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The left wing non profit journalism scam is not going to help institutional journalism's terrible reputation with news consumers. But the wealthy donors fully expect their political objectives to be promoted by NewsWatch and the other journalist groups that accept cash donations. Take the herd move to forming conglomerates in the go-go late 1960s: corporations suddenly started buying companies in completely different sectors in businesses they knew nothing about, because the herd was forming conglomerates --not because it made any business sense but because it was the hot trend. Once the lemming-like frenzy to assemble conglomerates wore off, managers discovered the conglomerates were mostly financial disasters: rarely did the expected synergies or economies of scale emerge, and inexperienced, tone-deaf hubris-soaked corporate managers often destroyed the acquired companies through ill-advised strategies or acquisitions. The stripped entity was then loaded with debt and sold to the public as an initial public offering (IPO). On one of my trips to China in the early 2000s, I sat next to a youthful corporate manager in the semiconductor equipment sector. The flight being long (10-11 hours), we were able to have an in-depth conversation about his company's dismal experience with offshoring production from the U. . to China and other nascent manufacturing hubs in east Asia. The herd was running, and top management wasn't going to take no for an answer. The company lost control of quality, and the units shipped from Asia were chockful of defects, defects that were extremely expensive to fix after manufacture. Financially, the offshoring cost the company millions' in direct costs and indirectly in loss of reputation and IP. I have first-hand accounts of pharmaceutical companies closing their China operations due to pirating (worthless knockoff medications sold in packages that were perfect replicas of the company's products), and of clothing manufacturers who left after entire runs of costly silk clothing lines were rejected for abysmal quality. Never mind if the adverts work--we need a mobile presence now, and hang the cost. Nobody seems to know how much of their advert millions have been squandered on click fraud.


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2. In the mobile interactive story Florence (2018) the interactor cannot change the story but they can enact gestures that represent the protagonist’s subjective experience. Here she is experiencing making conversation on a ? st date as a puzzle. As the conversation progresses, the number of puzzle pieces decreases. A related aesthetic value for a narrative form that affords variation is whether or not it motivates replay and whether the variations are trivial or dramatically meaningful. For example, in Facade, we are motivated to try multiple paths in order to ? d out the secrets of each of the two quarreling partners, secrets that are hinted at but not revealed in other play-throughs. We are also motivated to note the various ways in which the conflict can end, since that comports well with our sense of open possibilities in conflicts with intimate partners, and with our sense of the poignancy of moments in which the way how we behave can bring us closer or farther apart. In assessing interactive narratives I would suggest that it is useful to avoid the term “non-linear” since it is very hard to design for a negative quality, and in the context of 14 J. H. Murray narrative (as against mathematics) it suggests incoherency. For example, the distinct endings of Bioshockcl closely resemble one another but differ in ways that are all the more dramatically powerful because of the underlying parallelism. Emily Short’s Blood and Laurels makes the most of this sort of well-constructed parallelism, not just for the ending but for multiple episodes of the story. I bring these terms forward not to insist upon them as prescriptive of practice or critique, but as examples of the kind of vocabulary we need to describe design strategies originating from the desire to tell a story in way that could only be told through interaction and computation.


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myaja henry. Can you watch cjades ouija board videos with T and make a video on it. You should put a cute little Christmas tree in the backround. The figure 8 I’m pretty sure means the spirit is trying to escape through the board bella boo. Loey: I will never buy an Ouiji board ever or use one Loey: buys ouiji board Ashley Gomez. I toght it was a demon or something I said Jesus name but the board did not flew across the board so no deamon I said who is this it spell my gramphas name I said is this you gramps I quickly turn to Yes then quickly started to spell I died I am your grampa I started crying i toght it was a joke but it was true late that night I told my mom if she got any news she told me honey you grampa died in my head I was shocked I started to cry. I went back to my room closed the door and said how could this be true I started to play the board by my self after all my friends left the house and went home I started feel a bad vibe but I continued I asked grampa are you here I asked. Nothing bad is in my home (demons etc. except that we had some bad luck for 5 months. She doesnt post, she deleted most of her videos, please find out for us. I had been warned against them all my life, but I was curious so I gave in. I was even nudging the planchette to make it entertaining for my kids. One of my daughters happy go lucky Friends Started to behave in a dark manor that continued when we weren’t even playing with the Ouija board. One day my daughter started choking and there fingerprints on her neck. It was just cardboard, like a monopoly board, but it wouldn’t catch fire.


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Feature Chart. 3. Scheduling. OrderTMobile. om Training Materials for OrderTMobile Reps. By joining our community you will have access to post topics, upload content and access many other features. Registration is absolutely free so please, join our classical music forums. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. What bothered me was the character of Morritz--Samuel L. He seemed to be the protagonist but I didn't like him. He was very knowledgeable of his work and all but he was an arrogant, mean asshat. I was wondering why they gave us this guy as the protagonist when he was so unlikable. A past-life thing. Then it made sense why Morritz was so powerfully drawn to the violin to the point where he swindles a world-class violinist to get it for himself. That was the other thing: he is essentially a thief who recruits a weaker-willed assistant to help him steal it.