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It's a disguise. Right! Confiscate the smutty books, Maddox. Gaskell of the Vice Squad and this is Sergeant Maddox. '. He looks to Maddox for support and realize he isn't there. . Second Assistant: Sir Philip, prithee rest awhile. I'm warning you, I'm not Sir Philip Bleeding Sidney. I am. Man: Oh, I'll just have this one then, (takes top one). Gaskell: Maddox! ( addressing everyone in shop; they ignore him) Look, this is a raid, (no.

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So now, we have a generation that is the most vulnerable and the most subject to AIDS and HIV because it's been forgotten. The whole strategy around condoms and protection and barrier is now forgotten. So now, you're having a massive reiteration of infection, and it's kind of—you know, it's mitigated by this idea that there's medication. It's not that they don't know—well, they don't know, because there's no ACT UP. And the conceit of Spettacolo was around these ancient constructs of gender where abductions—you know, there's Zeus, Europa. There are these metaphors that happen within classical mythology where there's always this bovine element that's seduced and abducted by either a god or another bull. And at the same time, the euro is becoming an international factor in finance. And so, the conceit behind Spettacolo was: What happens when the European Union becomes standardized to the point where their food product becomes as generic as American food product, like white bread, American cheese type thing. Because I'm looking at the currency, and no longer do you have these vastly differentiated color and size, but it all becomes this current, this standard. And then through the research, I'm looking at this myth of Io, goddess Io, and discover that it's basically ensconced in the trade routes along the Mediterranean, where these people that were formerly known as Philistines that we now know as Palestinians. So there are these integrations of cultures, where women become representative of colonization and control. Helen of Troy—you know, on and on, and they're ultimately, through the mythology, converted into cows. Io who's turned into a cow in order to disguise her from Hera's jealousy, but then through her wanderings ends up in Egypt, and in some readings joins the cult of Isis, and in other readings becomes Isis herself.


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Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Mahajan said that the scheme is aimed at empowering women and protecting their health, reducing the serious health hazards associated with cooking based on fossil fuel, reducing the number of deaths in India due to unclean cooking fuel. Preventing young children from significant number of acute respiratory illnesses caused due to indoor air pollution by burning the fossil fuel. he eligible women candidates from BPL families can apply for the scheme by filling up the Ujjwala Yojana KYC application form (in prescribed format). he interested candidates require to fill the 2 page application form and attach required documents along with the form. The applicants also need to mention their requirement of cylinder type i. . 14. KG or 5KG, she added. The Scheme provides a financial support of Rs 1600 for each LPG connection to the BPL households. This is the first time in the history of the country that the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas would implement a welfare scheme benefitting crores of women belonging to the poorest households, she maintained. Providing LPG connections to BPL households will ensure universal coverage of cooking gas in the country. This measure will empower women and protect their health. It will reduce drudgery and the time spent on cooking.


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Travelers cite their desire for an up-close look at arctic wildlife, such as humpback and killer whales, bear, sea lions, seals, bald eagles and other species, as their No. 1 reason for visiting. They are also drawn by the gorgeous vistas and the fast decline of glowing blue glaciers, as well as scenic fjords, coves, mountains and waterfalls. Some 1,500 moose actually live within Anchorage -- a city of 300,000 people. . You can motor right up to the face of that wall of ice, cut the boat engine and hear incredible pops, cracks and rumbling as the ice shifts and huge frozen masses crash into the water below. While planning a trip to such a vast place can appear daunting, experienced representatives from AAA Travel, cruise lines, Juneau and Anchorage will be on hand to help EXPO guests arrange their perfect Alaska trip on the spot. From an immersion in Native cultures at the Alaskan Native Heritage Center, to a Salmon Berry tour, exhibits from the Smithsonian on polar bears and walruses or a visit to the new flora, fauna, geology and history exhibit that opens in early summer at the Public Lands Office in Anchorage, Alaska will wow couples, groups of friends and entire families. As one of the few remaining unspoiled places in the U. . Alaska embodies adventure and exploration with a booming tourism industry; that means there’s no better time to plan a trip to The Last Frontier. Eivin and Eve Kilcher, co-stars of Discovery Channel’s popular show Alaska: The Last Frontier, will appear on the AAA Travel Stage, presented by Royal Caribbean. Taking the stage at 2 p.


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Previously, the State Attorney’s Office had said that since the identity of the source being sought is essentially already known to it, even asserting a media privilege should not protect the NGO from confirming that identity. Further, it said, “the state views clarifying the truth as the highest value which overcomes the wish of the suspect or witness” to remain anonymous as part of a deal with the NGO. In contrast, he said that Breaking the Silence is under no one’s supervision and granting them media privilege would be giving them a blank check for conduct undermining Israel and the IDF. Police responded to the 2800 block of South Lamb Boulevard, near Vegas Valley Drive, about 3:30 p. . Metro spokesman Michael Rodriguez said in a release. The pedestrian was taken to Sunrise Hospital and pronounced dead shortly after. Metro Lt. Grant Rogers said the pedestrian was a man between 60 and 70 years old who used a walker. The man was crossing the street outside of a marked crosswalk. In addition to the driver of the SUV, a witness to the crash also stayed on scene, Rogers said. The Clark County Coroner’s office will identify the man. It is being sent to people in the Piedmont, but the organization is based out-of-state and does not fund local efforts.


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I'm going to give the producers at least a bit of credit for the repetition between Bronn's scorpion (totally doesn't kill dragons) and the zombie spears (totally kills dragons). I wonder who they want us to think is the threat here. Especially since their trailers aren't very talky so it's usually only a couple of iconic lines per trailer. I mean, they don't need to breathe or stay warm and dry since they're, you know, DEAD ALREADY, so why not just fall in the water, walk underwater to the Band o' Brothers stone, pile up enough layers to climb up, and kill the humans. I thought this episode and Hardhome established that wights can't go in water. Not to mention it is unfathomable how they just happened to have access to magic ice dragon fishing chains. And there will be a scene where a living dragon shoots fire at it in a mid-air battle and then we will get a shot of the fire and ice smashing into each other. There's just no time for me to get on that horse Jon. I'm going to light up my Censer of death and just a whack a few zombies instead. Unless she wants Littlefinger to think she is doing as he would - getting rid of Arya's only other ally in Winterfell. Also, Jon is totally going to knock up Dany and their baby will be the Prince that was Promised. They knew that they wouldn't get a dragon unless they waited around. I took this to mean that two riders on one horse couldn't go quickly enough to outrun the wights, not that Benjen didn't have time to get back on the horse.