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This article investigates the continuities and discontinuities between the literary epiphany and the hypertext epiphany, and subsequently theorizes the different types of epiphanies that occur in various digital games. We conclude that an improved understanding of epiphany in digital games contributes to the maturation of digital games as a medium, since it allows both designers and scholars to better understand the medium-speci? ways in which games can evoke certain feelings and emotions within their players. Several questions arise from the second sentence in Aarseth’s statement. This argument is dismissed by Aarseth himself, who proceeds to disconnect hypertext and games entirely: “The real father of electronic literature is not computer games, but the computer interface itself. This provocative stance is at odds with his equally provocative, though far less inflammatory argument in Cybertext, and the reasoning behind this change of heart is never fully explained. We seek to pick up the thread of epiphany in cybertexts by studying and clarifying its occurrence in one type of cybertext: digital games. Later, the epiphany became an important aspect of nineteenth and twentieth century literature, wherein this speci? form took a more secular approach to the experience of epiphany as a hidden divine aspect becoming manifest. The soul of the commonest object, the structure of which is so adjusted, seems to us radiant. Integritas refers to the observation of a single thing as one thing; consonantia is the subsequent perception of the thing as “complex, multiple, divisible, separable, made up 208 A. Finally, Scott Berkun takes a decidedly more pragmatic approach and describes the epiphany as the ? al piece of a puzzle, which completes the picture and allows for a clear understanding of what is (re)presented. Similarly to hypertexts, digital games as interactive systems are geared towards incorporating feedback from the player into meaningful outputs. Subsequently, the medium-speci? interactive modalities of digital games are constructed to, when combined with each other, afford an epiphanic experience for the player. In other words, the payoff experienced by the player is manifested by a sudden understanding of the relationship between the player’s visible and invisible interactions with these complex systems and these systems’ interactions with each other, all of which are necessarily planned, designed and constructed.


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If we were to be compelled to rationalize it in-universe, we could assume the character died as well, either between season one and two or when Ramsay burned Winterfell to the ground. And, for me, the speculation is half the fun of GOT. And I think the 3 monarchs theme would be a great way promote the season. Before a proper trailer, we usually get a number of promotional photos. It’s always fun to go over them with a magnifying glass. That was a good choice and only when the season wrapped up did I realize HBO released a picture from the season finale lol. And I think nobody figured that out when the photo was first published. I think they correctly identified the episodes to which the pics belonged, before those episodes aired. Iirc, they had classified that Bran photo as belonging to episode 10 long before the finale aired. Countdown clock almost under 100 and we’ll be in double digits until the premiere. In season 7 I think Littlefinger will first tell Sansa who Jon’s Mother is and later tell Sansa who Jon’s father is. To be honest I don’t check what titles HBO gives to the pictures too, so the fact that they picked a shot from 610 surprised me. Now I remember all the discussion caused especially by the one of Melisandre leaving Castle Black in ep 5, because the edge of Sansa’s cloak could be seen in that as well as what looked like Longclaw (which later turned out to be a random dude on horseback with a random sword). Weren’t people saying Sansa looked pregnant in one of her promo pics. Pairing the “Those who feel they’re touched by madness” line with Cersei was a particularly nice touch. Westeros has never been blessed with a finer or more stylish crop of monarchs. Madden has worked steadily since departing GOT, but he hasn’t quite broken out to the extent that some of his co-stars have.


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The Air Force’s current radar system can’t keep up with the increased activity in the battlespace and struggles to detect new stealthy aircrafts. Current capabilities lack the long-range accuracy required to provide situational awareness and intelligence to both airborne platforms and ground troops. According to the Air Force, the new radar will “provide long-range surveillance, control of aircraft, and theater ballistic missile detection. The 3DELRR will provide air controllers with a precise, real-time air picture of sufficient quality to conduct close control of individual aircraft under a wide range of environmental and operational conditions. It is vitally important to update the tools our warfighters employ to sustain an advantage over emerging global threats. As a pilot, moving to technology provided at the “lowest price technically acceptable” is completely insupportable and would allow contractors to submit lower bids utilizing potential inferior technology to simply meet the minimum contract requirements. The Air Force should return to soliciting the best available capability at the best value to ensure we get the absolute best technology available to keep the next generation of warfighters safe on the battlefield. In the current budget and oversight climate, it is far better to ensure that acquisition and procurement of new systems will endure emerging threats and capabilities of the future instead of settling for short-sighted low cost solutions. It is time for the Air Force to terminate the current 3DELRR contract and initiate a new request for proposals that will meet the warfighter’s requirements for today and into the future. Accepting the cheapest system from the path of least resistance is not an acceptable procurement strategy. The men and women of our military need and deserve the best capability available to meet both current and emerging future threats. It’s time for the Air Force to start over and address updated requirements and best cost structure to procure the absolute best weapon system capability. Colonel with the Air Force serving for 20 years as an F-15 Strike Eagle pilot and Congressional liaison specializing in advanced weapons. The devastation in floods, earthquakes or droughts is generally measured by how much stuff or assets people lose — say the number of wrecked houses and the dollar amount it would take to rebuild them. But a new report from a research group at the World Bank says the toll could be a lot more if it were to look beyond stuff that's lost and see how livelihoods are affected, particularly for a country's poorest people. Either because natural disasters destroy their wealth and push them down, or the shock prevents them from climbing out of poverty. Goats and Soda spoke with Hallegatte about how natural disasters disproportionately hurt the poorest people — and ways to help mitigate some of that damage.


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Over the last decade, Paint has come back to prominence by users who draw intentionally bad doodles on internet photos. In fact, dozens of artists have used it to craft amazingly detailed works of art. From celebrity portraits to beautiful skylines, here are some of the most creative paintings made in MS Paint. Lisa Eadicicco contributed to an earlier version of this story. oston-based artist Patrick Hines has created some amazing images using MS Paint. This is the scene of Mad-Eye Moody fighting Voldemort. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Which, by the looks of it, could very well be changing in the near future. The company recently released their newest take on the backpack with the ICON Lite, and sent a few to our team to test out. Let me begin by saying that as a student with an hour-long commute to and from work, I’ve spent much of the last four years in a backpack, regardless of whether or not I wanted to. I need to carry my books, pens, and tech for class alongside my work materials, and maybe a pair of sneakers and some clothes to change into for the gym. When I leave my house in the morning, it’s likely to be for the full day. The problem with many backpacks is that it’s seemingly impossible to combine functional spaciousness with a design that doesn’t undercut itself by being bulky. So I was really pleasantly surprised by the ICON Lite. It was designed to communicate refined mobility, simplicity, and a weightless appearance. The design is definitely minimal, but for my purposes, the less flashy the better. The pack itself is compact and slender, but holds everything my (much bigger) model did before it.


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