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I'm at the opposite spectrum, and always wondered WHY. I do laugh out loud when I find something funny, though. I don't annoy you, and have my snarky remarks, but I'm a really positive person. I think maybe my mind goes to a solution or how to deal with the problem, and tamps down the emotion. Choked up at times yes, but I couldn't even tell you the last time I had actual tears from being sad. I think the last time was when my dad died 7 years ago. She is 23 and other than when she was a tiny baby, I have only seen her cry twice - once when she got hit in the face with a croquet ball, and once when someone REALLY hurt her feelings, but only briefly. I cry every time Ellen gives away something on her show. Like dog reunited with owner after being lost, and kid crochets blankets for the homeless. When I watched The Green Mile I started sobbing halfway through and didn't stop. But I also cry over commercials, over happy things, over music, so. I've learned to love being a cry-baby at least:-D Click to expand. But I will say that over the last few years I think I'm starting to age into more of a sap. I will watch the stupid video that pop up on Facebook that are MEANT to make you cry and I'll start finding myself getting choked up. Whether it’s something happening at work, in your personal life, or just an odd urge, sometimes we just need to cry. So good thing there is a whole catalog of movies called tearjerkers, just waiting for you to plop down, and go on a journey that ends in you sobbing into a pile of tissues. And thanks to Reddit, you don’t have to take any chances on a “sad” movie that doesn’t actually do anything to you emotionally. More than 1,500 people responded to a thread on AskReddit that asked “ What is the absolute saddest movie you’ve seen in your life ? Here, 12 of the top-voted sad movies that will make you cry. But look a little deeper and you’ll see a story about a grieving family struggling due to unfortunate circumstances.

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There's really no way to tell one way or another for certain until we get new source material. I would have thought that would provide some suspense and a great reveal. That dummy created a monster worse than Cersei since she can rock Tommens world and control him. Cersei could never hold that over the King, Robby B wasn't about that shit. I hope Jon kills Ramsay fast, he needs to make Ramsay look like a cake Win if he's gonna go at the white walkers. Littlefinger is a mofo though, one of the best scenes of this season was him being introduced. Him and Varys are the two characters I was really intrigued by the most early on and I think he's ahead of Varys at this point, he is the most dangerous man in the realm right now. That should be an even bigger deal on TV: by omitting Loras's two older brothers, the show makes Loras the heir to Highgarden. So, if the Hound does return, I wonder if Loras's two biggest fans - Margaery and Olenna - will find a way to thank Sandor for his service - perhaps by ensuring a level playing field in Clegane Bowl III. By the way, TV Loras (no pun intended) doesn't make much sense. In the books, Loras can be an irresponsible dick (oops - I did it again) because he's a third son. If Willas and Garlan weren't ahead of Loras to succeed Mace, there's no way Olenna - or even Margaery - would indulge him. I understand the need to compress the Tyrell family tree, but it creates an inconsistency. No one person has been confirmed to fill this role; given the circumstances, it could refer to anyone who is a younger sibling. Several of the people hypothesized as the Valonqar are younger sisters, because it is not solidly established that the word must refer to a male sibling. As a result, the Valonqar is generally considered to be only slightly more likely to be a man than it is to be a woman. Probably the same people who hate the Walking Dead episodes that don't have enough zombie killing. But I enjoyed it. 1. Lady Mormont is fucking awesome.

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By chance, Queen Cersei had come to pay Tyrion a visit shortly before Bronn arrived, and brought two Kingsguardin tow. Bronn finds them guarding the door to Tyrion's chamber and flippantly mocks them by calling them incorrect names. When Ser Meryn Trantcorrects him, Bronn reveals that he is himself now a knight. Trant dismissively says that Bronn is an upjumped cutthroat and nothing more. Bronn then insists that they let him enter the room, but Meryn warns that if he puts a hand on the door, he'll lose the hand. While there, Tyrion rewards Podrick for saving his life during the Battle of the Blackwater by hiring the services of not one but three prostitutes for him, each of which boast some special skill. Later, Tyrion reviews the records, and explains to Bronn that not all is as Baelish would like the court to think. Bronn asks if he thinks Littlefinger has been embezzling money, but Tyrion says the problem is more that he's been borrowing all of it from anywhere he can. Littlefinger always acted like he was a financial genius who could raise moneyseemingly out of nowhere, but in reality the Iron Throne is deeply in debt, and Littlefinger procured enough money to balance the books every year by borrowing massive sums of money from both Tywin and foreign banks to whom the crown owes millions. Bronn points out that Tywin's own grandson Joffrey is now sitting on the throne, so he might be willing to forgive the debts that the crown owes House Lannister (seeing as, for all practical purposes, Joffrey is a puppet of House Lannister). Tyrion says that Bronn is naive if he thinks Tywin will simply forget a debt. Tyrion is fascinated at Pod's ability to pleasure women. Bronn says he isn't used to borrowing money and he isn't familiar with the rules, so Tyrion explains that basically, you lend someone money, and after an agreed upon amount of time, they pay it back with interest. Bronn asks what happens if you don't pay the loan back, but Tyrion says you have to. Bronn pointedly asks again what happens if you don't pay the money back, to which Tyrion explains that no one will give you loans again. Regardless, Tyrion isn't worried about the debts to his father, so much as he's worried about the debts to foreign banks, particularly the Iron Bank of Braavos, the largest bank in the Free Cities. Tyrion warns Bronn that when debtors to the Iron Bank cannot repay their loans, the Iron Bank will first refuse to give out new loans, and ultimately support rebellions against them. Tyrion fears that if they can't repay the debt, the Iron Bank will eventually cut them off and start supporting Robb Stark or Stannis Baratheon. odrick then returns, with the money Tyrion gave him to pay the prostitutes. Tyrion is not at all amused when his father announces that he plans to force him to marry Sansa Starkin order to secure the Lannisters' control over the Northwhen they eventually win the war.

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While some conversations flowed well and added a lot of subtext to character motives, others felt like exposition dumps that could do with one or two more revisions. Nothing I’ve seen in Vampyr was bad, it just wasn’t quite as refined as I expected. There are a still a few things a little rough around the edges in Vampyr. And with only a few months before release, I’m not entirely sure the team at DONTNOD have enough time to get everything as polished as it could be. But perhaps this roughness is just some pointy fangs sticking out. My experience with Vampyr was a fun one and I’m looking forward to getting to play more, even if it means feeding on a few less than savory characters to do it. Vampyr launches on June 6th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You may check out some new gameplay footage below, grabbed by YouTube channel Gamesworld at the What’s Next Focus event. Following the January Machine Learning and 5G workshop in Geneva, the ITU has launched a focus group to try and identify where standardisation is needed. Contributors including Deutsche Telekom, Huawei, ZTE, KT and Volkswagen told the workshop they expect machine learning to do some of the heavy lifting in designing, operating and optimising 5G networks. The focus group is chaired by Slowomir Stanczak of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institut for Telecommunications. We have to clarify which data needs to be collected, do we need to protect the data in the network, questions about the quality of the data. Networks already generate huge amounts of data telling operators about user location, movements between cells, and call patterns, but as the focus group's terms of reference (linked here) explains, the group hopes to get better information out of that data with machine learning. One of the problems the group highlights is that operators want to extract “relevant information” from the network without wasting links (for example, from base stations to the core) passing around unnecessary amounts of operational data. It's more efficient to use compute resources closer to the edge to run the machine learning, send the insights upstream to the network and (quoting again from the terms of reference) “leverage this knowledge for autonomic network control and management as well as service provisioning”. As affiliated technologies like software-defined networking and network function virtualisation mature, the ITU also envisages machine learning increasingly taking a hand in automating network control and service provisioning. The group will be looking at whether members want to standardise formats specifying how to “train, adapt, compress and exchange individual ML algorithms, as well as to ensure that multiple ML algorithms correctly interact with each other. Those interactions would have to maintain security, the ITU said, and ensure protection of personal information. As the ITU wrote, “machine learning applications in communications networking are still very much at their nascent stage of development”. Nokia Bell Labs' Jakob Hoydis told an ITU workshop “predicted QoS” is a “very promising application” of machine learning.

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Kind of steep considering I got a bowl of cream with a side of Mussels with some fries. Not cool. And i t doesn’t look like I’m the only one disappointed: Vincent C on Urbanspoon wrote: This food truck is quite sad actually and I'm surprised at the reviews. Salsa (Not very good, or am I a fan of cheap salsa with tomato paste)4. And I almost forget a piece of fish, basically bit sized. I'm still new to Vancouver and this has been the biggest waste of money when it comes to food in the city. So far the only decent tacos I've had in the city have been Taco Shack. But if you want the best get in your car and drive to Seattle and go to Chipotle. Amazing! Toronto has 2 of them, the only ones in Canada. Vancouver has zero I don't get it? hope this review will save you the disappoint that I received. And if you're stuck in the areas needing a bite to eat walk a couple blocks to the food court at Urban Fare. Sadly, I know I’ll go back to Feastro, again, because I love the idea of Food Trucks in Vancouver. There were several callers (including a very special guest caller! , and needless to say the subject of X-Day veered off into discussions on the Near Death Experiences of animals (moles, for instance), the tragic tale of Little Johnny Suck-a-Thumb, the identity of The Fifth Beatle, Pittsburgh as the new Portland, and the typhoon that was raging outside the radio station the whole time. SubGenius callers include Dr. Zirroneous, Rev. Tawdry Milquetoast, and Jannus Blackseed, plus No Money Mark and other Syn regulars. There is no music in this episode, nor live tracks from 16X-Day, because we're readying ourselves for the Detroit Devival and short on edit-time.

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CAUGHT ON CAM: Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards sleeping together on set! 00:00:12 May 2, 2017, 10:23 pm CAUGHT ON CAM: Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards sleeping together on set. Macedonia 40. Malaysia 41. Malta 42. Netherland 43. Norway 44. Norway VIP 45. Pakistan 46. Poland 47. Portugal 48. Romania 49. Russian 50. Slovenia 51. Spain 52. Sweden 53. Sweden VIP 54. Switzerland 55. Thailand 56. Turkey 57.

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Familiarise yourself with how to navigate the city and get tips from your local about what to do during your stay. Gain some insider info about the best local spots and neighbourhoods to visit too. Get ready to kick start your unique London trip! hat you'll doEmbark on a totally personalised experience with a Local Host, and explore any area of London you want, experiencing the main tourist sites as well as local hidden gems along the way. On this experience you'll see the highlights and get familiar with the city. Although London is fast paced, exciting and cosmopolitan, the city can be a little overwhelming if you don't know it well. Your Local Host will also help you get familiar with using the London Underground and bus services too, so you can navigate stress-free around the city. Ask your Local Host any questions about how to spend the rest of your trip; they'll help you to discover other areas of London that they know you’ll love, as well as share their local travel tips and tricks so you won’t fall into the tourist traps. Your Local Host will share an authentic side of London's history with you as you discover famous sites and explore historic neighbourhoods which have helped shape the city over the centuries. From the Tudors to WW2, London’s history can be seen everywhere in the city - you just have to know where to look. So with a Local Host by your side, immerse yourself in London’s past, discover hidden spots and see the history of the city through a local lens! hat You'll DoJoin a Local Host on a unique and personalised walking experience of London, where you'll learn about the real history of London, based on the dates and periods of history which interest you. Discover London’s historic attractions and explore hidden spots that have their own version of history to tell that you won’t find in a guidebook. Explore historic neighbourhoods and see how London’s past has helped to shape it into the multi-cultural and cosmopolitan city it is today. rom the original grounds of William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, to the cobbled streets where the Fire of London first started and the pub where Dickens often drank - there's local knowledge bursting from all corners of this ancient city. Follow the unique route which your Local Host has designed specifically around the history you are most interested in, which takes in your chosen attractions as well as including a few secret local spots along the way! pend time getting to know your Local Host who can give you advice, insider tips, and tricks and suggest other historic places in London to visit while you're in the capital. On this custom experience, your Local Host will introduce you not only to some of the landmark sights like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, but will also show you community hubs, beloved local eateries and neighbourhood institutions so you can get a feel for the real London beyond its tourist attractions. Stop by local markets, a neighbourhood bar or an independent coffee shop where you’ll be sharing a table with the locals, let your host share stories with you of what life in the city is like and ask any questions you have about your visit. You’ll be introduced to the neighbourhoods and venues which make London so special, as well as familiarising yourself with the city and ticking a few of its iconic attractions off your bucket list.

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Currently on its second season, “Andi Mack” has a young gay character, Cyrus (Joshua Rush), who has a crush on cool kid Jonah, played by Angel. While the comedy-drama series is reaping praise for featuring such reality-inspired story arcs, the show was recently banned by Kenya’s Film Classification Board, warning that “any attempt to introduce gay programming in Kenya will be met with the full force of the law,” according to its head, Ezekiel Mutua. Angel, meanwhile, will costar in the aforementioned comic book-inspired film with Zachary Levi, who will play the magic-powered Captain Marvel. The hero switches places with Billy Batson when the teen utters the word “Shazam! The movie is set for an April 2019 release. — OLIVER PULUMBARIT. It was October 2017, but Hancock Street looked like it had time-tripped to 1975 — and morphed into Detroit. The facade of Lee’s had been done up with an awning that read “Nemo’s. Next door, Karina’s barbershop had been adorned with a hand-painted logo on its window. The director has been shooting his next movie, “The Irishman,” around the tri-state area. Over the years, many people have speculated about what happened to Hoffa (played in the film by Al Pacino) and the whereabouts of his body, which has still never been found. Scorsese’s movie is based on a book by Sheeran’s lawyer, Charles Brandt, titled “I Heard You Paint Houses” — mobster code for “I heard you kill people. Sheeran allegedly shot his friend Hoffa in the head after luring him to a house in Detroit. The book was published in 2004, the year after Sheeran died and nearly 29 years after the murder was committed. His confession to killing a man whom he called a friend illustrates the hard choices that come with a life dedicated to the Mafia. “Frank whacked guys,” Brandt said. “I estimate that he killed 25 to 30 people. He learned right away that you don’t say no. Unlike a lot of men who wind up killers for the Mafia, Sheeran was not bred for the life. He had a rough-and-tumble childhood in Darby, Pa.