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Max used a stronger shock on homosexuals than those which he administered in other laboratory studies on humans. See Chiara Beccalossi, Female Sexual Inversion: Same-sex Desires in Italian and British Sexology, c. 1870-1920 (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2012) for detailed attention to this issue between 1870 and 1920. Ivan Crozier. Review of Dickinson, Tommy, 'Curing queers': Mental nurses and their patients, 1935-74. Some of these architect-urbanists, such as the eminent Indian architect Charles Correa (1930-2015), are also writers who have published essays and books about architecture and the city. Through their writing and their buildings, these architects have shown how one can positively transform the social conditions in which people live. Although not intended as a scholarly book, India is well grounded in data, and supported with relevant statistics, footnotes, references, and graphs that prove the great challenges that India is facing in terms of poverty, pollution, housing, water shortage, and so on. Valeur’s monograph is a humane and personal account. While the statistics make one confront an overwhelming urban crisis in India, through case studies, his intimate narrative orients us toward realistic solutions that can make a difference to improving people’s lives in cities. Valeur’s India is an important contribution and call for action to everyone who wants to make a positive and concrete difference to the urban environments of developing societies. However, according to Valeur, it is also a field committed to new models of collaboration between international experts and a range of local actors, from professionals and bureaucrats to activists and ordinary citizens. Chandigarh was founded after India’s independence and planned by the French architect and urban planner Le Corbusier. Thus, this new northern Indian city was influenced by “modernism and the ideology of socialism.

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I mean it’s a blind kid who plays competitive football. A group of friends, not operating at full IQ capacity, feel the need to use supernatural devices to contact their dead friend. Not realizing for a second that this is exactly the kind of thing that demonic spirits feed off of. Get over it. Move on. Setting up a ouija board to communicate with the dead friend is just asking for it. Or some group of dimwitted young people venturing off the grid into a place no reasonable person would ever explore. Whatever the machinations, the haunting movies are a dime a dozen at this point. The only things that change are the faces (even them not so much) and the mode of evil discovery. In its defense, Ouija, directed by relative newcomer Stiles White, looks fine enough. I guess I got creeped out a couple of times in the trailer. I guess it’ll scare some people and have a few moments getting folks squirming in their chairs. It looks creepy enough, and had some bigger names attached to it early, making me think it’ll finish out of the basement. But not by much.


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Guitar and bass. Cool. Idk if I should hang out with him literally though, but then again why not lol Oh yeah his breath smelled nauseating. Have you ever looked deeply into a genuinely insane person’s eyes. Never again. I was given it by the nephew of Britain’s onetime Chancellor of the Exchequer, Dennis Healy, and took it at home alone one night. The worst part came when I got the datura munchies and attempted to eat a piece of bread and butter. As datura completely dries up your saliva, the bread got stuck in my throat and I damn near choked to death. I was pondering not saying anything for a few days to really let it burn but that would’ve been imprudent. As documents of confused, consumerist communion; the Occidental android caught up in its anxiety circuits of ethnophobia, conflict gaming, and nihilistic destruction; they reflect the basic, sensationalist values, of cultural production. If such reflections are perceived as hostility by that which is reflected, what does that say about the reflected. What are the default, circuits of hostility and hatred, configuring the reflected, in the first place. It’s basically the freedom to express a 1000-year-old hatred, the simplistic, engineered, cultural reaction, to Norman, financial instrumentalisation. It’s the lazy and vicarious projection of a colonised, Anglo-Saxon mindset, from the outset.


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. . . Set To Premiere Summer 2013. Warner Home Video Announces Superman: Unbound and Justice League: Flashpoint. Nathan Fillion makes a surprise cameo at the New York Comic Con Firefly panel. 'Nice Thinking, Ray! T-Shirt. Copyright Scofflaws Beware: ISPs to Begin Monitoring Illicit File Sharing. The Quiet Death of the Canadian Internet Surveillance Bill. Court rules book scanning is fair use, suggesting Google Books victory. MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: The Gate (1987) Rare Halloween Videos: Grampa Munster’s Silly Scaries (1988), More Silly Scaries (1989). Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: 80’s Rerun: Poltergeist NBC To Air Mockingbird Lane As A Halloween Special. The Best Horror Movies To Watch On Youtube For Free.


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No Pasaran! We beat the buggers there, and we’ll beat the buggers here. . Just soap, but clean, and Ah inhale deeply as Ah lay in a dusty dip close by her. Ah try not to get caught admiring the curves of her buttocks in her tight black pants and it’s a bit weird to just think of her as a Comrade; Ah see it in her smoky blue eyes too, a lingering look sometimes, a subtle bite of her bottom lip, flicking her blonde hair off her face. The Political Commissars would string me up by ma bahls. A beautiful lass with a bandana tied aroond her neck, the red of the material setting off her black hair and wonderfully broon skin just perfect, man. Ah cannit; Ah’m driven by a need for female companionship in a place where any one of us could be killed at any minute. But there’s a lot of talk aboot teking the women oot of the front line action, discrediting them as prostitutes with loose morals. None of the women Ah’ve met in the trenches are interested in shagging. They just want their freedom and they’re willing to fight for it. It’s women that have the most to lose from injustice and oppression. Multiply that by hundreds and you just want to bury yourself in the yellow soil, scratch yourself a hole with your bare hands. Mortars are terrifying, a thump of air pressure then the dreadful anticipation of where it’s gannin to fahl.