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Part monument to knowledge, part post-modernist art, this is a local treasure for a global village. As a long term resident of Handsworth in Birmingham. I decided that I wanted to give something back to the area so I became a volunteer tour guide for the Lozells and Handsworth Heritage Trail. I am aware of the many attractive and diverse facets of Handsworth but was very pleasantly surprised when I took part in the trail as a participant. The trail, which is sponsored by Legacy West Midlands, highlights the importance of Handsworth and Lozells to the development and contribution of innovation to the area’s Industrial Revolution. It’s great to know that all the tour guides are volunteers who have a connection and affection for Lozells and Handsworth either as residents or through their working lives. Famous figures from the sporting world also have a connection with Handsworth and trail participants will learn more about these as well as about the great industrialist James Watt, who lived and undertook much of his work within the area. The whole trail is well researched and delivered with enthusiasm, a love for the area and a high level of local knowledge. The Still Walking Festival’s walks positively encourage you to get out and enjoy what Birmingham has to offer. The guided walks designed for residents but enjoyed equally by visitors offer absorbing sights into the varied character, history and culture of the city. Step away from that laptop but only after you have had a look at what’s on offer this weekend. If there’s a whiff of sunshine I make my way up to Lewis’s Deli, pick up something fabulous, and head over to Moseley Park and Pool for a picnic. It’s such a change in pace and one of those magic places where you really can forget you’re in the country’s second city. I can take or leave clothes and shoes, but food, well, that’s another story. This isn’t the weekly boring- lug-around-the-supermarket-shop for me.

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We stayed on after obviously to make sure he was OK. I think he was cold more than anything, 'He had been taking selfies so we thought it would be the ideal time to take the team photo. I stubbed my toe and hobbled around for a bit but I didn't think it was that bad. 'Next thing I know I'm in a cast for three weeks. I fractured a metatarsal, but you wouldn't know it from the way I'm smiling in that picture. 'I don't think the team have won since all the injuries so that's probably not a coincidence. . The woman told authorities that she did as he demanded and quickly left. Student threatened she would be set on fire if she didn't remove her hijab. And it isn’t the first time this year that a racially charged incident has occurred at the University of Michigan. In September, posters proclaiming white superiority appeared on campus. U Mich leadership issued a letter to the campus community chronicling some of the offensive events that have occurred in recent days: “We saw a threatening message painted on the rock near our campus; a student walking near campus was threatened with being lighted on fire because she wore a hijab; another student left his apartment to go to class and found a swastika with a message telling him to go home. Some students have also been shouted at and accused of being racist because of their political views. “Emotions are high all across the political spectrum. We hope all members of our community can agree that we must not stand silent while facing expressions of bigotry, discrimination or hate that have become part of our national political discourse.


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It attempts to use the wireless medium to broadcast minimal control information. ) Group Discovery: The goal of the group discovery algo- rithm is to find group nodes without globally flooding control messages. To facilitate this. arge Scale Over-the-Air Testing of Group Centric Networking Logan Mercer, Greg Kuperman, Andrew Hunter, Brian Proulx MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Psychometric performance of the MG-PRO scale was also expected to be evaluated in this study. A total of 100 MG patients and 100 healthy people were face-to-face interviewed by well-trained investigators, and the data of MG-PRO scale were collected. The classical theory test (CTT) and item response theory (IRT) methods were used to analyze the psychometric performance such as validity, reliability, person separation index (PSI) and differential item functioning (DIF) in the MG-PRO scale. The results of CTT analysis showed that the split-half reliabilities of the MG-PRO scale and each dimension were greater than 0. . In the analysis of internal consistency of each dimension, the Cronbach's alpha was greater than 0. . Each facet had greater correlation with its dimension than the other dimensions. This has been evident for wind tunnels of all types and scales. In this paper, the principal factors that influence the accuracy of two-dimensional wind tunnel test results are analyzed. The influences of the Reynolds number, Mach number and wall interference with reference to solid and flow blockage (blockage of wake) as well as the influence of side-wall boundary layer control are analyzed.


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-hour programme. Audiences laughed at its phony climaxes, marveled at its blatant xenophobia, and it began touring college towns. When Dante caught it, at the World Theater in Philadelphia, he was particularly struck by the camaraderie of the crowd, who “came out into the lobby as if they’d just gotten off a sinking ship. . The exact date is lost to history, but Dante and collaborator Jon Davison rented the only complete serial available on 16mm in Philadelphia, The Phantom Creeps (1939). They stretched it to seven hours with serials, clips, ads, industrial films and cartoons from their 16mm collections. Its success meant several follow-ups, each a step towards what would shortly become The Movie Orgy, then variously The Movie Orgy 2, The Movie Orgy Strikes Back, Son of the Movie Orgy, Escape to Movie Orgy and Son of Movie Orgy Rides Again. They took their cues from the audience, so no two screenings were alike. Press coverage of the Filmore Orgy drew the attention of Schlitz Beer, who sponsored Orgies to tour colleges for years. But when the new material the Orgy drew upon to keep it alive began itself to be infected with self-referential camp, it was time to call it a day. Dante, already in Hollywood, sold syndication rights for “The Video Orgy” to be screened on college campuses’ closed circuit TV networks. Joining the scores of curious film fans were Davison, Allan Arkush, Bill Hader, Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino. Dante enjoined the crowd to move about, go outside, have a smoke, grab a pizza and wander back in. The Movie Orgy was always intended as a movie to be walked out on. It’s not the full, wild 16mm experience, of course, but there’s also no Blu Ray coming.


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No one believes her though, and once she gets definitive proof, it may indeed be too late. Michael Winner's second horror film (the first being the underrated The Sentinel ) is wild, trashy, melodramatic and so much fun. As Christie, Rachael Kelly makes for a quirky heroine, foul-mouthed, sexually awkward and very determined. The three villains are over-the-top, but then, so is the whole film. Never one for subtlety, Winner throws in all sorts of crazy situations, like the relationship between Christie and her murdered best friend's boyfriend, which leads to an amusing sex scene and it's aftermath. I've seen this thing a few times, and it never fails to entertain. The horrid use of music is the only thing I don't care for. Tom Holland, known more for his own directorial work, penned the screenplay. Unfortunately for him, his father's old partners are on his trail. On top of that, Leffert's Corner has been dealing with attacks from underground creatures for years, and they live beneath the very cemetery the money is buried in. Anyone going into this expecting a faithful Lovecraft adaptation certainly aren't going to find one here. Right from the opening scene, we're immediately hit with some horrible acting, and it doesn't get much better from there. The lead, who also narrates on occasion, is particularly awful. The only actors who don't come off too poorly here are Allison Mackie as an eccentric femme fatale and Jeffrey Combs as the town doctor. Ashley Laurence (credited as Ashley Lauren for some reason), such a likable heroine in the Hellraiser films, is just annoying here as a bitchy Rambo wannabe.


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Afl. 3 Disney Moana's SECRET Identity REVEALED! (Moana) 11 april 2017 MOANA, Disney's newest princess. A strong willed, independent woman, out on adventure. Or is she? There's a lot about Moana that doesn't quite add up. She controls the. Afl. 4 Westworld's Secret Location - REVEALED! 18 april 2017 WESTWORLD is an insanely good show. It manages to create a deluge of mysteries and then solve All of Them. This has made it SO difficult to come up with a Westworld. Afl. 5 How To BREAK Marvel's LUKE CAGE! 25 april 2017 If LUKE CAGE has impenetrable skin, and He Does, then there's no realistic way to break him.


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Even if he was a bit of a, well, I suppose you could say an asshole of sorts. . Mulder was still waiting for the movie version, but he knew Prestwick kept his rather large, fleshy ear to the ground. Why, I remember one particularly hectic deadline, when one of the lab techs received a call that his mother had passed. When Followes found out the poor lad had taken the first flight back home, he was livid. Saw to it the boy was terminated the following day. . In fact, there was some talk that there may have been some personal intrigue behind the bereaved technician’s termination. He found the object of his search, soft and warm. “How’s this for foreplay? . Only board sold recently was an 1891 Charles Kennard. And there weren’t any charges or PayPal transactions at all on David Followes account. In fact, no activity on the account over the past 21 months. .