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I don't mean to dog on GRRM too bad, as he is a great writer, but he's also a lazy, fame hungry son of a bitch. I thought it was always pretty obvious and paled in comparison to the Red Wedding. I didn't start reading the books until 4-5 years ago when people had already figured it out. But I think if he released TWoW a year or two after the last book it would have been a huge shock. Yup, exactly this. You give people a decade to puzzle stuff out (and the internet to facilitate discussion) and you will eventually have every logical plot direction puzzled out assuming he left a clue or two in the text pointing towards it. The fact that GRRM left clues showing where he was going to go. When an ending seems to come out of nowhere, it tends to be less satisfying and the reader can feel manipulated. At the very least, the smart reader should be able to discern a couple of alternative paths the story could take; there should not be innumerable paths it can take. If it feels like the story could really go anywhere, THAT'S sloppy writing. It's cheap, it shows a lack of a plan, and it sucks. GRRM's mistakes were just (a) creating a product that was too popular, so it was endlessly picked over, and (b) lacking some self-discipline in finishing what he started efficiently and concisely. People had time to read books multiple times before the next book came out, and on second and third readings, they were able to read the signposts. That's his fault only in the sense that he should have been able to shorten the series, rather than relentlessly expanding it by indulging his every whim as to a new POV character or chapter, and finish the series earlier; it shouldn't be held against him that there are signposts at all. Make it coincide with the start of football season and I'm in. It'll help pass the time from Saturday-to-Saturday. Also, I think the implication is that he'd kill her off, not include more of her.

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I'd love to see a team decide to go for 2 after TD's, unless the math dictated otherwise (up 8, down 4) all season and see how it worked out. Nothing is more dull in sports than an extra point. We'll be waiting for ya when you grow up and, you know, actually get a job. Thank you to Jim for doing this little recap weekly all season. It does not seem like much, but I hate having to add them up and keep track. Interesting to see how I fared versus people that actually spend more than 90 seconds on their picks too. Lesson to be learned. on't overthink it. The favorite wins most of the time. He was just one of the guys, and always treated them like heroes. Obama can barely hide his contempt for the little people. Obama was a selfish oaf before he was president, and he still is. And to be truthful, that wouldn't really matter so much if he didn't suck at it so. I recall we were talking at the office earlier this year, and one of the veteran, more mature folks talked about how, in the 50's and 60's, many farm families still had outhouses, even though their homes had long been equipped with running water and the capability to have a toilet inside. Why? Because it was looked at as being arrogant or bragging to do so. Many did not install them until well after even lower class homes all had them, perhaps into the 70's and 80's.

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Probably best not to watch this one if you are in a depressed mood. Armand Assante makes a plausible Napoleon, no mean feat. Anthony Perkins was a welcome presence as the cynical Tallyrand. The sun shining a bit might have helped as a contrast. The acting was so-so, with Welles dominating, often thanks to his being placed by director Welles front and center while a speech is delivered across set. Also, Welles' Mac never really seemed a good man from the get-go, stopped from offing Duncan only by fear of getting caught. Made it hard to see his deterioration as much of a tragedy. Evans defined the arc of Mac's character better than Welles, I thought. Interesting to see the Roman amphitheater built in 30 AD. Spectacular singing by leads Leyla Gencer, Carlo Bergonzi, and Fiorenza Cossotto, and dancing by the Kirov Ballet. The color is the only advantage it has over the 1966 performance. The leads, Maria Chiara and Nicola Martinucci, were no more than adequate. A cheat on the mystery at the end, but an okay watch for one interested in how these very popular offerings were done back in the day. John Cassavetes is way over-the-top and out of place as the gun-crazy younger brother. The stolid Robert Taylor is plausible in his role, but he and Cassvetes are not believable as brothers. Julie London is stiffer than a mannequin in a saloon girl trying to escape her past cliche role. She also sings the title song which has nothing to do with the movie.

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When you visit Prague you can also visit Kafka's grave in the New Jewish Cemetery. Not to mention, when you do get to Prague and see the image of Svejk everywhere at pubs, restaurants and souvenir stands you'll get the reference and why he's a sort of unofficial Czech hero. Bohumil Hrabal's story takes the reader through the tumultuous history from last century, from pre-WWII to post-war communism, and the changes this meant for society. If you enjoy Hrabal's writing, consider reading Closely Watched Trains next or watching its wonderful adaption to film. She aims to help turn people's fears into curiosity. She harbors an obsession for artichokes and can bake a devastating pan of brownies. You can keep up with her adventures on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And you can learn more about her on the About Page and on LinkedIn. It’s interesting to read your perspective of the city. I’ve been living right in the city center (just off the Wenceslass Square) for over 10 year’s now. I think this area is ok during a night, I never faced a problem or anything that you describe (well, probably 10 year’s ago yes, but last few years, Prague is a very safe town indeed, especially the Wencesslas Square). For pilsners, I can’t think of a better place in the world. Still inexpensive compared to Western Europe, too. But, it can be unpleasant to walk down in the evenings, especially as a foreign-looking man on his own. Otherwise, it would be a really lovely place to walk at night as there are some beautiful buildings in that area. There’s a reason why locals essentially avoid the old town area in the summer months. Glad to hear you had a good visit and hope this guide helps when you return.

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Sometimes, it is merely ourselves getting the best of us. Other times, it’s simply our teachers, our elders, the devas and devis, the divine feminine and the divine masculine, the ishmaels, the ones that were created as one and then made separate, who are simply knocking on that door trying to waken us to the giant, our elder. All of whom are speaking to use on rushing waters, yet there is a mighty one who speaks on this channel. We are as fish in an ocean coexisting in this divine, gaseous, webbing we call our reality, our world. We shut out so much when thine eyes aren’t made single. To be set aflame, lit within; to be touched; to be taken by the right hand; to be shown our real home; to remember there is a love so much bigger than we can ever imagine that resides inside; to descend into The Darkness of Night; to overcome fear; to be risen in Christ; to fly in ascension above into a place we always knew. We communicate beyond the flesh where time exists not. Our flesh is simply the suit we wear in this dimension. Yet, we have fear mongers in materialistic so-called churches who sway us from the true church, the true temple, ourselves. Who is to say I am not the future, nor the past, nor the present, but one who is coexisting simultaneously on a divine, superconscious supercomputer. Who is to say I am not merely a tiny speck in my giant elder’s chakra. Who is to say I don’t hold the future in my pocket. Who is to say that with every thought I don’t create a world, or a star, a planet, of my own. I see the beauty of self in everything and in everyone. But it was only when I made thine eyes single again, as an adult, that I remembered who I was, who I am, and I was given new eyes to see, be it opened or shut, yet sometimes I see best with my physical eyes shut. I know my self can communicate across seas if I want it to. I know my self is in constant communication outside of my flesh suit.

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The mountains (pyramids of Meereen) blow in the wind (collapse). The only part that has yet to be fulfilled is the part that won’t be metaphorical, bearing a living child. And I’m not saying that some Dornish equivalent couldn’t take his place in the prophecy but it just hasn’t happened yet. What if that prophecy is literal in the sense that something happens that throws the whole planet’s rotation out of whack and the sun rises and sets in opposite directions. The Mad King is not currently inducing any identity crises in any of the main characters, and that is what it would take for him to really be relevant to the last two stories. I’m trying to work out what’s happening in the picture of Alan Taylor. He looks like he’s either explaining to Sophie how to backhand slap someone, using Peter as the recipient, or he’s knocking the woman to his right’s glasses off using an upward jab. Ironically the only person I would put good money on is Jon. Maybe not to the closing credits of the very last episode, but almost to the very end, perhaps sacrificing himself nobly for others at the last minute so he gets a death he would want rather than “ For the Watch ”. (I think he’s dead but am 99. % certain he’ll be back, possibly a changed man, but very likely resurrected by Mel. He may yet have some role to play in the story of the current crop of characters. Or not. We haven’t come to the end of the series yet. Maybe the episode in Season 1 where Jaime and Ned talk about it. When Jaime says he killed the Mad King because of Rickard and Brandon. Ned replies basically BS you didn’t do it for my House and family.