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Further reading: Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones season 8, HBO, Hotstar, Star World Akhil Arora Email Akhil. A few long-rumored productions have taken next steps in action, finding writers, directors, and actors to join. Today, we will focus on our partnership with Quixel, our wind system, scene building and content optimization tricks. In case you missed it take a look back at the last three posts that go through the creative process for characters, concept art and photogrammetry assets, trees, and VFX within Book of the Dead. Hi! My name is Julien Heijmans, I work as an Environment Artist as part of the Unity Demo team. I only joined Unity last year, but I have around 7 years of experience in the video game industry. This blog post will provide you some insight into the production of Book of the Dead from my perspective, the perspective of a content creator and an environment artist. I am kind of new in the work of photogrammetry assets, but I remember clearly the day Quixel announced the creation of MegaScans several years ago. The first season made its stellar debut back in Spring 2011 and since then, fans have been waiting anxiously for every recurring season to know just how the medieval tale of kingdoms brewing with politics and betrayals would progress. It has been seven long years and we have nearly approached the precipice of the television series.

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He’s not going to get an army from the Riverlands, as the place is starving and under Lannister control, and he has no other options for making alliances while the civil war is going on. Dany, Cersei and Euron are not going to make peace in the name of saving humanity. Most I can see is Brienne and Davos get Dany to think about what they have to say. Fortifying the Wall with the wildlings and Vale army, fortifying forts in the North, taking civilians to safety, digging in are Jon’s only real options, until Dany wins. When she takes King’s Landing, she will have wildfire. I’m making a wild guess that the Wall falls around the time Dany triumphs. Arya is still Arya and she’s never shied away from killing those that have harmed her, harmed her family or desire to do so. She’s been doing it since the moment she left King’s Landing. As in the books, everything that he was made us hate him and want to see him meet his end. From the moment Arya was outside the castle as the Red Wedding happened most people have wanted her to be the one to do that. The show runners are fans of the books as well and obviously desired the same outcome.

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In the series Danys was much younger when she married, so that the child growing within her to be the stallion who mounts the world is actually Danys. Except the Dothraki don't speak Old Valyrian, so this particular Prophecy Twist only applies to prophecies written in Valyrian. That is, only the the Prince Who Was Promised prophecy. Some musings about Westeros' climate Putting it here cos this dips far into the theoretical field of things. The seasons are in fact caused by the planet's precession. The precession rate is also phenomenally fast, taking as little as 15-30 years to complete. It would be fascinating to see an approved chart of the planet's solar system, with orbits and satellites, etc, similar to The Map of the 'Verse from Firefly. At aetheric low tide, you get no magic, and nothing but mundane types of people and animals, which is also why you get people becoming materialistic and thinking that science is all that exists, because low tide periods can last longer than living memory, so non-magickal stuff is all anyone living can remember. If the orbital tilt is zero, precession is by definition zero. There is no natural phenomenon to explain this, and no simple technology either. Maybe the title sequence is more realistic than we realize, and Westeros is on the inside of a malfunctioning Dyson Sphere; the sun in the center has started to wobble, causing the random length of the seasons.

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Hey, eunuchs can have their fun, too. Lannister clash could make the award-winning Battle of the Bastards look like a tussle in the sandbox. That means we could finally see the long-rumored deathmatch between brothers Sandor “the Hound” Clegane and Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane. For the first time on the show, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are in the same place at the same time, and they are seemingly allied, as you can see in this photo. (Plus, we know now that she’s his aunt ! . So we know the two characters have made it to warmer climates. Even better, Joe Dempsie’s arrival in Belfast is further proof Gendry is ending his three-season absence. Gendry will save the humans from the White Walkers. Maisie Williams says “s—t gets real” in Season 7, but she’s “thrilled” the show is ending — for a very good reason. Israr Ahmed January 16, 2019 January 17, 2019 by Israr Ahmed January 16, 2019 January 17, 2019 3320 Asia Bibi verdict: How the entire Pakistan media was censored.