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As the story goes, this enigmatic game debuted in Portland arcades in the early ’80s and proved quite popular. Yet the game’s dizzying graphics gave players nightmares, headaches, and suicidal fervor. And, like any good conspiracy, it was the government’s fault. Unidentified men in black stopped by arcades to gather data from Polybius machines, and the game was pulled from location testing just when people started to get suspicious. Of course, there is not one single image or halfway convincing piece of evidence that Polybius ever existed. It’s just a mixture of Cold-War nerves and a few actual cases of flashing games giving players epileptic seizures. And that’s why the myth of Polybius shows up everywhere from Simpsons episodes to gullible game-geek hangouts. Is it real now? No legend as pervasive as Polybius could go on without inspiring a few game designers. Some pranksters released a non-working version of the game years back, and the developers at RogueSynapse put out their own light-show version of Polybius. Stare at it too long and you might get a seizure after all. It’s a funny and frequently insightful journey through a swamp of nostalgia, lowest-common-denominator entertainment, and the art of overthinking things. The book finds young slack-off writer Adam Pennyman rediscovering his love of old Centipede -era arcade games. Our hero’s self-centered fixations have warped his career and his views of women, but he’s after something he considers much more important: an obscure game called Lucky Wander Boy. Then players find themselves in the second world: a vast, graphically impressive desert where Lucky Wander Boy roams about collecting items and never encountering enemies.

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Even though I knew about the fungus that makes zombies back in the 2000s when viral zombies got big and there were documentaries. Finally, somebody else who has seen this fucked up movie. Andrew LaSane 2 tahun yang lalu God I miss Bloodcast. Steffen 2 tahun yang lalu Favorite Hitchcock movie. Not hard, because it? also my favorite movie of all time. Jx Styx 2 tahun yang lalu Wow, I use to read the shocktillyoudrop website all the time. I should get back to putting that site on my routine checkups. KiriUzu 2 tahun yang lalu If I remember correctly one of the creatures from Slither appears in the Collector's collection in Guardians of the Galaxy. Seeing the Alien skull in the trophy case of that ship in Predator 2 blew my mind as a kid. Jason Vanjoff 2 tahun yang lalu The Girl With All The Gifts looks too much like The Last of Us. Absolutely thrilled for the upcoming television series. The Black Tapes and Tanis by Northwest Pacific Stories are frightening and well thought out mockumentary style podcasts for anyone who likes that particular medium. You will be HOOKED. Highly recommend!


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Troy is able to knock Madison to the ground and a struggle erupts before she is able to recollect her gun; Troy tells her that he is tired and wants to be with her, but she orders him to walk off. This strong scene allows for the unique relationship between Madison and Troy to be explored as Kim Dickens and Sharman give powerful performances. This sequence is beautifully filmed, but is not all that effective and could have been left out of the episode as it feels gimmicky and overly confusing. As Nick roasts in the hotbox, Madison and Walker discuss a new problem that is becoming more and more troubling; the Ranch is quickly running out of water and the nearby reservoir is almost completely dry. They share this information with a few other characters, but warn that it must be kept on the down-low so as to not cause a massive panic. Regardless, this causes enough worry for Walker to propose a trip to a trading center in Mexicali. With Madison and Walker gone, Alicia and the others will ration the remaining water supply; this is yet another case of a realistic survivalist scenario that is typically breezed over in the two shows, but is thankfully explored further here. At the lookout post, Jake tries to calm some of the angry Ranchers, but he isn’t all that successful until Alicia shows up and puts them in their place; in a scene that reminds me of Rick Grime’s post-Farm speech, Alicia tells the Ranchers that they are free to leave and take their chances out in the wasteland if they are unhappy with the new rules. That night, Alicia speaks to Madison over the radio and gives her several updates about the rationing and Nick; Walker calls Madison out for hovering over her children, but she points out that he doesn’t know what it is like to be a parent. All seems well until Nick is awoken by members of the militia who are annoyed with the current situation and wish to retake control with Nick in charge, seeing as he stood beside Troy during the shootout. This serves as a parallel to Alicia as both Clark siblings are now furthering their leadership skills and working in their own way to maintain the peace. In order to gain entry, Madison and Walker are forced to hand over their radio, giving them a certain amount of time inside. Marketplaces are common in society today, but it’s fascinating to see the last remnants of the old world intermixing with the lawlessness of the apocalypse. Walker and Madison meet with a notorious vendor named Maria Lu (Keyko Duran) to trade a significant amount of gold for several thousand gallons of water. There’s a touching conversation between the two as Strand asks Madison if she found Nick; Madison makes it clear that both Nick and Alicia are alive and safe, but doesn’t mention Travis.