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Ruffa x She added: Here are some photos taken from SOP's Birthday Bash last June. Of course my voice wasn't like Celine Dion's pero pwede na rin. ehehe! Send me some of your own new pics when you can. Lia Andrea Ramos have a chance to take the 2006 Ms. Universe crown. July 23, 2006, could be a dark horse among the crowd. As the beauteous candidates uniformly lined up to get in the restaurant, what a coincidence that they were held-up right in front of me, I was able to take a good look at the candidates, and briefly talk to her and took a few shots (see photo here). Noticeable with Ms. Ramos was she stood out among the rest because of her dark-skinned color and her very slim frame. Lia Andrea Ramos is a far-cry of any resemblance with the reigning Miss Universe 2005 winner. Canada? Natalie Glebova, who is actually more taller than everyone else among current candidates. Lian Andrea Ramos, is a Davaoenian beauty who loves to read novels and short stories, enjoys music, and is passionate about traveling and meeting new people. She dreams of becoming an ambassador of the Philippines one day and serving her countrymen. Her first job was working as a visa officer at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, and was exposed to consular works. She had worked at The Asia Foundation which she thinks is essential and useful to her dream of being in the Foreign Service and also be involve in international development work. At the presentation of the 86 candidates held at the Shrine Auditorium this last Tuesday (July 18), according to L. . queen-maker and beauty guru -- Monet Lu, who was among the crowd, cheering up for the Pinay candidate, gave his predictions.

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That would then give a pretty 'clean' start to a new Tyrion storyline next season. The moon door and Lysa could happen this week coming (as suggested by others) but if they don't do it then, that could also be carried over into the next series. Since he's just at Crasters now, the journey north in terms of time might seem too compressed. The first forest elf thing in the books was shown in that old lady counselling Berric. She was the only one known to be south of the wall. He just seems so integral to the plot to show that somehow, some wights can keep somewhat human (or at least more likely be controlled by the Forest Children as well as the White Walkers). I'm thinking more like it is Tyrion getting on a boat and looking glum. I'm hoping they do end the season on that event as traditionally the seasons don't end on a twist in episode 10 and it might be very unexpected for tv viewers. Well it has to be combined, cause book 4 for memory had no dany, snow, or tyrion. I think Brienne had more chapters than anyone else in book 4. And seen people who are actually good at it, and as I said Jaime wasn't. I tend to agree that he probably will but I am curious as to how people know with such authority to make comments similar to yours. Despite what people who have only seen the show say, GRRM is pretty predictable in the books about who he kills off. I was at first in doubt about the casting choice, but damn it's perfect. They got to work in more Dreadfort machinations also, with Locke, which is a bigger (more obvious? part of the TV show. Wouldnt put it past qyburn and would bring the hound back (who really thinks he died? . Honestly, that scene was one of the most beautifully written pieces in the whole series. At the center of the garden, beside the statue of the weeping woman that lay broken and half-buried on the ground, she turned her face up to the sky and closed her eyes.

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Finally someone at the DM capable of decent grammar and literature Kuds77 How big is the book. Galahad This book will probably sell very well in feminist bookstores. WHBM What a load of stink seriously lol this is a joke AMK86 What absolute rubbish The Magic Conch Toxic Feminism at its finest Bon That piano thing is horse hockey. Theadeptone Well as your feminine world was built by us you should follow our way of running it. Hard to believe a book is still bought let alone this drivel VPjnr Stop writing this utter drivel. Sween The costs of protective gear for the small women entering the police is astronomical according to one senior officer? research. Likewise the risk to the public, of being tasered by short officers unable to fight their way out of a paper bag, or talk their way out of confrontation, is even more serious. No problem with anyone who is capable of doing the job, but fitting the job to the incapable is not acceptable. Smeeaggen Judging by the amount of female exhibitionists on Instagram, underwear also seems to be made much too small for them, but I've not yet seen them complaining about that. Except of course if they're size 18 trying to fit into a size 10. ReeRee93 Oh go away, most men I know complain that their phone is too big for their hands, How is being cold a female problem. This is silly. Oldass55 Why don't these wingeing women start creating the things they want themselves, there is no point moaning that all these things are designed for men. reat then if you invent something to suits women better you will have a huge market and become very wealthy while making those female customers happy. Having my say I thought the snowflakes didn't want female items as they are getting rid of men. I am a woman and pretty much every thing works for me. Thelastword Some women would fail to exist if they lost their victim status. Our office was freezing because of too many menopausal women. IN summer, some women turn up to work in very light clothing whilst us dude have to manage with shirts and trousers.

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I wondered what would happen to the civil rights of New Yorkers if a bigger threat stopped the city. I brought it to Ed Zwick, and we pitched it to Fox and Denzel Washington, as they had just made Glory together, for which Denzel had won his first Oscar. This is how we worked: Pitches were a vital life force of creativity that coursed through the bloodstream of the industry, pushing us to create new ideas with new minds. They stimulated the market, rendering the industry and each studio less of a bubble. We got to know our generation and a younger generation. A writer made a good living out of pitches that he sold that were never made. (But could have been, and might still be. The studio now calls that fat. The absence of the pitch has radically changed the lives of all Hollywood execs, producers and writers. I imagine fewer dates, romances, marriages and partnerships, because that’s how all of us met! (Of course, there was no Match. om, so you had to actually meet. Everyone has fewer projects stewing, and there are precious few opportunities to make up new ideas and collaborate with your new or best friends. To take you back to the Old Abnormal, or to rare moments within the New: A pitch meeting consists of a team composed of a producer and a writer (or multiple writers) and another team of studio executives led by an alpha, in whose office it takes place. The producer-writer team practices for weeks before the event—a transactional-theater-meets-ritualized-mini-cocktail-party, sans alcohol. The drink is always bottled water, and the writers wear baseball caps, while the producer (unless part of a comedy writers’ consortium) dresses up a bit more, in a nod of respect to the execs, and also to prove we can still afford couture. The pitch has four stages: THE PREP: The producer warms the room. There is much talk of family, dating, boyfriends, playoffs if the season justifies it, vacations and industry gossip (the harmless kind). THE WIND-UP: The beginning of the segue into the idea. The wind-up is always led by the producer (or director if he or she is there) and prepares the execs for the tone of the pitch.