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Whether that has anything to do with the leaked photos that were allegedly taken from the Trepang, we do have details concerning her mission at the time these photos were reportedly taken, and it is certainly worth consideration as we unfold the details surrounding her deployment. The Trepang set out to sea under the command of Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett on a joint military and scientific expedition, and somewhere between Iceland and Jan Mayen Island in the Atlantic Ocean, the sub “accidentally” encountered this object. Jan Mayan Island, as reported on the Black Vault website by Mistretta, belongs to Norway and is home to only the Norwegian Military and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on a few things what we know at this point. Two different sources produce the same photos to different people in different countries within a relatively short period of time. The exact time difference separating the presentation of the photos is unknown, however, both sources maintain that all photos were taken on this US Navy sub, and the reported month and year match. How would two separate people know this information. You have to wonder, since the pictures were taken through the periscope, how many people were even aware that these photographs existed. And what information can we even attempt to verify to be true. I have so many more questions that I’ll get to shortly, but thankfully, Mistretta and Greenwald have continued their research and we have at least a little bit more information. Let’s take a deep dive (pun intended) into the photos: When we look at the photos, there’s much speculation about whether they are of the same object or up to three different ones. I’ll go into greater detail about the photos, but for now, the initial information provided to Mistretta indicated the “object” was first spotted through the periscope by Officer John Klika, indicating that the source believed it to be one object photographed from different perspectives. The other noticeable thing about these photos is you can clearly see the crosshairs in the scope optics in most of them. And I should point out some of the text found on a few of the photos. On the top left corner it reads “ OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH. NOT TO BE REALEASED.

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And there were other things I wanted to praise but I am too tired. He died valiantly protecting the realm from an army of wildlings and giants led by a zombie traitor of the Nights Watch. But I think u r missing some messages here about the luck and randomness and evil and brutality of war. Not to mention the clever ways in which they played the story out. This happens in Throne Rooms etc but it also happens on the actual battlefield. This sort of thing happens just as much in a Throne Room so in a way it’s a nice reversal of Robbs situation. Did she just happen to be where LF and the Knights of the Vale could find her. Or did she receive communication from LF at some point after the battle started. I realizxe this made for a good visual (and perhaps more) so it was important to show her at LF’s side so I’m not questioning that. She lied to him. Whether she had good reason seems to be what everyone is arguing about. Perhaps she just wanted them removed from the equation. But honestly, I think we’re being set up for an epic act of “almost betrayal” by Sansa. It was a clever move on his part in the short run and I guess now that is all that mattered. Not necessarily in the sense of chainging sides during battle but not having been at the battle to begin with. The fact that you can’t fathom that Jon and Sansa wouldn’t trust each other after this and just call everyone a hater seems somewhat shortsighted.

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ing cannons. While the audio of the radio drama formed the leading narrative within this project, the students explored the possibility of adding background music and sounds to the VR experience. Frame 4. In the fragments of the radio drama that were chosen, it is not clear that the story is taking place in Deshima. How could music or sounds support the imagined location of Japan. In the ? st scene, traditional Shamisen music was added that provided an immediate Japanese atmosphere. In the second scene, sounds were added, such as the sound of the cannons that are ? ed at the Dutch. Therefore, we want to ? st speculate what VR could add to radio play. It could be argued that in modern life, listeners are often surrounded by visual stimuli from other media such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, which can make it dif? ult to focus on a radio broadcast. It could be an option for broadcasting companies to attract the attention of new and younger audiences by providing VR experiences with their radio drama productions. Producers of podcasts may also bene? from this 398 M.

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