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On the title page, I have hand-embossed a faerie-themed nameplate of Pan playing the pipes in a woodland glade. I have been faerying for as long as I can remember. My early years were spent in study at Tir Eolas Academy where my sorority was the Crystal Circle. I met Fae of all kind and learned about different disciplines, tools, and of course the fine art of Glamour Magic. It is the perfect travel size for consulting on-the-go, or as a subtle piece on your altar. The background picture is a small pentacle amidst the starry skies of space. The Starrry board features the following answer options on 8 points: --2 Yes --2 No --2 Maybe --2 ? (Don't know) You can see the pendulum pictured here: This small piece is great for use with divination and pendulum work though (if you had a foci small enough) you might also use it for ouija. Once an clearance shelf book bound to be discarded, book has been re-purposed as a clever way to disguise your cell phone. It is perfect for use at Con, at game, renfaires or in any other setting where the blatant cellphone breaks up the look of your style. This copy of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow now has a purple-and-gold embossed exterior, embellished in opposite corners with a bouquet of silk flowers. I've added to the interior cover a purple sunset pocket to store papers, character sheets, cards, etc. Also included is a matching purple stylus with a soft rubber tip for use on cell phones that are touchscreen. Lastly, I built in a rubber closure that straps around the book to make sure your belongings stay where they belong. The cradle for the phone has been cut at the bottom with a little extra nook for getting your thumb in so you can get the phone out easily:) Perfect for all you technomancers.

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The bad thing is when frankly the human nutritionists act as if they are rigorous in their studies as my animal nutrition colleagues. Having a foot in both worlds and understanding the difference in science. And it’s in some very interesting differences; one is high-fiber, the other isn’t, one is low-fat, the other is high-fat, one is low-protein content and poor protein quality and of course the other isn’t. And so in the case of ruminants you have this wonderful structure and capability to convert this resource that we can’t utilize directly into something that we can. But no, I think it’s very important for us to realize that different mammals have different means of converting the resources from their environment into the nutrients that they need and then absorbing those nutrients. Basically an animal eating a poor protein source of grass, cellulose, converting it, but yet we hear over and over again from the vegan community that you get all the proteins you need, readily absorbable and bioavailable and we see examples of pro athletes who are vegan who are clearly excelling on a physical level, so clearly getting enough protein. Forgive me but one of the lines that I heard from an old professor was that the average human being has one breast and one testicle, but you don’t see many of them rolling around. So I’m not interested in telling anyone what they need to eat or should eat, but it’s true that there’s only a few plant source foods that have complete protein, that have all the amino acids that we need. And it’s remarkable to me that we still have large gaps in our knowledge about human requirements for protein. That being said, the simple fact is that animal source protein is of much higher value than plant source protein in part because of that biological value, but also because typically protein is assessed biometric called crude protein. Now you can get away with that with some foodstuffs and when you’re feeding some animals. So if I’m feeding ruminants, it really isn’t all that important whether the nitrogen that’s in the feed that they’re getting is in protein or nonprotein nitrogen, because the rumen environment will take all of that, degrade it down and build it back up into microbial protein. So there’s no such thing as an essential amino acid in a ruminant’s diet, there is in humans diet. And so you can look at crude protein in equivalent amounts of cooked navy beans for example and cooked beef muscle. So if you then look at the amino acid content in those two amounts what you end up with is something like 58% of the crude protein is actually true protein in the beans where it’s 92% in the beef.


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While getting laughs are at the heart of everything Maher says, he also feels he has a larger purpose as a comic with a unique platform in this election. He believes it s crucial to keep hammering away at Trump because we ve seen it before, where you think the monster is dead and then his hand comes up out of the ground. Rescue There s no sure bet in any film or TV genre, but whenever the big-budget action films or franchise dramas stumble, it s always comedy that comes to the rescue. Whether it s Sausage Party on the big screen or the recently renewed Atlanta and Better Things on FX, comedy can be a reliable performer with high returns on relatively small budgets. A smaller budget is one of the things that makes the risk more reasonable to the studios, says Sausage Party co-writer and actor Seth Rogen. When studios spend a lot of money, they like to see that investment backed up by a proven track record which has led to a glut of reboots and questionable adaptations. Rogen says comedies with original ideas often draw more interest from audiences: With comedy, people want originality. The riskier, more original thing paid off in every way, Rogen acknowledges. Originality is also a key to comedies on HBO, according to Amy Gravitt, executive vice president, HBO programming. It s important for our shows to start a new conversation by giving a fresh voice an opportunity to tell his or her story or by exploring a world that we haven t seen before, she says. The decision to greenlight Insecure was an easy one as Issa Rae s voice jumped off of the page in the pilot script. Comedy Central president Kent Alterman says the genre is more talentdriven. In this Oct 22, 2016 photo K naan poses in Minneapolis. They join Chris Pine, Gugu Mbatha- Raw, Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling, with Ava DuVernay directing. Since Day One, this experience has shimmered with the promise and possibility, the passion and power that only great stories offer, said DuVernay.


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Maisie did a good job in the latter scene, but the two storylines aren’t talking to one another. On the other hand, I’m rather surprised that Dolorous Edd didn’t send a raven to Winterfell informing everyone that Ned Stark’s oldest legitimate son is very much alive. You get that with Beric, Thoros, and Sandor later, but I feel like more clarity here would have made that realization hit harder. Sansa storyline played out, chiefly because Benioff and Weiss don’t really understand politics and thus have created an entirely unconvincing portrait of what political savviness looks like. However, Sansa entirely fails to accomplish her objectives, because she’s not actually trying to persuade anyone, which is what actually politically skilled people try to do. Both Jaime and Cersei were surprisingly intelligent and in-character, with Jaime arguing that Cersei’s managed to systematically alienate most of the power structures of Westeros, and Cersei for once thinking about how to deal with this situation. Where these people were for Seasons 5 and 6 I have no idea, but it was good to see them. Where’s the reference to the palace being besieged by howling mobs. Where’s the people in the streets denouncing Cersei as an evil sorceress. And while Cersei’s reaction to Tommen’s death is plausible in its defensive re-writing of history, it really does not fit Jaime’s character at all that his reaction to wildfire being used to kill hundreds if not thousands of people is mild peturbation. This is his own personal apocalypse, with his sister cast as a different scarlet woman, but he’s unfazed. I really don’t think Euron is marrying Cersei in the books; maybe this is some way to roughly parallel Dany’s clash with the Iron Fleet, but it’s a big stretch. And his scene with Jim Broadbent was wonderful, a great encapsulation of the maesters’ philosophy and point of view. Rory McCann is a brilliant actor when given good material and his grappling with the guilt of murdering two people through stupid greed was genuinely powerful. I’m surprised he wasn’t drinking a can of refreshing Coke too.


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So, maybe, these will be just some nameless extras trying to get out of the city, why someone representing the last hope arrives. Or maybe it indeed can be one of the last scenes showing KL back to normal, while one of the main protagonists arrive or depart like Frodo in the LOTR. But yes, let’s wait and see if we get a glimpse of what happens. My guess: Tycho Nestoris, who’s supposed to appear again in S8, or Euron and the Golden Company. IIRC. we have not seen anyone using a canopy while formally receiving a traveler. Perhaps it’s necessary because of the snowfall (that could be CGIed in? However, INga’s analysis of props may be correct, in which case someone may well be leaving. My worry about that is SOMEWHAT mollified by the fact that the 2 can’t even work together, but I swear when Bronn and Pod (Jaime and Brienne’s right hand men, afterall) went off to the pub during the Dragonpit meeting, I thought they were gonna get taken out by Cersei’s minions to hurt both Jaime and Brienne. As for the background, yes, they would snow it in with VFX. If there is, they must cover the ground with fake snow before shooting begins. I really wonder how Cersei’s scenes are going to pan out next season, as she only really has Qyburn to speak with now. First of all, in Cersei’s eyes Bronn is a traitor who conspired with Tyrion. Now, when Jaime left her, it’s even worse, because again in Cersei’s eyes Bronn is the one who helped to turn her brother-lover against her. She may use him but she’ll never trust him and because of that Bronn will have to go against her sooner or later for the sake of his own safety.


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Securing the crossing from the Frey’s would help a lot in preventing help coming from the South and strategically would make a lot of sense. As much as I understand your wish to stay unsullied (I try the same thing since season 6 has started), there is absolutely no way to avoid spoilers completely (although technically a preview is not a spoiler). You can try staying completely way from the internet for a couple of weeks, and even that is not 100% safe. I also do not watch the previews so as not to have anything spoiled. But, I am a book reader and enjoy reading the articles and comments so inevitably I do end up reading some spoilers from the previews. It would be nice not to have preview spoilers in the article itself but it won’t stop me from reading either way. I was lucky, the stabbing did not hit a major organ, and despite losing a ton of blood, it was not fatal. Arya will do what she must to survive this, and having lived a similar situation, it takes no suspension of believe at all for me to buy it. Why? I didn’t like it because of how other stabbings earlier in this season seemed less brutal and yet were fatal. Areo and Price Doran’s stabbings only exacerbated my disdain for Arya just walking about the city brazenly and throwing bags of coin around. She deserved to be stabbed by someone she didn’t know just walking up to her unawares. I have some thoughts on what was really going down, but I much rather would have seen a more careful Arya in this episode frantically trying to stay concealed from the Faceless Men whilst trying to get back to Westeros. It played out in way too odd a fashion for there not to be a crazier plan in play here that hopefully we will see come to fruition next week. By causing Arya a slow and painful death it should also lead to her being dismissed.