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And the TEC could be the NK himself (or in the case of the books, a similar entity), and here is where it gets a bit tinfoily, but the NK and the Others have their powers rooted in the Weirwoods too. They were, after all, created by the Children to protect them and the trees, and in the show, we know that the NK has greensight abilities, which come from the Weirwoods, just like BR. So here is my theory, both forces are knowingly or not, forces of death, as the Weirwoods themselves live through death pretty much. They are white, their sap is like blood, and have deep red leaves, ominous enough already, but then we also learn that no other plants grow in proximity to the Weirwoods because they suck the life out of everything nearby to live. This one might be reaching a bit far, but there's also the Dothraki apocalypse belief that the world will end when the Ghost Grass of the Shadowlands (a place deeply tied to magic, crazy how the Weirwoods and proximity to them are also tied to magic) takes over the world. A grass that, like Weirwoods, sucks the life out of everything nearby. And yes, they describe it as grass, but think about it, the stems are taller than a man mounted on a horse, and as white as Weirwoods themselves. They also live in basically giant fields and plains, where there are no trees. We learn from Dany's first chapters that their language excludes a lot of words that they simply have no use for. And some of them also somehow have Weirwood weapons, even though they have never been to Westeros and they trade mostly in Western Essos, and if Weirwood weapons are super rare in Westeros, where there are actual Weirwood trees, imagine how hard it would be to get these weapons and these materials in Essos. The many faced god is Death itself, and the Old Gods are faceless gods. The Weirwoods bring death, just like the Others, just like the NK, and just like the Green Men and the Children who worship them (which, if you re-read the books thinking about this, the chapters involving them seem almost creepy and ominous now, like it makes sense, and like they're not truly good). Lastly, GRRM said he disliked the Tolkien formula of the big ugly guys being the bad guys and the elfish creatures the good, so why would he make a story in which the Children, who are basically elves, are the good guys, with no ulterior motive or nature. Jack Lodini There's also the chance that Bloodraven has visited Sweet Robin as well. Lou Frontier Dope. I dig it. CotF is totally a fungus.

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To this day many still keep their children locked up safe at home on full moon nights just in case this story is true. ! While the details of her adventure are sometimes vague, Carolyn Thomas was stolen as a child by some kind of animal and lived with wild dogs for about fifty years (art by Ricardo Pustanio). Dog People T he Inuit tribespeople have a legend about the Adlet, the Dog People, the offspring of a great red dog and an Inuit woman. The five dogs eventually reached the shores of Europe and begat among them the various white ethnic groups. The weredogs evolved into horrible, bloodthirsty monsters who still haunt the northern icelands in search of human flesh. New York: Larousse, 1995. ! Dog Soldiers (movie, 2002) Joshua L. Roberts I n many ways this 2002 British horror movie, written and directed by Neil Marshall, has more in common with George Romero’s zombie franchise than it does with traditional Hollywood werewolf movies. The bulk of the action takes place in a house where the soldiers take refuge, helped by a mysterious girl named Megan. It isn’t long, though, before the house is besieged by werewolves. All hell breaks loose as the soldiers try to fight off the werewolves anyway possible, just hoping to survive until sunrise. While the plot isn’t the greatest, it does try to up the ante by including a very “Alien-ish” government conspiracy involving an attempt to capture a living werewolf in order to create a new “breed” of super-soldier, as well as a few odd twists and turns here and there. With all the relentless action, though, one could really care less. The fact is Dog Soldiers is at its best when trying to be the werewolf version of Night of the Living Dead. The fun begins when the remaining soldiers, who haven’t been eviscerated or turned into werewolves themselves, run out of ammunition and resort to using household products to beat back the relentless tide of werewolves.


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Yap, ini emang mixing genre, dan untungnya naskah John Strysik digarap dengan rapih membuat semua elemennya terasa balance. Sebuah review yang gue temuin merating rendah film ini dan mengkritik Stuart Gordon karena tidak cukup punya nyali untuk membuat bagian akhirnya sama ama kejadian aslinya. Aneh sih, kalo gue pengen cerita yang sama persis, gue jelas akan nonton dokumenter nya aja. Untungnya, doi memutuskan untuk membuat konklusi cerita versi nya sendiri, dan itu jauh lebih menyenangkan. Overall. Kaya yang kita tau dari trailer nya, Don't Breathe adalah sebuah thriller home-invasion, dimana Alvarez menempatkan karakter yang mengalami cacat fisik ( buta ) untuk struggle-to-survive melawan gerombolan kriminal yang meng-invasi rumahnya ( gue akan mereviewnya nanti kalo udah nonton ). Nah, setelah gue inget-inget, ini bukan pilem pertama yang menempatkan karakter cacat fisik dalam sebuah keadaan penuh bahaya, gue buka-buka lagi folder film dan nemuin 7 judul lain yang punya premis similiar. Tapi, setelah melewati pertimbangan, gue kurangin jadi 5 saja hehe. Catatan, gue tidak sedang me-ranking pilem nya yap, ini gue urut dari yang paling jadul sampe yang paling baru. Bercerita tentang dua kakak-beradik, Baby Jane Hudson ( diperankan dengan gemilang oleh Bette Davis ) dan adiknya Blanche Hudson ( Joan Crawford ). Jane adalah mantan bintang cilik yang karirnya meredup ketika dia beranjak dewasa. Sementara itu, karir sang adik ( Blanche ) di dunia hiburan justru semakin cemerlang. Dirasuki perasaan putus asa dan iri, dalam keadaan mabuk Jane menabrak adiknya sendiri dengan mobil. Insiden itu membuat Blanche terpaksa hidup dengan kursi roda. Lebih buruk lagi, Jane mengurung sang adik dalam kamarnya. Ya, Jane semakin kehilangan kewarasan, dia mengalami delusi-a kut dan nyawa Blanche pun berada diujung tanduk. Best Moment: Dalam usaha melarikan diri dari sang kakak yang sering menyiksanya, Blanche nyoba nyari bantuan lewat pesawat telepon.


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Because my editor at Scholastic was aware of The Cellar, she insisted that I use a pseudonym. Carl is my middle name, and was the first name of my mother's father, Carl Hall. To me, it seemed that Your Secret Admirer did pretty well for Scholastic Books. It not only made triple my advance, but resulted in piles of fan mail from teenagers who thought it was wonderful. However, I would never be able to sell another book to Scholastic. Could it be that, pseudonym or not, they didn't want to be associated with the author of The Cellar? I think so. Anyway, Your Secret Admirer is a suspense novel about a teen-aged girl who is getting mysterious letters from a secret admirer. She and her friend go through some adventures trying to find out who is writing the letters. Maybe a pervert. Who knows? Some spooky things happen before the novel reaches its tricky conclusion. The conclusion was so tricky, in fact, that quite a few readers didn't get it. THE KEEPERS, DEAD CORSE and SECRET NIGHTS Warner Books had bought Beast House (The Cellar) on January 26, 1979. On May 7, Jay Garon sent my novel The Keepers to them. On September 7, I sent my novel, Secret Nights to Garon. As I recall, The Keepers was a partial about a school teacher with a classroom full of bad kids—they had driven his predecesssor to suicide.


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Consider, for example, Ian McKellen’s Magneto calmly levitating a hapless guard whose blood has been filled with metal. Or Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine using his claws to skewer a black-ops soldier into a refrigerator. The action is pulse-pounding and the story is just compelling enough. And c’mon, how great is Brian Cox as Svengali mastermind Stryker? (Has there ever been a bad Brian Cox performance? Plus, there’s a bit of dialogue between Mystique and Nightcrawler about passing that, though brief, is more boldly progressive than virtually any other scene in the superhero genre. TM and ? 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. But just one movie prior, it produced its best installment. The gentle final scene would’ve been a perfect capstone to the franchise. Rarely has a single movie set the tone for an entire subgenre, yet Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. You’ve got the witty banter, the bright colors, the clever pop-culture references, the Playstation-ready final CGI showdown, and the charming lead. RDJ’s breathtaking charisma and unmistakable comedic rhythms made you sit up in your seat in a way that, say, Tobey Maguire or Christian Bale never could. Ever since, Marvel has built its empire on the backs of dudes (and, sadly, they really are all dudes) who can hit RDJ-esque beats: most notably Chrises Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt. But most important, there was that post-credits sequence in which the vision of Ultimate Marvel came true and Samuel L. He jettisoned the previous movie’s yawn-inducing audience surrogate John Myers, as well as Hellboy’s textbook crisis of confidence. Instead, del Toro presents even more steampunk gadgets and supernatural bazaars, along with heaping helpings of charming dialogue for Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, and Jeffrey Tambor.


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And when seeing the helicopter, it looked like a mini toy-helicopter. So it’s not only game of thrones who has difficulties with proportions. They are based on humans and, just like all the other spiecies, they tend to procreate, extend their habitat, and adjust it so that it could be comfortable to them. The only problem is that for them the comfortable temperature is like -20 C and below and that they can’t procreate otherwise, than by transforming human babies. The one to the right in the long robes, if you zoom in, is definitely in an anatomically bizarre position if they’re facing Cersei, as the shoulders and arms come down in front of the torso. The garb reminds me most strongly of Varys in his long-robe days, but I doubt it’s actually him. This person could be standing with hands behind his back, or could be a bound prisoner (but if so, why is he not on his knees and why is no one directly next to him? but could also be facing the audience. This person could be standing with hands behind his back. Like the NK and his WW “generals” ride the undead horses, but the common ones and the wights just walk. This woman is obsessed with her children with Jaime. Loras was a cousin and therefore her inferior in her mindset. The most human characteristic she puts on display is the love she bares for her children. The times we see her with emotion are involving her children’s deaths. Even talking about her two youngest with Tyrion she gets angry at him for mentioning them, like how dare you, I think it more likely she loses her children of a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). Even Jaime leaving her wouldn’t diminish the love she has for this unborn child; it’s her way to hold on to the Lannister name, the love she carries for her unborn children, and a way to support her privileged life and position. A miscarriage would tip her into the unhinged category.


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Herzer's lawyer also skipped over the next question when he got no response after asking Redstone what his birth name was, with the mogul having convinced his father when he was a teenager that the family should change their last name from 'Rothstein' to 'Redstone. Moving on he showed Redstone a photo of himself with Herzer, asking when it was taken. Redstone responded to this by saying; 'Who cares. Upon further questioning he was able to say that the picture was taken at Paramount while he and Herzer were dating. He also admitted that he was in love with Herzer at the time. Redstone then answered in the affirmative when asked if Herzer stole money from him, but was unable to give an amount when pressed for detail. He also answered the next question in the affirmative when asked; 'Did you ever say Manuela was the love of your life? For his final question, Herzer's lawyer asks Redstone if he said anything to his ex as she was leaving his home or gave her a reason as to why he was kicking her out. When asked why he kicked out Herzer, Redstone told her; 'She lied to me. Vidal then asked what Herzer lied about and Redstone replied; 'Terry's availability and Sydney's letter. The letter he is referring to is one Redstone has claimed was hand delivered to Herzer by his ex Sydney Holland apologizing to him and professing her love after he kicked her out of his home last September. The Terry he is referring to is Terry Holbrook, one of his female companions. Vidal then asked Redstone how he felt about Herzer now, to which he responded; 'I hate her. Then, after fixing his dentures for a second time, Restone is asked what he wanted out of the trial. 'I want Manuela out of my life,' said Redstone. Redstone's attorney Robert Klieger said in his opening statement on Friday however that Redstone was very much mentally competent when he demanded Herzer be removed from his home. Klieger said that it was Herzer's repeated lies that forced Redstone to cut her out of his life.


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A real situation. A story, a history, with a lot of modern connotations as well. These ghosts haunted Sarah Winchester because of that gun, a real invention. Horror movies, for me at least, and really just the horror genre in general mean a lot to me. When I was diagnosed with depression at a very early age and my whole emotional being went numb for about ten years, horror movies were what made me FEEL. Even though I was feeling frightened, I was still feeling, and at the time, that was really important to me. It still is. There’s really no feeling like being scared, it’s a thrill and it’s addictive. Most horror flicks that are coming out these days are either homages, musicals, shakey cam found footage disasters, poorly executed ghost movies, remakes, and any other plethora of pseudo art designed to get people talking under that “no press is bad press” ideology and I’m sick of it. End of discussion. So while I do enjoy getting hate mail, being told that one should take their own life because they didn’t like the Shining is really just a bit much, and because of this, I’ve grown weary of the horror community in general. We purchased our early bird VIP passes and began the process of preparing for this festival. Scotty listed off some directors and films that would be screening and I tentatively asked if Eli Roth would be present. Scotty gave me a strange look and said, “I really don’t think it’s that kind of festival”. Surely to be a booze drenched mess of metalheads and horror fans looking for the next scare. Though I can’t say either of us much cares for flying, we made sure to pack in style (though I dreaded having my bags opened and having to explain why just about everything I packed had pentagrams all over it). We stayed at the “official” hotel of Housecore Horror, the Austin City Plus Best Western, and the hotel was actually pretty nice, for a Best Western.