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Again, the game would be okay if. - It were released as part of an SP adventure. - Released alongside or shortly after an SP game. - Was not associated with the LoK universe in any shape or form. This is equivalent of releasing Halo Wars if Halo 3 came out in 2002. Sometimes they don’t play the single-player part part of a game at all, focusing just on the multiplayer portion. We were interested in exploring whether the world of Legacy of Kain could offer something to these gamers, and the more we thought about it the stronger the idea sounded. Previous games in the franchise have very much focused on the Vampires and other inhuman races of Nosgoth. Equally we thought it would be interesting to experience Nosgoth not from the vantage point of the world’s rulers but from the perspective of the people who fought in these wars. Multiplayer gameplay seemed like a good fit that would let new players into this universe. Future F2P multiplayer cash-ins or future actual games. It plays directly into the reasonable assumption that this is merely a shameless grab for a slice of the DOTA2 pie. It's disingenuous at best to imply that, hey, if this game that has nothing to do with anything you care about save for the IP does well, maybe you'll get your old franchise back. It reeks of the Capcom Test with stuff like Umbrella Chronicles. As to your earlier response, I appreciate your honesty in trying to avoid the wall of negativity. That being said, I hope you don't get your hopes up that that wall goes away. DmC attempted to do everything to assuage the haters (which were damn near everyone) that hey.


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You have tried to place me in that congregation many times, stating that either one is an equalist or a hierarchist and ignoring my attempts to point out equalism is the strategy of hierarchists and tolerant, liberal anti-racists are probably the most racist people on Earth, beside the Chinese, sorry to let you down in that designation. This is usually what is meant when people speak of “accelerationism”, some kind of intensification of capitalism to force it to autodissolve. Land is at his core a shitlib and the sooner people realize this the better. It saddens me that only someone with modest intellectual talents such as myself is willing to stand up against him; no one else will so I just grimace and ask Really, guys. Most of you read him through Marx and Deleuze, it is pathetic and all too human. Mike responded to you more funnily than I will ever be able to. It’s more the generation between him and Klossowski. One of the important functions of philosophy is the development of a counter-canon. When a crew of thinkers is dominant in a culture it is necessary to graze against them, correct them, temper them. You want to do it naturally, but I ask What is natural. Sorry if I’m pigeonholing you here but 9 times out of 10 people who are resistant to experiment with psychedelics have a naive idea of “natural”. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just considering it. Come on: German Idealism; the entire German Romantic period. Come on: German Idealism; the entire German Romantic period? . The problem with the pomo-cult is they presuppose that their guys are the peak of progress just because they came after most other philosophers- they don’t have a sense of a rise and fall pattern in the history of philosophy, way too aligned with Hegelian Progress (ironically, since they tend to hate Hegel). Moldbug, Land, all the higher-ups before them care about truth but they believe a strategy is necessary to convey the truth.


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Sorry, I have a disease. You’d be: “Don’t worry about it. That was nice. “Lovely hat! I think two examples is enough. Next joke. How does Superman fly faster. I accept that. I just wanna know how he flies faster. Does he have different settings like: “Oh, this is my cruising speed I can one-arm-it with a bitch. Yeah, it’s an HIV test. I know. OK, I know. It’s not a great joke, I know, but it’s a hundred percent accurate. That way I don’t have to listen to Gil Grissom ramble on about bugs. We get it. You like maggots.


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It felt like the first half of the movie was at least trying to be important. It may have been trying badly but at least it was trying to be a movie. This whole second half doesn’t make it feel like a movie at all. It feels like a series of extended trailer sequences that Fox is trying to piece together to lead us to infinite amounts of spin-offs and endless sequels and a possible X-Men crossover. The reason this worked for the Marvel Cinema Universe is because they were at least attempting to plan long term one piece at a time. This is falling under the same series of sequences The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did in one movie except at least The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was able to remain watchable. This is the first film in your extended sequence only to plot out umpteen films in the next five-ten years. At least establish the universe your trying to set up instead of thinking about how much money you’re going to make and having the rest do itself. Our film maker and 20 th Century Fox just don’t care at this point anymore, so why should I and the rest of your viewing audience. But I at least care about my viewing audience here on this silly SpongeBob forum. It’s like they forgot about Victor themselves, but then realized. “Hey we need a villain. How about him despite the fact that he was more inclusive to the actual team than Ben Grimm. He looks like the tin man wrapped in aluminum foil. Victor returns to Planet Zero using the Quantum Gate, with Ben, Johnny, Reed, and Sue in pursuit. Oh and what’s even more insulting is that it took the death of Professor Storm to actually have them become a team. No organic growth.


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