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One character's voice is dubbed by someone doing a bad Peter Lorre impression. SHARK ZONE Jimmy Wagner knows a beachside resort has a great white shark problem, and that the fearsome fish hang out in a kelp bed near an abandoned ship reported to house a sunken treasure of diamonds. But the mayor won't close the beaches after a series of attacks, and a Russian entrepreneur wants those diamonds so bad he's willing to kidnap Jimmy's son to force him to dive for them. This flick is on the level of a Sci-Fi Channel original, and we know that that means. The shark attacks are the only highlight here, as they're very fierce, bloody and crunchy. They must be related to the one in JAWS: THE REVENGE, because they growl and roar when they attack. By the 3rd act mark, the movie becomes all about getting the diamonds, which is pretty evident, because when the film ends, nothing has been done about the sharks. FROSTBITEN Very entertaining film about a German soldier vampirized in WWII who then moves to Sweden and in the present day is a genetic scientist who develops pills that enhance the vampiric condition. When a stoner med student steals a box of them and they turn up at a party, everyone who takes one turns into a bloodsucker, and dawn is still a month away. Recommended.

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Not surprisingly, that same year, Universal allowed Easy Rider co-star, and director, Dennis Hopper, to take off and make the fascinating, experimental The Last Movie, a notoriously complicated experience, and something that wasn’t a commercial success (it won the Critics Prize at the Venice Film Festival, but didn’t fare well financially and was mixed, critically, in the states, the New York Times called it “an extravagant mess,” though Stanley Kaufman championed it). Both men were and are talented directors with their own unique style and vision. The reaction to The Hired Hand reportedly left Fonda with a kind of gentle disappointment. The fact that this film became more available in the 2000’s (on DVD), and was re-released in a director’s cut, underscores all those years Fonda was saddened by its quick obscurity. That’s a long time. As Fonda say, “Universal tried to bury this film back in ’71. And they’ve kept on loving it. They do (including Martin Scorsese) and they continue to. Working with the relative newcomer (in America), cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond. Adding to this poetry is the brilliant score by Fonda’s friend, Bruce Langhorne, who had never scored a movie.

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1989; 2nd ed. London: Vintage, 1994. The US president demanded that the North Korean government in Pyongyang “halt its provocative behavior. . Beijing has not affixed blame for the incident, which North Korea claimed was provoked by a South Korean military exercise that, according to Pyongyang, included the firing of South Korean artillery on Yeongpyeong Island into North Korean waters. North Korea has never accepted the division, insisting that the border should lie further south. New artillery fire, he threatened, would be answered by the South Korean air force bombing North Korea. “The principles of proportionality and necessity do not apply,” Kim said. “The extent to which we invoke the right of self-defense is until the enemy’s resolve to provoke is eliminated. .

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He is currently attending an acting workshop and auditions in Hollywood. Steve Arnold has already recorded three songs from his upcoming Hollywood solo debut album. (Steve Arnold) John Andreas, another Filipino is 24-years old and lives in the San Fernando Valley. Although, a full-bloodied Filipino (half of his life grew up in the Philippines) he can't speak the ? agalog. He graduated a Bachelors degree in Communications and is taking up Nursing. (John Andreas) John was a professional model who has done several print works for Powerade, Disney, Mercedes, Direct TV, Pepsi, Paramount Studios ads and others. His biggest work as a print model was a California state wide bilboard about Family Planning. He had also done theatre, being one of the members of Young Actors Company, a group of actors between 14-25 who does musicals and workshop, in which he participated in the production of West Side Story, Grease and Music Man. He is putting on hold his modeling and acting workshops since he started taking the Nursing course six months ago at California School of Nursing in Bakersfield.

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Because we saw a few times that flying dragon over King’s Landing and the city was intact. Because if so nice way to show that Lyanna Mormont was the one standing beside Starks when it matters. People seem to be very confused about the difference between acting quality and material quality. I honestly think for these two that people really have a hard time separating their dislike for a character ( especially Dany) and their opinion of their acting. Maisie’s material has suffered in the show as it did in the books while getting Sansa to Winterfell sooner has given Sophie some great material. So if there are differences in their salaries that would be why. But since the two of them are great friends it would surprise me if they didn’t try to negotiate together. Especially since Arya’s storyline is sure to pick up next season. People are just pissed off at the writing for Jaime because of book purist reasons and then I guess people complain about his acting because they again, are confused. Honestly hadn’t heard any complaints about him until this thread so I don’t see how it could be anything except not liking the direction the writers took the character.

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I’m talking about 1000s of scientists (not nurses! who can poke holes in the moon hoax theory. Don’t you not think that someone at NASA would have said “hey guys, if we list all the equipment that goes onboard people will see that it’s too heavy. You don’t think that if you were going to perpetuate a massive hoax like this you’d get the simple things right and not make it easy to poke holes in. It is actually an excerpt from a mockumentary made in 2002. Got a very rating from critics as being an excellent example of how clips can be stitched together to tell any story. It took me 5 minutes to find the original movie from which this YouTube clip was taken. A bunch of the names in the mockumentary are taken from movie character names. And then they intentionally get facts wrong to show how foolish conspiracy believers can be. When was LBJ Gov of Texas, or Nixon Gov of California.