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That playlist, like the new one, was created in collaboration with Spotify’s Head of Rock, Allison Hagendorf. Allison, Weiss, and Benioff packed that playlist with songs about war, fire, cold, and wolves, as any Game of Thrones fan would expect. I genuinely don't know what the fuck they're doing. But either way I still think Euron is a plot device for her and not the other way around. I expect it will be in Ep 6 and Jaime or Arya (or Tyrion, if he's NOT cooperating with Cersei). Being GoT, the answers to both parts of Maggy's prophecy could yet be someone surprising. And they also mention Gendry in the Cersei discussion. I know they left the last part of Maggie's prophecy out of the show but obsessive love can only refer to one person and that's not Brienne. The Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season is coming to Blu-ray and DVD 15th November and it is packed with exciting extras, that will make you want for more. Episodes like “ The Door “, “ Battle of the Bastards ” and “ The Winds of Winter ” have 2 commentaries each and the guests include, Kristian Nairn, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage and many more stars. I think her own mother said the same thing that soldier's mamma says about Strangers. The last time there was a big happy setup it was the church of the seven group with the Hound and they all died. He is the last person who thinks he will see anything in the fire, that is why the scene is so good. Beric clearly doesn't understand what is happening to him, even though it has been happening for some time. Thoros was the priest gone bad, way back before he started resurrecting. In a way, these characters and us are not really sure what is going on. My favourite scene was probably the Hound and Thoros. Those guys are hilarious together but it was also a very touching scene when he buries the bodies and tries to pray over them. Great seeing Arya fully avenge the Red Wedding too, it was a hell of a way to open the season. The costumes look incredible and I really want to know where they shot the scene where Daenerys touches the sand, because that beach looks beautiful.

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Even though I was there and did it, it is beyond my power to comprehend now. We’ll collect ’em and put together another post with the results. If you’re seeing it on Facebook, you can comment there as well. We cognitively focus more on the “content” words, which provide meaning and provoke the imagination. They are processed in the brain differently than content words. The same is true for pronouns, prepositions, and virtually all function words. One area this is useful is in personality research. As you might guess, different patterns of function words reveal important parts of people’s personalities. In one experiment, we analysed hundreds of essays written by my students and we identified three very different writing styles: formal, analytic and narrative. Formal writing often appears stiff, sometimes humourless, with a touch of arrogance. They can be used to identify the authors of disputed texts, and much more. The smallest, stealthiest words in our vocabulary often reveal the most about us. But when I transcribed my recording I was distressed to see the way I spoke to my 12-year-old son. I used big words, lots of articles and few pronouns. Thereafter, I made a conscious attempt to be warmer and more psychologically available to my son. I have also analysed my language in emails, classroom lectures, articles and letters. Sometimes my language is predictable, sometimes it isn’t. And when it isn’t, I learn something about myself. We usually associate digital technology with nonlinearity, the forking paths that Web surfers beat through the Internet’s underbrush as they click from link to link. But e-books and nonlinearity don’t turn out to be very compatible.

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Does the company have control over everything involving the artist. Basically yes, since the artist have to ask permission before doing anything that the company didn’t ask them to do. Like, even if the artist has free time, they still have to ask for permission if they can have a vacation on a certain place, or if they can hang out with this person. There are artists who are stubborn about asking for permissions actually, they sneak in and do what they want. Because of their stubbornness, scandals may arise (it happened for a few artists actually, like what I mentioned earlier). So yeah, company favorites are pretty much treated very differently than the others. We will never fully know every truth about these artists, especially their true feelings, personalities, relationships, sexuality, and their private lives. There’s also a possibility that they’re real and SM just took advantage of it, but it’s less likely. BUT, we will never know if they actually felt something for each other or not. Or they’re actually single. Who knows. There are many possibilities but they only know the truth themselves, of course. I am not claiming that everything I said are 100% evident and true in SM Ent, but everything I said is a common practice in Asia, and is true in my country and our company. I didn’t include links, pictures, other proofs because I don’t want to give in my identity, my nationality, and the company I work in. I’m a lazy but busy person, I wouldn’t waste my free time writing this if they were all lies. But I know that there are still people who will chose not to believe, but who am I to force you. Just remember this: the media and entertainment industry is very manipulative, DON’T let media control and fool you. There are many studies, research, and theories regarding the media and its effects on the public (when I was in college, we memorized a lot of theories regarding media and its effects, just search about it if you’re interested, you’ll understand media even more! . And even though media has negative effects on the public, they will still continue with their doings.


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It doesn't matter if what you make is crap, at least you'll have made something. Lost: Black Earth is a family friendly apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Action, Adventure movie inspired by great movies like Star Wars, The Postman, Omega Man, Starship Troopers. Escaping a devastating attack on her space station, the N. . . . en. scientist Myola Jackson finds herself uncontrollably heading toward Earth in her damaged capsule. Crashing on a coastline off Austrasia, she awakens to find herself lost on a hostile continent. Washed ashore, she is rescued by a Romid Warrior, Wez and his son Gart, who quickly find themselves pursued by the Kryslum aliens intent on her destruction. To reach the safety of the coastal town of Dignity Bay, they embark on an epic journey through the treacherous and unpredictable environment. Constantly pursued by the evil Kryslums, they are joined by an eccentric hermit scientist Fergus, who helps them rescue a Kryslum slave soldier they call Jose. Together this band of misfits defeat the odds only to discover that the people of Dignity Bay are being held captive by the Kryslums. As it appears all hope is lost and chaos rules, they must fight in the last days of the black earth to bring forth a new dawn. Set in the DARKWAVE UNIVERSE - A salvage crew find themselves being hunted on a derelict space cruiser. When one of their crew is taken alive, they must decide whether to rescue him, or escape and run. Orginal Soundtrack by Bruno di Giorgi, free download link here. It was co-produced by hundreds of associate producers from all over the world. That’s the setting in first-time director Andree Wallin’s short film, who also wrote and production designed it. Produced by Claire Fleming, the film was shot in London with an international cast, while all exteriors were shot in Stockholm.

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Ajo qeshi me idene qe kishin patur ne shkolle mbi kete piktor kaq te magjishem. I pelqente atmosfera e kesaj dite, sikur grija ta peshtillte gjer ne intimitetin e trupit te saj. Nxitoi nga Chatelait, zbriti poshte drejt Pont Neuf, pastaj ne Pont des Arts dhe ja te u gjend prane muzeut te famshem Musee d’Orsay, i cili dikur kishte qene stacioni i trenave qe niseshin drejt jugut, drejt Bordeaux dhe qe nje arkitekt i talentuar nga vitet 60-te e kishte transformuar ne nje muze arti. Shume shpejt ai do te behej nje nga muzeumet me te bukura dhe me te pasura te Evropes, vecanerisht per pikturen impresioniste dhe post-impresioniste. Te hyrja kishte ende shume turiste qe prisnin te hynin. Atje, konservatori i muzeut organizonte here pas here ekspozita tematike ose me nje autor. Pasi vezhgoi me shpejtesi sallen e pare, vazhdoi ne te dyten dhe me pas ne te treten. Atehere u kujtua te pyeste nje nga personat e muzeut qe ishin ne secilen nga sallat. Nje grup i vogel turistesh qe flisnin gjermanisht ishin duke e kundruar me kureshtje. Dicka thane ne gjuhen e tyre, qeshen, dikush nga grate ngriti supet ne menyre lozonjare dhe ata u larguan, duke kthyer kokat per here te fundit. Ishte trupi i shtrire i nje femre te kolme, me kembet gjysme te hapura, ku siper gjunjeve, tabloja ishte e prere. Ishte nje vizitor qe hyri dhe po i afrohej tablose. Ajo ndjeu afersine e tjetrit, por megjithate nuk deshi te shkeputej. Dicka e pakuptueshme dhe enigmatike e mbante te lidhur pas saj. Vazhdoi te shikonte ate bote ngjyrash qe e kishin bere ate pjese trupore aq te ngrohte dhe humane. Ai buzeqeshi. Ishte nje buzeqeshje e ciltert dhe pa te keq. - Interesante, apo jo? - tha gati me gjysme zeri njeriu, qe me sa dukej ishte nje parizian, jo nje turist. Thjesht nje publik.

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- IF it were easy everyone would be rich and successful. - YOU have greatness inside you. t just needs unlocked. - THE only thing that can stop you is your mindset. The truth is most people don't want it bad enough. So they make excuses, blame others, become cynical, and eventually give up on their dreams. You'll identify these people when you tell them about your goals and they tell you every reason why it won't work, give you bad advice, or they'll hate on you behind your back. Success is more than a goal. t's your obligation. Pay the price today so you can afford to pay the price tomorrow. Remember, the ONLY thing we can control is ourselves so work on changing your language patterns to better serve you! ------------------ cleverinvestor. I mean are you really putting in the work and doing w. When South Carolina declared they were seceding from the Union. Yh cause the devil is sweeter than hell (? - Idfk. Who did this! Wait a minute. We did. Nevermind.

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One day he felt Cupid struck him the particular husband found a stimulating online dating site. On that day on, he contacted 50 single lovely ladies and dated 10 of that company. Today, he is happily living with Jessica, amongst the fifty he contacted and the most perfect girl of this 10 that suited his interest. Police have identified a text messages and many pictures that Terri sent on the cell phone of Michael Cook. Didn't Terri realize that as advertise person discover Kyron, the cops would be closely watching her every move. She seems with regard to focusing her lifetime on other things than how to find Kyron. A conviction for sexting is really a sex corruption. Whether people consider the law, or not, minors are usually convicted of sexting will usually receive five to twenty years in penitentiary. Felons who have been convicted of sex crimes cannot travel without the permission as well as parole agent. Later, the person who was convicted will often have trouble getting job the particular prospective employer learns among the prior dedication. Is Weiner a genuine victim regarding particular party. And, does anyone should be attacked on the personal level-the way that angry man attacked Weiner regardless of Weiner's past transgressions. You're perhaps within the simple one - love is an emotion. As such, it makes hardly at all sense to try to set logical rules for almost any relationship derived from love. Treat your online dating profile like a chance to express yourself. Think about yourself, your view of your world, the makes you unique. Unless you have that tiny headset and everybody's thinking that you just are on the phone to yourself - disable Bluetooth. Same goes for WiFi and GPS. Embrace. It's impossible around this.

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When Jaime stops at Darry, he is stunned to see about one hundred of the Sparrows there. Thus, even if in the upcoming novels Cersei destroys the Sparrows in King's Landing, there will be plenty more of them outside the city, seeking revenge; the loss of their supreme leader may not stop them for long. As Sansa Stark explains, they just received a white messenger-raven at Winterfell sent from The Citadel by the Order of Maesters - signifying that winter has finally begun. White messenger-ravens are a special sub-breed kept at the Citadel and they are larger, stronger, and smarter than normal ravens. White messenger ravens are only sent out to carry the important official announcement across Westeros that the seasons have changed. The Citadel gathers reports about weather from maesters all over Westeros and after much deliberation, they determine when one season can be considered to have officially ended and the next has begun. This highlights another point: the summer that ended at the beginning of Season 2 lasted for ten years, unusually long, and there was a spring season before that. Jon was around 16 years old in Season 1 of the TV series, and Sansa stated to be 13 years old. Sam frowns when he sees them, knowing what they indicate. The TV series adapted several storylines out of sync with each other, thus the white ravens only arrive at the time of her trial. However, Sansa nonetheless inherits the position as Lady of Winterfell. Ironically, it was Lyanna Mormont, a female ruler, who first declared Jon to be King in the North, followed by the other lords who declare Jon King in the North. The beginnings of a potential rift between Jon and Sansa is very subtly shown in the scene where Jon is declared king. This could be because she believes Lyanna is about to declare her, Eddard Stark's trueborn daughter, Queen in the North. She smiles again afterward because she is happy for her brother, but the smile fades once more when she sees Littlefinger, who is smirking knowingly due to their earlier meeting where he brought up that Sansa should be the North's future, not Jon. Sansa is worried that Jon will regard her as the little sister he remembers her as and as a result, will not listen or trust her advice as much. Turner notes that while Jon and Sansa love each other, they have some tension between them, and feels Jon is naive to this. Kit Harrington agrees, saying that Jon has not learned his lesson in accurately gleaning how Sansa truly feels, with Jon asking Sansa to trust him, but is not listening or observing her enough. Littlefinger will most likely play this angle to his advantage in Season 7. Turner looked somewhat embarrassed and then bluntly admitted that she had no idea why, in-universe, Sansa didn't tell Jon.