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I kicked a recruitment consultant out of a meeting with me because she came in dressed for the beach. I feel as though I may have missed out on opportunities that are given to people with smoother complexions. Richard65 Many women drive cars which are far too big for them so it's no surprise that they have problems. Stick to smaller cars that you can actually see out of properly. With regards to office temperatures, you can always put clothes on to be warmer but, if the man only has a shirt on, you can't remove clothes to be cooler. Avi69 When has a woman ever lifted a toilet seat for a man Debsy Steering wheels in cars always have indentations for giant man fingers. Madforit Ffs as a woman I am embarrassed by this article. It is really getting tiresome, this insistence on being victims. Landers I thought there is no difference between men and women. Timefor achange Didn't we once have an obsesion with small phones and now everything is equal in everyone's eyes. Market forces increased the size of the phone along with technological advances. Women love a huge phone they pop them in their handbags - me. Simple as that rrobert Let me guess, this an article for that paper edited by that ex chancellor of the exchequer now in its final death throes before its binned forever, because of airhead articles just like this by lightweight ' writers ' just like her. Raegus So the original iPhone is proof we were living in a woman's world. DaveinHants I still open doors for women, not because I am better than them, but because most women I know actually like it. OMAC Here is another fact, women make 80 percent of all consumer purchase decisions.

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Seeing Beauty, Sensing Race explores Indonesia's changing beauty ideals and traces them to a number of influences. This book shows how the transnational circulation of people, images, and ideas have shaped and shifted discourses and hierarchies of race, gender, skin colour and beauty in Indonesia. An English adventurer, disobedient employee of the East India Company, utopian imperialist, linguist, zoologist and civil servant, he carved an extraordinary (though brief) life for himself in South East Asia. In this biography, Victoria Glendinning charts his prodigious rise within the social and historical contexts of his world. His domestic and personal life was vivid and shot through with tragedy. Based on a series of interviews conducted in 2006 and 2007, it offers unique insights into the multi- archipelago’s social fabric and the challenges Indonesian women face today. Embedded into analysis of the specific social-cultural context, the portrayals of women in different parts of the archipelago shed light on many central themes of everyday life in Indonesia: love and marriage, the economic struggle of those in poverty and prospects of the young middle class, political openings in the reform era, values and norms governing family and community, religion, life style and personal choices. In this new edition, the author brings the story up to date, revisiting his argument as to why Indonesia has yet to realize its potential as a democratic country. He also examines the rise of fundamentalist Islam, which has haunted Indonesia since the fall of Suharto. Drawing on both British and Javanese archival sources, this entertaining and highly readable narrative explores the bloody battles and furious controversies that marked British rule in Java, and reveals the future founder of Singapore, Thomas Stamford Raffles - long celebrated as a hero, a liberal and a vsionary - in a shocking new light, showing how he crushed dissent, looted palaces and incited massacres to further his own insatiable ambitions. It follows the Silk Road across Central Asia and the Spice Route over the Indian Ocean and describes how the spice trade into Europe came to be dominated by Middle Eastern and Venetian merchants. Much of the story is told through the lives of historical characters such as Columbus and Magellan as well as Sir Francis Drake, Jan Pieterzoom Coen and other lesser known but equally important characters. The story revolves around the intense rivalry between the Sultans of Ternate and Tidore and their relationship with the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and English, who at different times occupied the Spice Islands. When you read this book you can almost small exotic spices over salt spray and the wet wood of the ships that transported the goods back to Europe. A thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated book filled with gorgeous maps and pictures evoking the age of sail. He describes how the early Malay people came to these islands and the influence of the Indian religions of Hinduism and Buddhism on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali.

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This is only the beginning of your suffering unless you shake out of your stupor. The metaphysics of hierarchy cannot articulate itself without standardisation and homogeneity, that is, equivalence, of some type. Equally, the metaphysics of egalitarianism, is similarly susceptible to hierarchical developments. Both are essentially tied to a complicity that neither can name alone. Continue an inner monologue of claimed superiority to hallucinated, social relations, that no longer obtain. Would this not indicate the contingency of such claimed superiority on social hallucination. Not one I’m exactly sure how to articulate but yeah, taijitu-like, chemosabe. Whatever you do, the last thing you should do is think me sitting in judgment, head tilted, viscerally feeling the robust conviction that tortoise pussy is no good. Stagnant water with excrement might well serve as a feeding ground within some important ecological cycle. The rest of your examples are peculiar to your inferior taste. The USA seems to be a veritable industry of belief. Write something good, try to think, try to show some understanding beyond the blockages of banality. If people don’t get banned — the more times the merrier — you can be sure you’re not talking to a man but a eunuch, who knows jackshit about nothin, and can be easily slain in one to one combat. After being treated like absolute garbage for years. So your threats of homicide merely concerned social exclusion. That you’re a stupidly low-level, selfish moron, who is unable to understand the implications of conceptual complicity.