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Mir also paid their tributes. Sat Sharma dedicates newly constructed lanes and drains to residents of Ward 28 Inserting his developmental vision to provide residents of Jammu West with all sorts of basic amenities, State President BJP and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) toured areas of Ward 28 of Bakshi Nagar near Vishkarma Mandir and inaugurated newly constructed lanes and drains in the area. MLC Sofi Yousuf held exclusive tour of Pahalgam Constituency, released more than 11 lacs of CDF. Pahalgam BJP Senior Leader and Member of Legislative Council Sofi Yousuf held an exclusive tour to Pahalgam constituency on Saturday and released Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for various requisite developmental works. While speaking on the occasion, Sofi conveyed people that this visit is aimed to listen to the grievances of people. To start the developmental works we will have to collectively join hands so that we touch new in improving our basic infrastructure of living, Sofi addressed to the gathering. While stating that campaign for the upcoming Panchayat elections has been started, he appealed people to strength the “gross root democracy” by participating overwhelmingly. Meanwhile he released CDF for number of developmental works that include Rs one lac for Crossing at Mulsoo, Rs 1. lac for graveyard Fencing at Akad, Rs 1. lac for fencing of public park and Rs 1 lac for fencing graveyard at Rashkulbal. Beside this Rs 1. lac were released for public toilets at Wajora, Rs 1. 5 lac for graveyard and Rs 1 lac for lane at Gawas Tengri Yashnad. He also released Rs 1. lac for public toilets at Ainoo Brai and Rs one lac for Masjid at Ainoo Jamia. People of the constituency hailed the developmental efforts of Sofi and thanked him.

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The Nurse Competence Scale data were normally distributed. The higher the frequency of using competencies, the higher was the self-assessed level of competence. Age and length of work experience had a positive but not very strong correlation with level of competence. According to the item analysis, the categories of the Nurse Competence Scale showed good internal consistency. The results provide strong evidence of the reliability and validity of the Nurse Competence Scale. The interaction between all six rocket exhaust plumes will produce a complex and severe thermal environment in the base of the vehicle. This work focuses on a recent 2% scale, hot-fire SLS base heating test. Model development was strongly based on the Space Shuttle base heating tests with several improvements including doubling of the maximum chamber pressures and duplication of freestream conditions. Detailed base heating results are outside of the scope of the current work, rather test methodology and techniques are presented along with broader applicability toward scaled rocket testing in supersonic and hypersonic flow. The tests are popular since that are easy and relatively cheap to perform. However, with modern insensitive formulations with big critical diameters, large test samples are required. This can make testing and screening of new formulations expensive since large quantities of test material are required. Thus a new test that uses significantly smaller sample quantities would be very beneficial. In this paper we describe a new small- scale test that has been designed using our CHARM ignition and growth routine in the DYNA2D hydrocode. The new test is a modified gap test and uses detonating nitromethane to provide dynamic confinement (instead of a thick metal case) whilst exposing the sample to a long duration shock wave. The long duration shock wave allows less reactive materials that are below their critical diameter, more time to react.

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Get full version of Android apk app X-Plane 9 3D for tablet and phone. The Mars Volta should trim off all their petty prog hindrances and become a straight rock band. At the Drive-In is over and buried, and the longer. Given the decidedly pharmaceutical bent of the Mars Volta's output It's true that all of the playing on The Bedlam in Goliath, their fourth LP. Now, The Bedlam In Goliath, their 4th studio album, is my personal favourite Some prog fans and Mars Volta fans alike (a lot of which on Prog. You buy a Ouija board in a curiosity shop in Jerusalem to mess. The Bedlam in Goliath is the fourth studio album by American progressive rock band The Mars. Retrospective that highlights the best film scores from the acclaimed soundtrack composer. Though best known for his work in many of the Bond films, Barry has. John Barry conducting his score for You Only Live Twice () yearning score finds Barry at his heartbreaking best, with an overlooked gem. Find a John Barry - The Best Of John Barry - Themeology first pressing or reissue. Shop Vinyl and CDs. John Barry, who died on January 30 aged 77, wrote his best-known music for the James Bond films - but there were many other greats. Themeology -- The Best of is a fairly good summation of the highlights from John Barry's career, naturally featuring a good deal of James Bond music. John Barry Prendergast, OBE was an English composer and conductor of film music. He also received ten Golden Globe Award nominations, winning once for Best Original Score for Out of Africa in Barry completed his last film score, Instruments?

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om legalzoom. om - offer code: AAA. RED proves why you should never buy a phone on the promise of future hardware. Android Slices took its time but its beginning to appear for Pixel users. Start listening to All About Android (Video HD) on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android. If Tanzanite One Group gets more control of the market they have plans to change the pricing structure more like that of diamonds which are more affected by size and quality. China has been showing more interest in Tanzanite and with the vast market in China growing demand could have dramatic effects on the price and availability of Tanzanite. We are currently in 2018 seeing the following approximate price breaks in our inventory. Prices of Tanzanite change quickly and dramatically. These are our approximate selling prices in the first chart and our actual prices verses those of our online competition in the second chart. To do this the military has built a wall completely around the mining area. They will attempt to have all trading of rough handled through a government office within the mines. Much of the rough was smuggled into neighboring Kenya and exported mostly to India for cutting. With disruption of normal channels we expect the price of tanzanite to continue to rise. Tanzanite showing a noticeble green component will be worth significantly less. The changes taking place in Tanzania makes tanzanite a very good investment stone.

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His commentary on current events and culture are just both brilliant and hilarious. He's so incredibly smart that it just draws you in. He never feels corny, he never feels like he's being pushed in a certain direction. He just feels like a very smart and funny man doing what he wants. He makes jokes about DnD and comics, he knows Tolkien like it's his religion, he's into science and technology and always seems genuinely excited about learning new things. It's nice to find a person who is mainstream that pushes for science and history, as well as lots of maybe other things that you won't find on reality tv. When people said, for the last decade or longer, that Stewart and Colbert were the most trusted and respected source for news among the youth, it wasn't satire. It was extreme, outright, and impossible-to-exaggerate truth. Young people have exactly zero trust in media, when somebody does even as seemingly little as simply be trustworthy, well, in today's world. He made a ridiculous amount of money and then started his own production company, which later went on to launch the careers of tons of people, all with the startup capital that he put into the company. And oh gee, I just happen to have my phone stuck in the folds of this couch so you can record it for me. And oh gee, I don't have to dial my voicemail, enter my code, hit all these buttons to get to the option to record a new outgoing message, oh gee, it's just ready to go so you can record right away. There's nothing really admirable about leaving the station that gave him his start to work for a much larger network if he didn't expect to be better off because of it. He's right up there with Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, etc. By taking this job, Stephen is in line to be listed among them and have his own brand to put on it all. That's a real legacy project for a television personality.