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4) Aerys sends half the Kingsguard to Dorne to retrieve Rhaegar after the rebels win the first few battles. Rhaegar leaves them protecting Lyanna and returns to King's Landing. 5) Robert kills Rhaegar at the Battle of the Trident and announces that his goal is to depose Aerys and take the Throne himself. 6) Tywin sacks King's Landing. Jaime kills Aerys to prevent the detonation of the wildfire. Gregor Clegane kills Elia Martell and her children, upsetting Ned enough for him to leave. The rebellion is technically over. 7) Ned breaks the siege of Storm's End with the news of Aerys's death and Robert's coronation. 8) Ned and his allies fight the Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy; Ned and Howland Reed are the only survivors. Ned finds Lyanna dying in the Tower.

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They might also have a tough time breathing when they are eating or in an awkward position such as on their back. One of the biggest factors to consider is the dog's weight. Obese dogs tend to suffer from much higher rates of tracheal collapse, and that is why it is so important to keep your pet on a strict diet. While this condition can manifest itself at any time, most owners begin to notice that their pets are having breathing problems around the age of six or seven. Some veterinarians believe that external factors such as airborne irritants can worsen this condition. Professionals, like those at Seattle Emergency Veterinary Hospital, know that the first step in diagnosing this condition is to take X-rays of the dog's chest and neck to determine where the windpipe is being pinched. The veterinarian might also suggest using an anesthetic so that they can inspect the dog's throat with a scope and camera. In some cases, the dog might also need to breathe through a small machine for a few moments each day to dilate their trachea. In the advanced stages of tracheal collapse, most dogs require some form of surgery to place a stent in the throat or widen their windpipe. These issues are often caused by serious medical conditions that must be treated immediately.


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The majority of Arsenal supporters will be hoping that Chambers, who is aiming to become a regular at the heart of Arsene Wenger's defence in the future, has learnt his lesson from Sunday. The service, called Contactless Cash, requires NFC-enabled Android phones to facilitate communication between the ATM and the device in close proximity. It's the same tap-to-pay tech used by Android Pay and Apple Pay. After a user taps the NFC reader on the ATM, he or she will use the Barclays Android app to enter the withdrawal amount -- up to ? 00 at a time -- and the account's pin number. There's no need to type anything directly into the ATM. The app also lets people pre-select withdrawal amounts ahead of time. After typing in the pin number, the user will have 30 seconds to tap their phone against the ATM's NFC-enabled spot to complete the transaction. The company is piloting the program in Northern England and will roll it out to over 600 machines at 180 U. K.

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