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Both brans actor and nk actor literally look alike. Lol everyone says this? Dr. Kai 4 ? ? I ? this channel. ? Ser Hunts Reviews 4. I really am enjoying this channel, fair and balanced to all characters, unlike so many other channels out there. Correction Battle of Bastard took place in season 6 episode 9 not in season 7 episode 9 (1:03) Julie W 4. Love your vids! You rock. Thanks. Dennis Sorensen 4. It would be badass if the NK raises Stanis's army, or some other previously defeated foes, out of a huge mass grave right beneath where the allies are positioned.

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So perhaps marketers should insert fakirs into upcoming campaigns. TV makeover shows regularly portray women transforming their wardrobes, and themselves, from dowdy and self-doubting (invisible) to confident and empowered (bright and visible). Red shoes occupy a special place at the intersection of empowerment and visibility. Not only are they a bold and daring fashion statement — they take us into the symbolic domain of the fairy tale, a genre steeped in the empowerment theme. So is the most important fairy-tale motif of all: the triumph of mobility and daring over determinism and fate (the cruel gaze of the sales attendant), the powerless outwitting and outpacing the powerful. Karen’s red shoes end up grafting themselves on to her feet and carrying her away in a dance she can’t stop or control. The red shoes here go into symbolic reverse: from a source of power, they become an instrument of alienation and compulsion. Magical bringers of empowerment, wilful destroyers of autonomy — red shoes fulfil both these roles in Andersen’s story. But at the same time, their shoes seem to offer magical lines of flight out of all kinds of traps and dead ends. Out of what US cultural trend does this Hollywood meme — call it Accidental Parenting — spring. In these earlier movies, however, there is a certain amount of drama attending the accidental parent's decision whether or not to raise the child. In these new entertainments, the choice is a fait accompli. Now, the choosers find themselves chosen — by Fate, perhaps, or some other invisible hand. No matter how a child comes into your life, our mainstream entertainments would have us believe, you can not decide whether or not you will parent that child. Like death and taxes, in the US parenting is inevitable. For people interested in commercial applications of semiotics this group is a useful window into the world of existing commercial practitioners.

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I dont think its a larp either way its just non typical and I can understand why some might dismiss me on say some writing or even not learning a field of employment thats academic so most with my iq might be less well rounded they all have at least one academic specialty that they chose often as a career i dont i went into building trades. I do know i can pass better in person than writing. My opinion and i slum a lot is half of them are rehabitable basically victims of bad elite leadership maybe evil elite leadership. I dont think we need strong presbyterianism or nazism for that matter to keep the proles happy and productive we need to support them in what is good for them and us they want to work and raise families give them some healthy pastimes and things like a military tradition destroy feminism and reward tinkering in your garage on things and they will be fine. NRX thinks Disney was a prophet they have a point. This is just karma, as I’m sure you’re aware of on a higher level than me. If you shuck the leftism now and start teaching tantra and meditation you may reincarnate as a white male, just maybe. He’s an American-born citizen, born into an Arab (Western) religion, of Indian ethnicity. You’re an American-born citizen, born into another Western religion, probably of European ethnicity. You’re clutching at straws, Waggy, in a way that merely confirms acknowledgement of the defeat you and collenic merely brought upon yourselves. Trawling the entertainment culture you despise so as to flick shit-dust in my direction; from another post, no less, to which you’ve retreated; only reduces you to a peculiar self-despicability. You call it shitting in the street, O foolish occidental android, while I call it emptying emptiness onto emptiness. Or was there a guy you were hot for at a yoga class that was’ into buddhism’ and youve been saying youre a buddhist ever since. Cheeky Westerner (Occidental android) pinching (appropriating) the cultural capital of Oriental wisdom. If you research into the ideas, they all stem from a 19th-century Englishman, a very good chap by the way, who was plagiarised by Mme Blavatsky and influenced the entire spectrum of 19th and 20th-century spiritual movements in the West. He also reformed the insane asylums of Britain, after being shocked by their conditions.