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If he doesn't already have one, this is practically the only way the Night King can compete against three flame throwing dragons, you'd think (unless he has the TRUE Dragonbinder at his disposal). That said, I'm one of those numbskulls that thinks we actually saw a slight glimpse of the Night King's Ice Dragon at the Battle of Hardhome. It was brief, just a glimpse of something stirring in the clouds, but it was there. Or they could just swarm the dragons in wights or Dragons coming from much warmer climates become slow and lethargic when exposed to cold and well the white walkers bring winter with them. Can't they just heat up everything around them with their breath of death. God I could have used that instant heat at my daughter's softball game last night. We saw the white walker kind of put out the fires at Hardhome when he entered the tent, but we're talking about a fucking dragon here LOL. It was brief, just a glimpse of something stirring in the clouds, but it was there. yo dawg. Along the years, Euron establishes himself as a feared pirate captain throughout Westeros and Essos. However, as he walks onto a bridge between two towers of Pyke during a storm, he encounters Euron, who has returned to the Iron Islands following the deaths of Tywin Lannister and Stannis Baratheon. The official version is that he was crossing a bridge during a storm and it was broken by the wind; he washed up two days later, all bloated and broken, crabs ate his eyes. Asha, more intelligent and analytical than most ironborn, suspects Euron of killing her father and confronts him in public. He dismisses her accusation nonchalantly, claiming he was on his ship, whose crew members are - very conveniently - mutes. In contrast to the show, he does not admit that in public. Nearly everyone at the Iron Islands and Westeros in general, including Aeron and Victarion, simply accept Balon's death as a fact, and the reason does not matter to them. Davos and Melisandre similarly debate this in the TV series when Robb Stark is killed at the Red Wedding: Davos points out that Robb was killed by the Freys and Boltons for political reasons, not magical means, but Melisandre insists that the Freys and Boltons were the instruments by which the Lord of Light acted - leaving it open to interpretation. Catelyn Stark desperately tries to warn her son that with the defeat of the Baratheons after the Blackwater the war is clearly lost, the Lannisters can afford to slowly grind them down through attrition on a scale of years, and they have no realistic hope of winning anymore.

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Instagram gold. On the back there's a 16MP camera Battery Battery life is another area we can’t judge quite yet. You get a 3,000mAh cell just like the last Nokia 6, but we do have some reason to think stamina may be a little better than that phone’s one-day stamina. The new version's Snapdragon 630 chipset is more efficient as it uses a 14nm process, although we’ll be surprised if it makes it through two days' use. You also get fast charging as standard this time around. While the original Nokia 6 does support fast charging, you don’t get a fast charger in the box. And who wants to spend more cash when you’re already on a budget. The 2018 Nokia 6 will get you from 0% to 50% charge in 30 minutes. While not the fastest around, we'll take that sort of improvement. The new Nokia 6 supports fast charging, giving you 50% in 30 minutes Early verdict The Nokia 6 (2018) isn’t quite a ground-up revamp of this mid-range line. However, it does make some notable improvements that address some of our quibbles with the last version. We get more power, better charging and, with any luck, at least slightly longer battery life. The core appeal remains the same, though: a metal unibody phone with a SIM-free price that won’t make you pass out. MWC (Mobile World Congress) is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry, stuffed full of the newest phones, tablets, wearables and more. Hands on: Nokia 8 Sirocco review techradar. om Hands on: Nokia 7 Plus review techradar. om Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review techradar. om Hands on: Nokia 1 review techradar.

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But I was happy, having witnessed one of the great performances of my life time - Laurie is the BOWIE of Arthur Miller. And Justin and I grabbed handfuls of sweets on the way out into the breezy Santa Monica night, so then we were fat AND happy. These singers dare to aspire for the laurel wreath of. I really enjoyed the brou-haha when the religious conservatives got all atwitter about the coalition of Gay Families (Family Pride Coalition) attending the White House Easter Egg Roll. Hang 'Em High! Mark Tooley, director of United Methodist Committee at the Institute on Religion and Democracy. Besides, an appropriate question might be - Disrupting what. One of the reasons they felt that attaining a degree of visbility was important was the recent. Make fun of poor children who thought Bush cared about them. Laura Bush, who apparently has met hairdressers even back in Texas, answered, when. Trumpeting a proposed Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage help Bush hobble into his second embarrassing squat in this very White House. But apparently, contrary to the Phelps paradigm, the gay couples did not actively butt fuck. Laura Bush, who may have been fearful that her Aqua Net endorsement would be cancelled by a. What am I missing? I mean, thorry - what am I mithing, Mith Thing. But actually, ultimately the silence of the dear sweet pardoned drunk driving murderess Laura Bush and her blandly smiling cronies on this attendance was deafening. Or a predisposition to a loving inclusiveness towards all American families. Were the Bush tribe becoming incrementally, even ever-so-slightly more civilized.

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We discuss the new basketball comedy, Uncle Drew, as well as Ant Man and the Wasp. Be w. Then we move on to Cool of the Week which includes. Cool of the week includes Escape Plan 2, The Office, Luke Cage, Yellowstone, and Claws, in other words, everything out now that has nothing to do with horror. Cool of the week includes Westworld, Hereditary, and Bitch. Joining us this week is our friend Thomas Mariani from Double Edged Double Bill. Cool of the week includes Cargo, Cobra Kai, and Deadwood. New trailers are Amityville Prison and Darkness Reigns. Cool of the Week includes Cobra Kai, The Karate Kid, Thoroughbreds, Cargo, and The Toys That. Cool of the week includes Barry, The Wildling, The Cured and Th. We all participated in a special show to raise money for victims of the Texas flood. We bring you a special one-off episode featuring our mem. Joined by our friends Patrick Lear and Peter Sayre, we also bring you the newest Horror Headlines. This week we are joined by our friend Patrick Lear, to cover the new David Tennant movie, Bad Samaritan, as well as The Perfect Host. In Cool of the Week, we discuss Kobra Kai, Downrange. This week, we talk about the new Avengers: Infinity War, and also run down our top 10 horror movies of all time. Joined by our very special guests The Horror Mafia, we review Ringu, Ju-On: The Grudge, and Sadako Vs. Kay.

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If you want imagery that will burn into your brain, this is the film for you. Evil Dead 2013 is a horrifying ride from beginning to end. It? horror in its purest form - relentless, brutal and it leaves one hell of an impression. Having watched the film roughly two times a year since release, it only continues to grow on me with every viewing. There? really no movie as primal and vicious released in the mainstream circuit and it continues to shock me how well it resonated with audiences, though clearly, it wasn? enough to justify a sequel. I love this movie and could imagine it will become a modern classic. It's a fun ride with the jock, the whore, the scholar, the fool and the virgin. Don't want to reveal too much about the plot but it soon becomes apparant what going on and who's pulling the strings. From the story, to the characters, to the cinematography, special effects and everything in between, just a complete masterpiece. By the time you have finished watching this, you would have felt every emotion in the emotional spectrum. The movie is intense and terrifying, where the zombies are 28 days later style, running, aggressive, bloodthirsty and completely savage. But, what really elevates this movie is the greatness of the story and the emotions and richness of the characters. This movie should absolutely be watched, whether you like zombie movies or not, period. These are Fulci at his best, and not for the weak of stomach or heart. We start off with a seance in New York, where a priest in the small town of Dunwich (some nice Lovecraft nods in this series) hanging himself is seen in a vision.

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I am not surprised where everyone is now, I would be surprised if they were not there. A teenage girl and her younger brother are visiting their grandparents for the first time. They decide to document their week long stay with their camera but become increasingly frightened by their grandparents' disturbing behaviour. I'm glad my grandparents are normal, boring old people. ? what do you think. If you’re interested in foundfootagehorror, thevisitmovie or thetakingofdeborahlogan check it out. Night Shyamalan returning to his roots and surprising us all! Loretta reveals that she has not spoken to her parents in 15 years after marrying her high school teacher, of whom her parents disapproved. Having never met their grandparents, the teenagers intend to record a documentary film about their visit using a camcorder. When they arrive at their isolated farmhouse, Becca and Tyler are instructed to never go into the basement because it contains mold, and that bedtime is at 9:30 every evening, after which they shouldn't leave their room. The first night, an hour past curfew, Becca ventures downstairs for something to eat and sees Nana projectile vomiting all over the house, which frightens her. She tells Pop Pop, who dismisses it as Nana having the stomach flu. He then reminds her not to leave their bedroom after 9:30 pm. Over the next few days, Becca and Tyler notice their grandparents exhibiting more strange and disturbing behavior. Tyler walks into Pop Pop's shed and finds a huge pile of soiled adult diapers. Later, Pop Pop and Nana are confronted by a woman they helped in counseling, and she goes into the backyard with them but is never seen leaving. Concerned about the events, Tyler decides to secretly film what happens downstairs at night, but Nana discovers the hidden camera, retrieves a large knife, and tries unsuccessfully to break into the children's locked bedroom.


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Shafi 139 to 49. President Trump has announced that he wants to use steel to build the wall along the southern border, using the occasion to praise himself for fulfilling two campaign promises at once: keeping out illegal immigrants and resuscitating a struggling manufacturing industry. In the 10 months since the Trump administration imposed 25% tariffs on steel imports, prices in the United States have now fallen back to levels last seen before the tariffs were announced last March. Last week, an amendment to the Florida Constitution restoring the voting rights of former felons went into effect, and nearly 1. million former felons became eligible to vote. Though the government said that the events were unconnected, Kim's surprise visit was an unmistakable reminder that China could complicate the Trump administration's pursuit of other goals -- including ridding the North of nuclear weapons -- if the two powers fail to strike a deal on trade. President Trump's plan to withdraw the United States from Syria fell into further disarray after Turkey's leader rebuffed Trump's emissary, John R. Bolton, and angrily dismissed his demand that Turkey agree to protect America's Kurdish allies. Prosecutors in South Korea confronted a retired Supreme Court chief justice with accusations that he conspired to delay a case that could upset relations with Japan, interrogating him in a closed-door hearing that is likely to lead to an unprecedented indictment. No former or sitting chief justice in South Korea had ever been summoned as a criminal suspect until Yang Sung-tae, 71, presented himself to address allegations that he had manipulated the case on behalf of the nation's disgraced former president. The scandal involving Yang has drawn intense interest in South Korea, where a mistrust of the judiciary is a longstanding phenomenon. The depth of anti-judiciary sentiment is such that when a quixotic pig farmer angry over a court ruling threw a firebomb at the car of the current chief justice, Kim Myeong-su, the November incident received outsize news and social media coverage. Yang's scandal is also being closely watched by diplomats because of its connection to the growing diplomatic schism between South Korea and Japan, both key American allies. India has nine of the world's 10 most polluted cities, according to one World Health Organization measure, with choking urban smog that researchers estimate killed 1. 4 million people in 2017. This week the government's National Clean Air Program unveiled a five-year plan that environmentalists welcomed as long overdue but criticized as lacking clear mechanisms or robust funding to achieve its aims, which include reducing air pollution in 102 cities by up to 30% from 2017 levels. A federal judge dismissed part of Ashley Judd's multipronged lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein, ruling that her allegations of sexual harassment do not fall within the scope of a California statute. The order does not end Judd's case, which is built around other claims, including defamation and unfair business practices.