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Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers: Episode 7 Season Finale The Dragon and The Wolf Winterfell Little Finger tell Sansa that Arya is dangerous, and she has some evil plans which is why she came back. He also tells her that Arya will use the letter against her somehow. Dragonstone Dany and gang are in Dragonstone after their meeting at King’s Landing. Dany is in the war room where they are organizing the defense of the North, where will the Unsullied, Dothraki, North Men, Southerners etc. will go. Ser Jorah knows a lot about strategies of the Targaryen Kings, and says they need a defensive strategy as they need to defend. Theon and Jon speak about the Starks and The Greyjoys and how it used to be when they grew up together. Jon asks if he will come with them to the North, Theon says no because he must rescue Yara first, Jon tells him he should and wishes him luck. Theon tries to rally the remaining Iron Born left in Dragonstone to come with him to rescue Yara. This is when the fight between the leader of those Iron Borne and Theon takes place. They kick him in the balls a few times, but nothing happens to Theon. Theon seems to be losing which is when he gets back into the fight and beats him, they form a rescue party and head out to save Yara. Winterfell Sansa gathers all the Northern lords and leaders, and calls on Arya to come forward. Arya is worried as to what is happening, Sansa says it’s time to judge the great treacheries and betrayals that have been done to the North and we will judge the person responsible for them. She looks straight at Arya, and then says you need to tell me how many times you have betrayed The North Arya is shocked and can’t believe her sister is saying this to her, Sansa repeated and says you need to tell me how many times you have betrayed The North, Lord Baelish This is when Sansa starts to name all his treacheries: you killed Alyssa Arryn Sansa then pulls out the cat’s paw dagger and asks him if he recognizes it, Little Finger says it belonged to Tyrion, but Sansa knew it was his. Sansa then tells all the Lords present how he sold her to the Bolton’s. Little Finger realizes he’s pretty much done but still tries to get his way out by telling them lies and asking for help from Yohn Royce and others. When you brought me back to Winterfell, you told me there’s no justice in the world. In the end Sansa tells Little Finger: Lord Baelish, thank you for all your lessons Sansa then nods to Arya, who slits Littlefinger’s throat using the dagger that was intended to kill Bran way back in S01E02.

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Join us this Saturday, April 6 at 10:00 AM in DM 457 for the first day of the challenge. Participants will be placed in groups and spend the day planning their short. Students will work together to come up with a story, write a script, rehearse lines, location scout, storyboard, and develop shot lists to execute the following day. We ask that submissions for this challenge not exceed a total runtime of (5) minutes. Local veteran filmmaker Manuel Delgadillo will be on site with professional equipment to help groups film their shorts. We ask that groups come ready to roll in order to ensure that that every group interested in receiving assistance is able to work with Manuel and the other veteran filmmakers that will be helping. We strongly encourage students to bring their own SD Cards or have a laptop on hand to download the footage and audio recorded. Don’t forget, the deadline for submissions for this year’s Panther Film Festival is Sunday, April 14th, 2019. We hope to see both new and familiar faces this weekend and encourage first-time filmmakers to take advantage of this opportunity to work with other students who might already have some experience. Too much Queen and too much Roma and not to get all Drake or anything but I’m upset. However, I have to admit that I had fun watching with everyone. Chatting with everyone made me realize that watching the Oscars should always be a group activity. If you missed Our watch party, you can hear us talk about it some more in this week’s podcast but for now here are a couple highlights. In The Last Resort (2018), a documentary dually directed and produced by O-Cinema co-founder Kareem Tabsch and former Vice President of the Knight Foundation, Dennis Scholl, we get a closer look at the works of two childhood companions who made an effort to capture and preserve the essence of 1970’s Miami Beach through their photography. The last few years have witnessed the astronomical rise of her star; the long-beloved but long overlooked actress finally garnered the recognition she had worked two decades to attain. This week we watched RWF’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, a remake of Douglas Sirk’s All That Heaven Allows set in a post-WW2 Germany still reeling from the recent tragedy and failure of Munich. Presented by the Film Studies Program, Sigma Tau Delta, the Film Initiative, and the Graduate English Association, the night is a celebration of FIU’s film community. In addition to watching the Academy Awards, there will be a lot of great food, snacks, and games like Oscar’s Bingo. This event is free, DOORS OPEN AT 7:00 PM, and open to all.

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Any thoughts on where her storyline goes from here. She clearly has Cersei in her sights at this point. I’m concerned that she is far too traumatized and bent on revenge to ever return to a “normal” life, including being able to have meaningful relationships with the family she has been avenging. And yet, something (like, I don’t know, the preview for Episode 2) tells me that she may run into an old friend who may be a touchstone for her emotional healing. He just walks up and down bridges all day long, sometimes he even skips, waggling a jaunty finger without a care in the world. I was sad, but then the Tyrion-Varys banter quickly made my happy again. Perhaps you'll be the first woman in history to lead the ironborn. He is the brother of Balon Greyjoy, the late King of the Iron Islands, and Euron Greyjoy, his successor, as well as the uncle of Balon's children, Yara and Theon Greyjoy. After the ironborn choose Euron Greyjoy to be their new king, Aeron takes him into the sea to be drowned, reciting a prayer as he does so, to consecrate his faith to the Drowned God. Euron is taken ashore and revived, and Aeron places a driftwood crown on his head. Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel. He's speaking to us and he says, 'We shall have no king but Euron Greyjoy. Let the sea wash your follies and your vanities away. The HBO Viewer's Guide family tree, however, lists Aeron still as younger than Euron even after Victarion was removed. This could mean that, much like in the books, magic may or may not be involved with Euron's unnaturally young appearance. He never cuts his hair, which falls to his waist and he weaves seaweed into it. Rather than heal Urrigon by the old way with fire and seawater, the maester who treated him tried to reattach the severed fingers, the wound became infected and Urri died as a result. Even though many years passed, Aeron still mourns Urrigon and blames himself for his death. As a result, even after many years, Aeron sometimes has nightmares about a door with screeching iron hinges, which he associates with Euron.

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TechNet Library. Microsoft. 15 January 2009. Retrieved 19 March 2013. TechNet Library. Microsoft. Retrieved 19 March 2013. Download Center. Microsoft. 15 December 2011. Retrieved 19 March 2013. Microsoft Office website. Microsoft. Archived from the original on 4 June 2010. Download Center. Microsoft. 21 February 2007. Retrieved 19 March 2013. A Fresh Cup.