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Season 8 does not pull any punches and is raw and honest and important. Game of Thrones was the first television series I worked on, although that was never seen as a problem. Game of Thrones is not strictly television, as it was known at the time, and not a feature film either; it was its own animal. The size of the screen it was to be seen on never entered our conversation. I interviewed for the job at the start of production of Season 4. As the art department on Game of Thrones is all about world building, it appealed to me greatly, as it would any designer. I did exactly what they tell you you should never do in an interview: I begged. I knew in my DNA that I could do the job, not that I had any real proof, and I was lucky enough to be given the chance. The series' final two seasons have had shortened episode counts. Thinking about budget, I imagine this must have allowed for even more scope per episode. That is correct. Everyone's immediate assumption is less episodes equals less work, but that could not have been further from our experience. At the time, Season 7 was more ambitious than anything we had done before-now eclipsed by Season 8.

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Can you give an example of something in the adaptation of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader that you took issue with or fought for or didn't want changed from book to screen. Always when you translate a book from the sort of medium of print into a movie, you're going to have to make changes. What happens in these things is that there's a sort of group of people—almost an informal committee—that decide what to do and what to put into the screenplay and so forth. And being a complete and utter Narnia fanatical purist, any comma they moved to me is an anathema. So there are always things that I would rather not have done, and there are always things the director probably would not have done. And he's moved in my direction, and I've moved in his. This is the sort of cooperative process in making a movie from a book. And I think it probably doesn't infringe on people's consciousness when they see the movies as much as it does on mine when I'm actually making the movies. I work very hard to make my points and some of them are understood and some of them are not and so forth. But we always work as sort of a team to eventually come out with something that results in usually a first-class film. Do you think C. . Lewis would approve of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 's leap from page to screen and the end result.

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