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That White House scene sets the tone for the movie’s exemplary superpower sequences, which are unfailingly elegant and free of post- Bourne action filmmaking’s choppy-chop-chop confusion. Consider, for example, Ian McKellen’s Magneto calmly levitating a hapless guard whose blood has been filled with metal. Or Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine using his claws to skewer a black-ops soldier into a refrigerator. The action is pulse-pounding and the story is just compelling enough. And c’mon, how great is Brian Cox as Svengali mastermind Stryker? (Has there ever been a bad Brian Cox performance? Plus, there’s a bit of dialogue between Mystique and Nightcrawler about passing that, though brief, is more boldly progressive than virtually any other scene in the superhero genre. TM and ? 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. But just one movie prior, it produced its best installment. The gentle final scene would’ve been a perfect capstone to the franchise. Rarely has a single movie set the tone for an entire subgenre, yet Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. You’ve got the witty banter, the bright colors, the clever pop-culture references, the Playstation-ready final CGI showdown, and the charming lead. RDJ’s breathtaking charisma and unmistakable comedic rhythms made you sit up in your seat in a way that, say, Tobey Maguire or Christian Bale never could. Ever since, Marvel has built its empire on the backs of dudes (and, sadly, they really are all dudes) who can hit RDJ-esque beats: most notably Chrises Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt. But most important, there was that post-credits sequence in which the vision of Ultimate Marvel came true and Samuel L. He jettisoned the previous movie’s yawn-inducing audience surrogate John Myers, as well as Hellboy’s textbook crisis of confidence. Instead, del Toro presents even more steampunk gadgets and supernatural bazaars, along with heaping helpings of charming dialogue for Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, and Jeffrey Tambor.

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Until now, I only gave her props for doing a good job on ep 2 or 3,where she was walking around taking about supplies. And also for her loyalty to Jon even with the lords all condemning his ride south. I think most people never really believed that Arya would actually kill Sansa when push came to shove. I loved Bronze Yohn’s, “I think not. The Royce’s don’t get enough play in the show. To establish that they hadn't become part of the horrors that tried them. And then Sansa and Arya put on a little show of going at each other - becoming off balance. After Duskendale, I'm not sure any scene of his death would have been convincing enough. A few guys in an alley just didn't seem formidable enough to end his life. Meryn Trant is the mist personable, funny, heartfelt guy ever in real life. Turns out, Walder Frey and I prefer the same scotch. If the person she killed was just a faceless man disguised as Baelish, she would know. It’s not the same as when she was confronted by Nymeria who would know whether she was a Faceless Man or not. I thought you meant that she would know before she killed him. Also that was after she drank the poison and was pretty clearly starting to feel funny aka hallucinate. Also the book goes into the process of the mask making more than the show. It also could of just been a show runner inconsistency. There is a pretty decent size list of them as the show covers so many intertwining plot points and everything isn't shot or edited in the same order as the show premieres.

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I am here to tell you that the correct response to the Local Elections is not to get disheartened, it is to get mad. In it, Naomi Alderman envisions a switching of roles and of power dynamics, deftly parodying and reflecting back the ways in which we justify, enforce and understand gender roles. However, as I’ve progressed through the first year of my degree I’ve noticed a major stigma attached to these paths. This perception, usually held by people who haven’t taken the time to ask fine art students and other creatives about our work, has spread widely through society. Modern artists do not warrant the same level of interest and respect as the great painter-philosophers of previous centuries. This index, monitored by Reporters Sans Frontieres, rates the freedoms (duh) of the press to report what they like without fear of governmental repercussions. For a breakdown of why Britain is doing so poorly, take a look at the RSF website. What’s worse is that there is a potential new law on the horizon that would allow journalists to be treated and sentenced as spies in cases of leaked information. Though this absurd bit of legislation has been temporarily halted, there is serious concern that, much like Tony Blair, it could return and ruin everything. It was erected in 1891 to honour the group that, twenty years prior, launched a failed insurrection against the Reconstruction Louisiana state government, murdering police officers in doing so. Its plaque in 1931 read: “the national election of November 1876 recognized white supremacy in the South and gave us our state. . But most notably, these women were engaged in the activity. To some extent I had an inkling that the women I would meet at this monthly event would not be the conservative face that over 100 years of country fetes and the 2003 blockbuster hit that was Calendar Girls had led me to believe. However I did not realise just how radical a space the WI really was until I attended a meeting for myself. To be clear, that’s not to say I didn’t value every issue I had, more that it was a fundamental part of my existence. It was always around and I assumed everybody read it in the same way I assumed everybody had tea in the evening. The Beano and its characters were accepted, not considered.

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In the meantime, what are your prognostications of current films that will be cult hits down the road. Indeed, I might not like it much at all the first time I hear it. And that’s okay: one of the things I like about pop is that it is definitively of its era, sometimes going so far as to define that era. How is it possible for something to be so exquisite. The song is inspired by (or inspired, I’m not sure of the order) a narrative by the transgressive (do we still use that word. Finally, an embarrassment to the powerful men who once desired him, he’s taken by helicopter over a remote forest in northern Russia and thrown out. (This is probably one of the reasons I don’t listen to lyrics much. . But I saw them live for the first time last night, and they were astonishing. Their song structures are generally fairly classical, but they often smear the verses into the choruses, and use odd time signatures and unexpected tempo changes. A somewhat trite pop song turns into punk thrash, the singer’s voice drowned out by fast, grinding guitars. And the fast songs get split wide open, the instrumental breaks stretching out to swallow the last verses. For me, the highlight was a transcendent moment when they snapped the spine of “Nothing Ever Happened” open into an roaring two-guitar symphony, and then laid Patti Smith’s “Horses” on top. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and, when the song coalesced again and its original structure reemerged, I had tears in my eyes. Part of the stricture of genre is that there are certain conventions of the form that must be satisfied for the story even to qualify as belonging to a particular genre. Indeed, before we even reach the level of genre, the vast majority of stories hew to a classic three act structure, breezily summarized as “get your characters up a tree, throw some rocks at them, then get them back down”. And the corollary of that is that, for the experienced reader, these similarities make books blur together, make them predictable. Similarly, I think most of us have gone to the movies, and found that what we’ve just seen was decent, but pretty much the same as the last 20 films we’d seen.

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Jack Evans 211. Jon Davis 212. Toru Yano 213. Osamu Nishimura 214. Rasche Brown 217. Prince Devitt (will be a purist hero in the top 20 next year) 218. Skip Sheffield 219. Ultimo Gladiator 220. Icarus 221. Shawn Spears 222. Mike Quackenbush (ugg) 223. Jesse Neal 224. Teddy Hart 225. 2 Cold Scorpio 226. Gran Akuma 227. Yuko Miamoto 228. Tommaso Ciampa 229. Kohei Sato 230.