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For ticketing policies, including special discounts, click here. Bagels and Backlava presents a lineup full of our Top Headliners, as well as Up and Comers. ee the stars of tommorow, today. hese are the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country. Children will learn sculpting techniques to create the donuts and then use their imagination to decorate them. Learn more and join the discussion about Early Learning and Health, Family Engagement, Immigration, Pre- and Perinatal Mood Disorders. Come explore as we play with paints, glue and everything that is squishy fun. His life is a dirty ride of uncouth adventures involving weddings, proms, soccer moms, models, strippers, balconies, bedrooms, and backseats. No details are spared in this humorous,erotic, autobiographical show depicting all of his hedonistic debauchery. Full of jaw-dropping moments and gut-busting laughs. This series of dialogues about design joins an architect with a critic, journalist, curator, or architectural historian to discuss current architecture design issues. We'll provide a custom-crafted cocktail—one inspired by the architect's work and created especially for this event. Friday, March 2nd, ISSUE presents an evening of overlapping improvisations between computer music pioneer Carl Stone, composer and performer Ned Rothenberg, and Tokyo-based vocalist and cross-media artist Ami Yamasaki. While Stone and Rothenberg have performed together previously in Japan over their 35 year-long friendship, this will be their debut collaborative performance in New York. Further, the evening is a first meeting between Stone, Rothenberg, and Yamasaki, an encounter with the inevitable alchemy of skilled improvisors having an initial encounter. An electronics prophet with 40 years of pioneering work with the possibilities of digital synthesizers, samplers and effects, Carl Stone's practice predicts the variable techniques of contemporary computer music, serving as an uncanny precursor for the majority of today's computer-driven methods.

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artin We Have only Handful of Valyrian Steel Weapons shown in the Tv Show Game Of Thrones, But More was Depicted in The Novel of George R. . artin's 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'. Here is The Breakdown Of Ones We Know and One we Might have Missed To Notice. Let us Start the List with Ned (Eddard) Stark's Sword Ice Ice is the Valyrian GreatSword of House Stark Which was shown in the Very First Episode of the Series When Ned Stark Beheads a Deserter from the Night's Watch Named Gared who was running from the White Walkers. Later in Season 4, The great Sword has been reforged into Two New Swords By Tobho Motto, a blacksmith trained in Qohor, Tywin Lannister is the one who had Tobho Reforge them. And the Two new Reforged Valyrian Blades are Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper. Let's Get Straight to Them Oathkeeper This is the First Longsword Reforged from Ned's Ice, is given to Jaime Lannister by his Father Tywin Lannister. But then Jaime Given his sword to Brienne of Tarth, the One Named it Oathkeeper, she Named so because She gave an oath to Catelyn Stark aka Lady Stoneheart that she'll protect her Daughter Sansa. Widow's Wail Widow's Wail is Second of the two reforged Valyrian Steel Blades made from Ice The greatsword of House Stark. Tywin Lannister Gifted The Sword to his Grandson and King Joffrey Baratheon at the So-called Purple Wedding, where he Chops the book which was presented by his uncle Tyrion Lannister and Even the Pigeon Pie of the Feast with The Blade. Most of the fans cherished, and it is the Death of the Joffrey. Then the Sword Was retaken to Casterly Rock until Tommen Comes of age to wield it but Unfortunately he Sky Dived without Parachute (Pun Intended). Longclaw Longclaw was the Ancestral Weapon of House Mormont. This is the Valyrian Sword we have seen in action than any other present in the Show. Heartsbane This is the Ancestral weapon of House Tarly.

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Few places in the area burned hotter throughout the real estate growth than Loudoun County. This 38-acre property contains 33 acres of preserved woods and open meadows and a five-acre constructing envelope where the home and studio are situated. Every piece of real property features a bundle of many rights, which embody issues like mineral rights underneath the earth (like proper to dig for oil or gold), riparian rights (entry and use of water), grazing rights for cattle, and even air rights In New York City, for example, many smaller building owners sell their air rights (the flexibility to build above their current constructing) to different builders. Premium Funding Property located in the Hummingbird Freeway Area. Actual property and private property tax and evaluation data for residents. Stags’ Leap Winery: The historic stone Manor Home, winery and cellar are all intact, but a number of outbuildings on the property burned to the ground. So, this article will provide help to avoid the ten most lethal errors on your first real estate investment. Nonetheless, other actual property professionals expressed optimism in regards to the state of housing within the county and argued that it is attainable to rapidly and comfortably home everybody displaced by the Thomas Fireplace. Located only a mere 10 minute drive out of the favored Spanish Lookout community, one mile and half off the Farmers Expressway and eight miles from the George Worth Freeway gives this parcel great accessibility to all farming and industrial needs. With food costs at report highs and corn and sugar costs main the march the property would pay for itself rapidly. This collection consists of real estate abstracts for various properties in Jefferson County, Colorado. Chao Sengthai, CEO of Siem Reap-based real estate firm Aim Property Service, mentioned Chinese investors are shopping for up land in Siem Reap metropolis and province, but haven’t developed it. Based mostly on others’ anecdotal experience, the OCI card software process is noticeably faster when applied for in particular person on the Indian mission. Asset Token affords the first ERC20 -compliant token for use in transferable credit card rewards programmes. Here is all that you must know concerning the PIO-OCI merger, how these classes differ from one another and the way the card conversion may help NRIs. Yes, it’s up on the website of Travisa, the outsourcing firm that deals with Indian visas.

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He thought about crying out in greeting, just in case-but he thought of the dead cows, and his desperate eyes spotted no new lights, and the sound of incoming feet and the intermittent groaning told him that no, this was no overreaction. This was good common sense, staying low with your back against something firm and your weapon out. But he wasn’t relieved. Not at all. Because it wasn’t Gibbs, not anymore. He could see that at a glance, even without the gaslamps that lit up a few blocks, far away. One of his eyes was ruined somehow, wet and gelatinous, and sliding down his cheek. He only moaned and shuffled faster, homing in on Walter and raising the moan to a cry that was more of a horrible keening. It came bouncing back from corner to corner, all around the open landing area and the footsteps that had been slowly incoming shifted gears, moving faster. Maybe he should’ve tried again, trying to wake Higley up, shake some sense into him. There must’ve been something he could’ve done, other than lifting the Colt and putting a bullet through the man’s solitary good eye. Then he dragged himself back to Sweet Marie and resumed his defensive position, the only one he had. “That was easy,” he muttered, almost frantic to reassure himself. Nothing he’d ever seen before, but goddamn Gibbs Higley had been sick, hadn’t he. He wished he had a light, and then he remembered that he did have one-he just hadn’t lit it. One wobbly dash back to the Majestic and he had the lantern in his hand again, thinking “to hell with it-to hell with us” and striking a match.

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. Besides an egregiously absurd scene involving tarantulas this film is incredible. Just wait on it ? also got some surprise fts for y’all. The military battle on the surface conflicts with the one under the ocean as the race against time from the megalodon is on. Captain Streeper will do anything to try and save the people of his ship even if it goes against the orders of the Admiral. Commander Lynch is the one that will risk her life to try and save the people on the submarine, she will go against orders to achieve the right thing for people in need of help. Captain Ivanov is the captain of the Russian submarine, he will not give up the secrets of his country despite being put through the questions by the US Navy. He however is the best of what is a terrible group of acting, which mostly just follows the actors wobbling like a Star Trek Tv Show and putting on generically week accents. Trying to put a boring military angle into a basic monster movie only sucks the life out of everything, we spend more time fighting each other than deal with the megalodon which will eat them with ease. This could well be the most boring monster movie story I have ever seen. The horror is meant to be a monster movie, the fact this is just from watching is being the scariest thing about this. The sci-fi idea about the long thought of dead creature does make sense only for it to be something we see way too often. We follow up to the legendary mission he will always been known for as he was the first man to walk on the moon. Janet is his wife, she also suffers through the tragedies, she will give Neil all the support he needs to make sure he will keep his promises to come home, we mostly watch how she must keep the life for their children normal and calm. Edward Higgins White is one of the fellow astronauts, one that becomes close friends with him through the training and the program, he is the one that will offer a shoulder if Neil ever needed it.

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Dragonstone also houses Dragonglass which will be a big focus this season. The third may be related to Cersei though, so I’ll hold off judgment on that one. HAHAHA All week im like WHO CARES ABOUT EPISODE TITLES, NO ONE DOES. He did tell his big brother he (Euron) was “the storm” before he committed fratricide. They used to be more intriguing, at least to me. “Dragonstone” is an odd one, it occurred to me a couple days ago that they might name the premiere that, but then I thought “Nah, no way, too simplistic”. And it appears as though this season will have all that in spades. I’ve always enjoyed that for such a complex show they enlist simple and nebulous titles for the episodes. Being on the clock and all, they only had FIVE MINUTES to submit 7 titles. In my head I’ll just keep referring to the premiere as “Return of the Dragon” because I like it. I quite like the titles btw and don’t mind them being Dany heavy (although the third could be for Cersei too). This year they’ll release A Dream of Spring maybe. Thought it was really well done and Euron came off very menacing. Series regular doesn’t necessarily mean main cast member credited in the intro. But most people couldn’t even name the titles to most episodes. And really, Dany’s arrival in Westeros is monumental, so of course that would be a focus.