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Ordinary corporate earnings are taxed at just 12. percent in Ireland and the country does not tax dividends earned by U. S. investors as they are leaving the country, as is commonly done in other countries. The Rs 13,448- crore contract will include a Make-in-India element for integration at the Heavy Vehicles Factory in Avadi near Chennai. The 10 new regiments of T-90MS tanks, equipped with thermal imaging night sights to allow the tank commander to strike enemy locations during night battles, will strengthen army's fire power along the land border stretch with Pakistan - from Jammu in north till the western flank in Gujarat. The specifics of the proposal have been cleared by the army at the top level and would be soon placed for approval before Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar- led Defence Acquisition Council, the sources said. India has already inducted 18 regiments of T-90 tanks which are deployed in Rajasthan and Punjab against on the Pakistan front. However, the Indian Army's 4000- strong tank fleet has been battling with night blindness in the past and these new tanks would help in doing away with that, the sources said. In addition it was found that key systems like the missile-firing mechanism and thermal sights had deteriorated due to prolonged exposure to heat and dust. This was pointed out in a recent comptroller and auditor general report. The Defence Ministry has decided to sort out the issues in addition to the radiators as the locally-produced equipment was creating problems in field operations, the sources said. The T-90 has emerged as the main battle tank of the Indian Army and is replacing the older variants of T-72 and T-55 tanks in the force. India has about 850 T- 90 tanks currently and plans to induct 1,657 by the year 2020. The target of almost doubling the fleet in next three to four years seems a difficult task because the procurements were stuck due to issues related to escalating cost and local production. The tanks are considered to be most advanced in the Indian inventory as they are equipped with sophisticated state-of-the-art systems being produced in the country but they did not have air conditioners. The Army initiated the process to buy ACs to be fitted in the tanks. To meet the challenges on the western front, the government also recently cleared acquisition of missiles and ammunition for these tanks under the fast-track acquisition process. India’s defence ties with Russia have been more than 60 years old and New Delhi was heavily dependent on Moscow for military hardware as it provided over 70 per cent supplies to the forces.

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If Cersi fucking things up is part of Varys' plan then it's perfectly possible for Qyburn to serve both Cersi and Varys, though whether Qyburn knows he's serving Varys is another matter. Dragons are following everything, so we can ignore them. Cersei (our Nissa Nissa) is blood of the dragon,, with her twin brother. The Mad King is likely father of all three of Tywin's kids. The Mountain will be tall enough to slash at the Undead dragon and slash him and his Night King rider to CGI bits. I've always secretly wanted to give Cyburn a chance. Yes, Cersie giving him the lab is why he's loyal to her; now that he's been caught n excommunicated from the guild. He's only staying loyal to Varys in the hope that Deanarys will show him lenience. I think if she kills Robin Arryn that would be the only way for her to kill everyone else on her list. In the death scene of Lysa Arryn, when Lysa was trying to throw Sansa through the moon door. Lysa gives a detail description about what the body looks like after the impact. The body cracks like an egg but the head is preserved with every hair in it's place. About the places he lived, his sister and how he was discovered. And the theory behind his intentions and aegon (false targaryan? Storyline. I hadn't given Qyburn's story much thought until I recently re-watched seasons 1-4 of GoT, and noted that Qyburn must have been attacked by the Mountain at Harrenhal, yet he later reanimated him. I suppose it could be explained by his perceived dedication to science, but now I'm thinking your theory, or something like it, could make much more sense. I wonder if there's enough time left to explore this, though. There are only 13 episodes left, and a LOT to resolve.

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In fact, the most efficient way to create a resume is by using a builder. They tend to make formatting much easier, as all you have to do is fill in existing forms with your information. Those are either custom-made with Illustrator (or any other relevant tool), or with a resume builder. Bigger companies and corporations tend to use an ATS system (more on that later), which scans the resume for certain keywords. If the resume is not formatted traditionally, the system simply discards it. Traditional industries have their standards they tend to uphold. That means that if you’re applying to a bank, you should show discretion and professionalism, and stand out with your skills and experience as opposed to how good-looking your resume is. While there’s no strict guideline, the rule of thumb is that your resume should be just as long as the recruiter's attention span. You should never use a font that attracts any attention. Think, anything unusual: Comic Sans, anything that makes your resume look like a medieval scripture, Comic Sans, did we already mention Comic Sans? It details your work experience in a, well, reverse-chronological order, starting from the latest to the oldest. The recruiters know it, you know, and it’s a lot easier to bring to perfection. Instead of listing out your work history, you write down different “themes. i. , you write down “sale,” and under it, mention the type of skills you have with it. You can, however, use a functional resume if you don’t have a lot of experience or if you have a gap in your career that you don’t want to show. It takes the best out of the other two, allowing you to showcase more than your average candidate. It can be useful, however, if you’re changing industries. It shows that you have a lot of experience in some field, as well as the type of skills you can take with you to your new job.

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Ha you can tell it's fake but funny Kasandra Tuma 2. This was completely fake, one you did not do the opening or closing correctly you are always suppose to say goodbye, and it does not move that fast when answering your questions. It ya Boy ryder you can easily make it more realistic Effixent 2. Cameron Stephan shut up I bet you couldn't do better Zack Kelley 2. If it's fake then try it your self FortniteGAMER Cory 2. This high resolution image has been digitally enhanced and will be printed to the highest standards on the highest quality ice white 260gms photo glossy silk card. The total size is standard A3 420mm x 300mm (16. ” x 12”). Packaging will be a 350mm postal tube to prevent damage during transit. Super high amount of views. 6 sold, 0 available. More. She has studied in Helsinki, New York and Jerusalem. In 2013 she received a special mention from the jury of Photo Levallois Award and was nominated by the by Hasselblad Foundation’s Victor Fellowship Award and in 2014 by the Source Cord Prize. The original film scene will remain invisible while the viewer sees only the foley artists creating sound effects for the scene, such as footsteps, shower and door closing. During the performance, the foley artists are looking straight at the camera. The film inverts the position of the screen and the gaze of the viewer. The film examines the way sounds are constructed for the use of cinema and what happens when the structures of a film are dismantled into parts. Where we make up a movie on the spot about “The Attic Door” with special Guest Patrick.

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Ned doesnt see the need in lying to her, so he tells her no, but he could go on to be a great Lord of his own castle or even raise castles like Bran the Builder:) When I get to re-reading the other books, I will make sure to look for more clues on this topic, will update if I locate more. Pred 2 lety SmokeScreen I think its possible he at least influences Bran the builder. Pred 2 lety George Sartiano For Varys power is in knowledge- he would have read whatever letter Ned gave him. Don't you think? Change up for Cherry Sun Drop, or Cheerwine one night. Didn't that karma already happen when Tommen lept to his death. rom a window. That hurt Cersi and Jamie both. Just a thought. Pred 2 lety S. Lee Thank you for all your old school hip hop songs. Pred 2 lety SmokeScreen lol Pred 2 lety Rebecca Torres Another great video. Like watching the predictions because it opens my eyes to things that I hadn't thought about yet. Pred 2 lety SmokeScreen Yep Pred 2 lety Loch121 I dont want Jon to fuck his aunt Pred 2 lety SmokeScreen Yeah, weird. But he kind of prepared us with Twincest, although Bran should know and tell Jonny. I definitely have some theories and ideas for that show too. Pred 2 lety Niixz PK I don't think Ned trusted Varys enough to even take a chance that he could find out the truth. I almost feel that Jon will never find out his true identity. I have been trying to get opinions from other fans about the whole Jaqen identity.

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It is very blood thirsty the more i read into the History of how they live their lives. Its not a sight you want to watch and play over and over again. It would be an all dominated male combat game if there was no voice to urge developers to have women lead roles in their game. We got it much harder to get into the game industry then the guys and that is a fact. But do not ignore what the studies that have been done. I also belive that the shown willfully ignorance is only shown to creat rage and to maipulate. In a verbal conversation I would stick my fingers in my ears and sing one of my favored songs and get out some joy of the moment. The number of female backers is really small, and we doupt that the main reason for this is because the main protagonist is male. There are other factors, like the demographic of Kickstarter, or the demographic of women who play complex RPG games like this in general. The story is in the focus, interaction with other NPC in general. It is not that we would not believe that also women could be gruesome and that you could play as such a woman, it is just that there are a lof of factors in the story where gender indeed matters. And a story with less combat focus, without battles would be also possible. But most of our fans, male and female expect combat in the game. You probably say that we should keep the combat focus and put a female character anyway, but this would go against our main point of the game: be as historical accurate as possible. And please take a look at the answers here in the thread, most of our fans like the focus on historical accuracy, male and female. He is not privilaged member of the higher society, he is a common guy. It is more difficult to get a female main protagonist into an realistic medieval RPG with historical focus like Kingdom Come Deliverance. This is way different on Sci-fi or fantasygames, where I would totally agree to your points, but in this special case here your arguments are reasonable but pretty weak. Teen fantasy girls.

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The episode will air Sunday June 5th at 9pm on HBO. The preview features Jon Snow leading his army against Ramsay Bolton's forces in an epic battle. In a show that follows George RR Martin’s novels about the deadly power-struggle between royal families across kingdoms, no sooner is a viewer attached to a character that they meet their untimely end. Even season one ends with lead character Ned Stark (Sean Bean) beheaded in a surprise twist that sets the stage for seasons to come. From a poisoning to crushing skulls to a death on the chamber pot, the show is known for giving fan favourites gruesome deaths. At the red-carpet premiere of the show’s final season on Wednesday in New York, stars recalled their favourite death scenes from the show. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the series, said there were two scenes that stood out to her. “It’s difficult. Sean’s was amazing because it was just so shocking, because no-one knew that they were going to kill off main characters,” she said. “But my favourite death is probably Oberyn Martell’s, the skull crushing. That was pretty spectacular. Maisie Williams, who plays Sansa’s sister Arya on the show, agreed. “When Oberyn Martell got his head squished. Loved that scene,” she said. “So sad, though, because I miss Pedro (Pascal). Another Stark sibling also chose the death of Oberyn Martell. Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran Stark, agreed with his on-screen sisters. “Prince Oberyn’s. It was so, so shocking - not only in terms of the brutality of it, but in terms of the fact that I really didn’t see it coming.

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Most relevant filmography by Haddock Films 2018. Co-productor 2018 ? Happy Hour. Dir. Eduardo Albergaria 2018. Featuring exclusive original series, films, documentaries and specials, the network is also the place to see some of the most recent Hollywood blockbusters before they appear on any other premium channel. HBO Latin America is a joint venture between Home Box Office, Inc. (a subsidiary of Warner Media, LLC) and Ole Communications, Inc. Huawei holds a leading position in the information technology and telecommunications industry in a constant search for innovation and collaboration with local markets. With more than 170,000 employees worldwide, we are committed to enabling the information society and building a “Better Connected World”. We see in the collaboration, opening and sharing of results fundamental stones that support our constant growth and commit ourselves to the creation of a robust ecosystem for an increasingly connected society. In addition, it has another 05 projects - between fiction series and feature-length, in the development phase - members of the Creation Center of the company. Part of ITV plc, which also operates the UK? largest commercial broadcaster. The business distributes 40,000 hours of prestigious content to 3000 broadcasters around the world and has production entities in the US, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and the Nordics. Over 8,500 hours of programmes in 2018 were made in 12 countries by our talented teams across 60 labels. Our distribution team ITV Studios Global Entertainment partners with networks, streamers, licensees, and global partners to bring a catalogue of brands and programmes to people everywhere. KEW aspires to offer great content from all over the world to viewers of all ages and tastes. The Company promotes transparency, equality, respect, and inclusiveness and plans to grow with the benefit of people from a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds.

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This is one of only a few of this particular issue that are for sale on line. Modern sensibilities should note that the contents reflect the times. Part 2 of an ongoing serial story — The Discovery of the Holy Cross )a story about St. Cyriacus) — How to Photograph castles in the Air — Flowers that Bloom in the Spring - Double page nature spread — The Month of May Calendar of Feasts of the Blessed Virgin (text only) — Prayers to Mary (Text only) — Pierre cartoon — Dr. Daniels - The Doctor helps make an old dream come true. Pflaum PLACE: Dayton, Ohio EDITION: Not applicable STATUS: OP — Out of Print. No staples: leaves are folded and laid in order. CONDITION. This is a previously owned book which is somewhat weathered, but which remains clean and attractive, with the following particulars noted: EXTERIOR — Moderate weathering and surface rub; narrow fading about the edges; edge wear consists of small nicking, chipping, and a touch of crimping; A minute hole displays near the front, bottom fore-edge corner; a minute split displays at the foot of the spine. Gifford's book has some stills that are actually unique to these surveys but now am going to read this again as well as look at the 'pretty' pictures. As to horror comics, hopefully arriving soon with other Invaders-- Anyway! That said, we've never had open submissions for the same type of content more than once a year, so once this period ends, it's very unlikely we'll be looking for comics again before October 2019. If you're not sure whether you want to pitch right now, I'd suggest giving it a try. Just the act of putting together comic pages on a deadline and writing out a plot summary is a good thing to practice if you're serious about making comics--and even if you end up not being what Sparkler is looking for at the moment, you'll still have your 8 pages finished, ready to start your personal webcomic or pitch somewhere else. Comment on Open Submissions by Rebecca Scoble Cache Translate Page The plot summary that you send us should be for your full story--we want an overview of your entire comic. Also, we accept both color and black and white comics, so do whatever you think works best for your story and art style. Comment on A Call Away From Home: Chapter 01, Page 012 by alahmara Cache Translate Page This comic is the best. We've worked with Archie Comics to find seven details you may have missed. Tales From the Motherhood in Batavia: How to embrace the unexpected Cache Translate Page How to host a Homecoming Dance after-party: To begin with, wake the heck up.


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He kisses her and tells her to get back to work. Lexie blurts out Tom needs surgery, even though she knows they don't operate if there's not an active bleed, but it's so close. If they operate on him, maybe Jodie will let them operate on her. That way, they can be together through the entire process. Lexie keeps rambling about how it may be a bad idea that might get her fired, but Bailey shushes her again. This time, not because Lexie's words are hurting her, but because it's a good idea. Arizona says Chen just made a mistake, which Cristina comments is the wrong time to do so. She comments the elective surgeries went down with 13% last quarter, which he interprets as plastics procedures. Arizona urges them to focus on giving the baby girl a normal life. Jodie supports him. Lexie says he'll feel better after the surgery and his mother's surgery will save her life, but he still refuses. Bailey urges him to look at her and tells him she's not an alien and not one of them. She tells him she has a son, for whom she'd do everything, just like his mother would do everything for him. She shows him she has red blood, which means she's human. She's a doctor and she wants to help them, but he'll have to trust her. If the tissue pinks up, they've done their job right. They release the clamps and after a few seconds, the arm pinkens up. Mark tells Cristina this is how he knows his job is safe. He leaves and Arizona tells her it's not a good idea to piss off her attending.