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“Imagine if the Congress were to come to power in Delhi and if they are in power in Telangana and Karnataka. If a river water sharing dispute should arise, we would be left to the mercy of the Congress, which is in bed with a party that wrote dozens of letters to the Central Water Commission and the Government of India asking for our irrigation projects to be stalled. We have to warn the people about such a possibility. Palamuru labour has become a brand across construction sites. The last Nizam had commissioned a survey for an Upper Krishna project to irrigate 1. 5 million acres here, and had this happened, Mahabubnagar would have been as rich as the Godavari districts. The first chief minister of Hyderabad State, Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, was from Palamuru and he wanted to act on it and allocated funds. After the TRS came to power, in just four years we have been able to irrigate 900,000 acres with new anaicuts, but the point is that we lost out for five decades, and the Congress and the TDP have to answer for their misrule and cheating. . At the election season’s first rallies in Nizamabad and Wanaparthy, attended by large crowds, KCR’s speeches were thicketed with abuses and insults, and he seemed to derive an unseemly pleasure from deriding Congress and TDP leaders as “sheep”, “dogs under a cart” and “buffoons”. “For four years you have licked the armpits of Narendra Modi,” he said in a speech last week, taking a dig at Naidu for allying with the Congress. Obviously aimed at rekindling the Telangana sentiment and swinging the neutral vote in his favour, the rhetoric could also help the party paper over lapsed promises, especially job creation, construction of double bedroom houses for the homeless, allocation of three acres of land to every Dalit family and 12 per cent reservation for Muslims. “The local media does not dare to question them on this front. No one knows what the government has done to boost manufacturing, for instance. Other than in IT and through police recruitment, job creation has taken a backseat. The situation is so bad that the CM cannot enter a major university without being heckled,” notes Palvai Raghavandra Reddy, a political observer. It is an autocracy. KCR and his family are not known to encourage dissent. “KCR’s stance against having dialogue with civil society, academics and ideologues is a major concern,” says M Kodandaram, a prominent activist who took part in the Telangana agitation, a former professor at Osmania University, and the founder of the Telangana Jana Samithi, a new political party. “After the state was formed, and the gates of the Secretariat were thrown open in the first month, thousands came to see it.

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Tropical stormscarry winds of 39 mph to 73 mph (63 kph to 118 kph). There were a couple of those plays that were terrible. ? freeze healthy food The official said Kerry's one-day visit to Brazil will focuson restoring the trust between Washington and Brasilia that wasshaken by the spying disclosures, which set off a politicaluproar in the largest U. . trade partner in South America. It also brings eligibility in line with programs offered by U. . rivals Ford Motor Co and Chrysler Group, he said. It was the guilt and the shame of it. She finally admitted Anthony’s existence to her children in 2003, 50 years after his birth. Within weeks of her revelation, Jane was telling her mother’s astonishing story to Sixsmith. Instead, the city of around 2 million feels small and hemmed in. Europe is still struggling to overcome its consequences. However the region’s governments are seeing enough progress to think about selling their stakes in bailed-out banks. That's according to a report released by a national group of faculty leaders on Wednesday. For far too long, Treasury has chosen a risky strategy of shortening the duration of the nation's financing instruments by borrowing in one week, one month, six-month and one year instruments, instead of borrowing in five to 10-year instruments. This exposes us to the dangers of a volatile interest rate environment. Rolling a portion of our nation's debt into long term servicing instruments, such as a 60-year bond, will allow us to manage our debt exposure beyond the baby-boomer demographic bubble and avoid the danger of a spiking interest rate environment. Petter says that since customer loyalty was the aim, the answers became obvious: TV, sport, and in particular football.

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Colleges and art schools began offering photography classes and darkrooms started popping up in high schools across the country around the 1960s, Professor Handy said. Their dark confines became the quiet sanctuary of students in photography courses, after-school photo clubs and student newspapers. “There’s a sort of magic or drama from seeing an image appear from the chemicals,” Professor Handy said. “It connects students to the thrilling, wonderous aspects of photography a little more than the image just popping up on your phone. With the advent of digital cameras in the 1990s, digital photography soon eclipsed analog photography. In keeping with the times, most schools abandonded darkrooms or transformed them into digital computer labs. The school has a darkroom and around 50 cameras, but, he said, the program wouldn’t be possible without the financial support from the parents association. “I feel it’s still a very worthwhile thing to teach,” said Mr. Miller, adding students also learn math and chemistry through analog photography. As the film photography industry bounces back, many say the comeback has been fueled by young photographers who grew up in the digital era but long to experiment with the roots of the craft. Teachers at schools with darkrooms said that analog photography is one of the most popular courses. “Film photography is seen as this vintage, cool thing to do, like buying records,” said Lisa DiFilippo, the photography teacher at Millenium High School in the Financial District. During a recent class there, two dozen students were developing film for the first time, a moment that many veteran photographers say they will never forget. Students had shot rolls of film the previous week and were anxious to see the results. They followed Ms. DiFilippo’s instructions: protect the roll of film from light when placing it inside the container known as a funnel; mix the developer solution with water at a 1:1 ratio; pour the mixture into the funnel and agitate it so the film soaks in the chemicals. They unrolled their film and stretched it above their heads against the fluoroscent lights, squinting at the strips of negatives. Some film had turned a cloudy purple, to the dismay of a handful of students. But most got to glimpse their work for the first time. “Look, that’s so cool,” said Lucie Lagodich, a senior, without taking her eyes off her film.

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Donald’s crisis — call it mid-life, call it existential — is the impossibility of escaping himself, of seeing the world through somebody else’s eyes. It’s perfectly expressed in Icke’s production, a slow-dawning horror. The sliding shutters of Christie’s design, opening to reveal rooms so monochrome your eyes strain, seem both to focus our gaze and to box Donald in. The action plays at an awfully unhurried pace, treading a tightrope between tension and tedium — as life does, perhaps. It’s kept taut by precision: gestures that look like choreography, the mosquito violins and radiator hums of Tom Gibbons sound design, Paule Constable’s thermostat lighting. Icke pushes genre just to the edge of schlock then reins it in. If, in the end, it just goes slack — that bit too drawn out, that bit too one-note — it’s still quite a thing: An exacting portrait of marital abyss. Adnan Abid posted a video Monday morning to a popular London Facebook group showing his view from the Waterloo Bridge as a man in a giant inflatable ball floats down the River Thames. The floating man, whose identity and purpose for floating are unknown, drew the attention of dozens of spectators lining the guardrails next to the river. Specialized versions of the balls are sometimes used to run on water. Peter Bailey, himself a building project manager, snapped at the repetitive sound of the gas-powered tool securing roof timbers on a busy building site just 21 yards from his home. He got out of bed, reached for a 22 calibre air rifle in wardrobe, opened the bedroom window and told the site manager he would shoot if the noise continued. A court was told the 55-year-old former soldier, who fought at the Battle of Goose Green in 1982 during the conflict with Argentina, was 'upset and angered' at being disturbed, and 'flipped'. Prosecutor Oliver Dunkin said topless Bailey then opened the window and, having identified the site manager, shouted: 'If I hear one more shot, I'll shoot back. Fearing for their safety, the 'clearly petrified' site manager Sean Stanton ordered his two colleagues down from the roof and off-site. He called police and an armed response team was deployed. He had bought the air rifle two years earlier for target practice in the garden but it had not been used and was unloaded at the time. Mr Dunkin said the weapon had a telescopic sight but nothing to suggest it was 'particularly powerful'. 'It was not a conventionally lethal firearm, that's not its design,' he added. Bailey was said to be 'drained' from his own long overnight shifts, which included a daily 180-mile round trip from his home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to a site in Essex.