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Though the Man thinks he can manage by himself just fine. Quiet You is a dark comedy about an exceptional man. TRUST creates a playful variation of the classical initial contact of heterosexual Europeans. A student, a goddess and a dog meet under quaint circumstances in a turned world. This miniature can be read as a metaphor about tunnel vision and the muse it takes to wake up. Her guests will arrive soon and everything has to be perfect because Johan, her new and charming boss, is coming tonight. So who is this guy Lars who suddenly shows up out of nowhere and why is he acting so strange and awkward. And what actually happened between them on New Year’s Eve. But most of all it's a film about what to do (and what NOT to do) when you get an uninvited (? guest to your very important dinner party. The script was developped at the 2010 NISI-MASA European Short Pitch. I want to bring also the hungarian culture from 80? and 90? in which this people here grow up. A Man, a Woman and a Boy are traveling to their destination. The Escort is a surreal road movie about an abortion. We have put a lot of time and efforts into this work: creating main character, designing all the surrounding nature, and then modeling, visualizing and animating entire scene. We just followed our dream to create a nice story which reflects our passion and skills about design and film creation.

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The run consists of tight platforming, interesting movement optimizations, frame perfect glitches, and some out of bounds trickery. There is only about 2. -3 minutes of total downtime during the run making it very action packed. Perfect game for SGDQ to get hyped for Orlando next year. Armed with her hair and a beach ball, she tries to avoid sunburn Ninja: Shantae tries to master the art of the ninja and takes it to Sequin Land in this Ninja Gaiden-esque mode Officer: A great nod to Mighty Switch Force. All-Magic Seals shows more of the game, but includes frame specific quick kills on the bosses we did not get to see in the Any% run. It was developed by Meep, the current world record holder in the vanilla version. It changes gameplay by introducing camera scroll and breaking the 2 dash upgrade into 4 parts in order to become somewhat of a metroidvania style game. Every life is played in under 60 seconds, which has led to the speedrun having delicate routing. Normal 110% involves collecting every single item in the main mode of the game, so no stone will be left unturned. Offering this as a backup to StingerPA's any% offer, or as a race participant, but to be quite honest you should take his 100% offer. There's a huge variety of additional levels in that category with cool mechanics not seen in any%. With new dungeon puzzles to solve, reversed left and right, and double the damage taken, Master Quest comes with a different feel to the original while providing new unique routing options. Ori 2 hype is in full swing in 2019 (no release date yet), but while we wait, we're gonna continue offering a great speedgame. Reverse Event Order has changed drastically since its AGDQ 2017 appearance, and since I lost a race and bet to Shedd to learn this category, I can offer to back them up. All Skills remains largely the same as AGDQ 2018, so it honestly may not be the best pick, but I'm in practice and it's still an extremely entertaining category. It is action-based and fast paced allowing for moments of precise movement, attacks and specials. This run features the second revision of the arcade game that was released on the Switch’s Capcom Brawlers Pack.


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And finally we will conduct a Midway seance to reach out to them. Not just for mere entertainment, these evenings reach for the genuine article. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m not at all familiar with this era in Hollywood history. Sandy then took charge and guided us through the seance. This was a very safe and controlled environment, no Ouija boards or anything of a dangerous and dark nature. Sandy is very experienced and has been doing this her whole life so it was a great relaxing session. Combined with a whole series of things that taken individually might have been a coincidence, but together seemed to lend credence to something greater, everyone felt we had been in the presence of spiritual energy. Afterwards, Bill went into more depth on the events surrounding Mr. Taylor’s death as well as to the creative environment found in Hollywood at that time. He was an incredible source of information and our entire group loved his presentation. We then discussed our own theories about the murder along with our impressions of the rich history we were beginning to understand. The grand finale of the night was a screening of the movie “Nurse Marjorie”. Blair has an entire room of the Grand Midway converted specifically for movies so instead of seeing this on a tv screen, the film was projected onto the big screen in the room. While we relaxed on the couches and chairs and snacked on the food and drinks, we continued our discussion as the film played. As a first time silent movie viewer, this was a lot of fun. While I certainly enjoy most modern movies, this was something very unique and a treat to watch. Anyone who has the opportunity to attend this event, or any of the many to follow, will not be disappointed. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the Roaring 20s of Hollywood and experience a bit of the paranormal, surrounded by great friendly people, all wrapped up in a 130 year old hotel.


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Help tell the story about its gorgeous location, prestigious faculty, highly innovative special programs and research centers of excellence. We're looking for a Manager of Media Relations to work with university leaders, communications and marketing professionals to maintain regular contact with national, local and trade media for stories about their cutting edge technology accomplishments. The Manager of Media Relations will identify and pitch stories and arrange interviews with experts, manage multiple ongoing media requests and respond quickly to incoming inquiries from reporters. The Manager of Media Relations will be responsible for drafting media materials and other written communication. He or She will collaborate closely with content managers, social media managers, visual storytellers and key stakeholders across the campus to identify experts who can address emerging issues in the news. We're looking for an articulate, savvy and experienced media professional who could be passionate about pushing forward the message of the university. Stories will focus on the school's legacy of technology, leading edge research in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, quantum communications and biomedical engineering and their solutions focused approach to innovation across the sciences and humanities. This position reports to the Director of Public Relations. We're looking for approximately 5 years of experience handling PR for the technology or education sector. The right person has excellent writing, research and editing skills, excellent news judgement and great interpersonal skills. Now researchers have crafted a structure that empowers particles of light to do the same thing. The first demonstration of a topological insulator for photons, reported April 10 in Nature, could lead to improved optical transmissions that are crucial for global communication. That useful property makes topological insulators intriguing candidates for future electronics. Along with electrons, photons are an essential element of modern technology. Electrons flow through chips in our computers and smartphones, while photons are the information carriers that enable high-speed communication over fiber-optic cables. The key to faster, more efficient communication networks is minimizing the scattering of photons when they encounter obstacles. Germany, set out to demonstrate the first photonic topological insulator. They started with a block of glass and etched in hundreds of helical waveguides, which are essentially wires for light.


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They are joining the ranks of those who are working the edges and limits with insight and troubling beauty for evidence of all our possible futures. Somehow, from tales of spiritual and physical confinement, these filmmakers located a freedom of expression and a means to refine their cinematic language. I couldn’t list five films better than these even if you asked me to. These are the five films which have defined my year in cinema, and expanded my feeling for it as a still young, restless and reaching medium. Of course, this list of titles, if not limited to five, should also accept at least Mia Hansen-Love’s Things to Come, Bertrand Bonello’s Nocturama, Benoit Jacquot’s Never Ever, the Dardennes’ The Unknown Girl, Albert Serra’s The Death of Louis XIV, Cristian Mungiu’s Graduation, Brillante Mendoza’s Ma’ Rosa, Jeff Nichols’s Midnight Special, Kaufman and Johnson’s Anomalisa and Sharunas Bartas’s Peace to Us in Our Dreams. Very little from the English-speaking world and from Latin America, hardly more from Asia (but with Hou Hsiao-hsien, Jia Zhangke, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Hong Sangsoo, the previous year was flamboyant). Not to mention one of my favourites, Olmo and the Seagull by Petra Costa and Lea Glob, which went totally unnoticed. Which means what happens is less a loss of creativity than an issue of unequal access to visibility. In this respect, it seems that the internet and social media are as much a problem as a solution. Every year a receptive critic should be able to find a few commercial films as persuasive and enriching as more personal work, but it has become nearly impossible to do so. Against that, Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk took an exciting step forward because, by using its speed-sharpened images to render precisely the PTSD-afflicted protagonist’s disorientation, it put technology in the service of emotions. As for Victoria, the single-shot wonder took me on a journey that made me believe in a narrative conceit of potential enormous implausibility, and I was happy for that giddy ride. Do we really need so many subject-driven documentaries on cinema screens occupying much-needed slots for holdovers, word-of-mouth slow burns or great rep programming, and taking up review space. These films made me come away from the cinema with my head buzzing, offering the cinefile’s favourite sensation of having seen a film that gives you food for thought for days afterwards. Craft and hard graft. Yep. Ambitious texturing and layering. Yep.