struggle in debt and must pool their bare hours to pay for a decent lunch and crippling loan repayments. Scheduled to meet later, the two embark on what seems like a normal day against the grind, until Will walks into a bar and meets a mysterious stranger Henry (Matt Bomer). Carelessly flashing over a centaury on his clock, Henry is an easy target for those renegades who refuse to work for extra time opting to steal it instead, the minute men. Will selflessly intervenes to protect Henry; however the suicidal 105-year-old still jumps from a bridge but not before secretly transferring his time to Will and exposing the truth behind the illusive time scale.


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That is so Predictable, it is a really boring end to a fantastic Story. This side of the fandom has said it a lot, but her quote really confirms that Dany will NOT be fine with Jon's targ identity and his claim to the throne. She’s been working for this her entire existence. . And Emilia is understandably explaining her character’s motivation and PoV to justify it. Adding Sophie’s quote to this too, I suspect they will butt heads and that the North will prove to not bend so easily. That is what she implied with this quote, “And what happens to things that don’t bend? She’s not going to succeed, though, but I suspect this means she’s already agitated once the reveal happens. Looking at some of the other character quotes, I also think more of her followers will lose faith in her. They’ve got this lovely bond that is worth fighting for. Jacob Anderson: “The chances of anyone surviving are remote, and they’re aware of that. These two will be all about one another and they’re gonna want to fight for their own survival and for a good life together, not someone else’s dream job. Probably Missandei, considering how they keep emphasizing how losing her is GW only fear. Peter Dinklage: “ He’s trying to figure out who he really is in this storm of negotiations. Iain Glen: “ He’s been given the greatest challenges around Dany. He’ll be tested like never before. ” Tyrion could be tempted to side with his family after all. If Jaime shows up at WF, why wouldn’t Tyrion want to protect him. And we still don’t know exactly what happened in his conversation with Cersei. Gold will be their crowns and gold their shrouds.