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They’ll save that bit of drama for after Jon finds out who he is. Both had to hide their identity from the public because people wanted to kill them, and as a result, both of their fake fathers made them their bastards. I can’t tell if she is staring daggers or just looking concern because a whole army is marching into her home. Shouldn’t she be the bride “OF Ice,” since she would be Jon’s bride. With these images, do you mean to suggest that any kind of peace and reconciliation are a lost hope for the people of Westeros. I think the contrasts of ice and fire, of love and hate, all the things that they symbolize is one of the themes of what the series is about. You can’t really encapsulate that in a nutshell, but that’s certainly a part of it. I like titles that work on several different levels where the title seems to have an obvious meaning but, if you think about it, also a secondary meaning, perhaps even a tertiary. Will these two ultimately embody the central image of the series, Ice and Fire. There may be a secondary meaning, or a tertiary meaning as well. As far out as the books still are I hadn’t decided what sort of pairing they would have, though I was leaning toward romantic. My thoughts have always been that whatever their relationship is they will be the ones to lead the living in their survival, whether or not they survive themselves. I’m not ready to accept the idea of them becoming foes even if I recognize the possibility. Yeah she could had told Jon about sending the raven, but as of the night prior to the battle we have nothing indicating she heard from LF, hence any questions he might have asked she legitimately had no answers for him, except Ramsey’s going to screw with you; and he did. There was only 1 plan, Jon’s, and he was taken out of it because Ramsey still had Rickon. If Jon is the “ice to dany’s fire” then the books are suggesting that he will use treachery to defend the realm from Dany’s fire.

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As I have repeatedly said on this forum, fake-secular and anti-sanaathana groups are totally dishonest and they lack moral courage to stand up for right things. Their selective outrage and double-standards were probably the single most important factor behind the rise of BJP to power. From MF Hussain, Aaamir Khaan to Kaisaad Kotwaala, they seem to be very good in using democratic setup to selectively offend religions. Henceforth, I will not eat cow’s meat. This is an ending entirely different from the original Kannada version. After one rotation of this chakra is completed, the second one starts. In this way, history is narrated as tretayuga, dwaparayuga etc. . Usually a rath (chariot) is pulled by horses but an anashva rath means one that runs without horses or yantra-rath, what is today a motorcar. Or, is this the RIGHT kalachakra to ask this of thee. Our friend joker Pinto attempts to respond but fails as usual. Not even a single word on main topic, instead he brings up some obscure punyakoti reference. But then, one does get to hear some occasional songs from Mark Knopfler. If somebody doesn’t like the Music I play and somebody complains, that gets promptly banned too. LOL So, do you have anything to say about this play controversy. Let’s see if you can answer this simple question without getting yourself lost in another round of gibberish.

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How are they going to explain Gilly and little man staying there with Sam. Working with the Greyjoys is going to blow up in her face, just like her trying to manipulate the High Sparrow blew up in her face last season. At least she is not pretending she gave a damn about Tommen, though. Jaime was making good points left and right in their conversation. I think he is finally starting to see she is full of it, just like dear old daddy. Tywin was all about keeping up appearances but did not give a damn about the individuals that made up his family. He still is a garbage person but I like that he is unapologetic about how salty he is. He wasn’t left where the Night King could get his body. Even though he was the last of the giants, he wasn’t the only giant. All those giants who died before the wildlings realized they needed to burn the bodies would be up for grabs. She must have some kind of job there in order to pay for wherever she’s staying. And Sam probably should be staying in the Citadel as a novice, so he is probably sneaking out to be with her and little Sam. I agree with Kaiser, Sam is going to play an important role. That was clear last season when he stole Heartsbane from his father. There are so few Valeryian steel swords left, and the whereabouts of only 4 (I think) are known. Although I think it’s wrong to believe she eradicated all the Frey males.