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The middle class focuses on increasing its paychecks. Middle-class people ask themselves disempowering questions. But although there are similarities, Eker's list gives me warm fuzzies and Smith's list doesn't. But I'm not convinced that the differences Smith lists do hold up. A lot of my friends love learning but they're not millionaires. And haven't we seen statistics that show, based on a percentage of income, poor people give more than the rich do. But I think they're closer to Eker's list than to Smith's. Perhaps neither of them knows what it's like to be poor. Some of their observations make sense, but some seem to come from people who've lived lives of privilege. Could it be that when you grow up poor, a scarcity mindset becomes so deeply ingrained that it's almost impossible to shake? (That's been my personal experience, by the way. . The rich can take risks, and they're often rewarded for taking them. (Thus, “the rich get richer”. I have so many more options now than I ever did when I was a boy, when my family was poor. I think this element of “luck” is something ignored by both Eker and Smith (and many other people). Maybe I'm picking nits, but in this case I think focusing on a financial scorecard misses the point. It's possible to be successful and poor, and it's possible to be rich and a fool.

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For what he is in the show currently, it works, but I think it could've been better. Sorry if my explanation is too wordy and isn't clear, but I'll try to summarize: I think he would've been a better and stronger character if they had gone more in depth with him (such as he is in the books). BUT, because they chose to make him less important, they had to simplify his backstory and characteristics as well. Basically, I think that for what he is in the show, it's enough, but he should be more than what he is in the show. To do it any other way would require a full episode dedicated to the Greyjoys. Dorne on the other hand, got an entirely different plot, one where the writers didn't know how to deal with it leading to some incredibly tedious Jaime and Bronn adventures. No man is more accursed in the eyes of Gods and men than the kinslayer. Kinslayer and kingslayer are two different things. There's also the fact that Balon was really unpopular, so most of them probably respected Euron for killing him. If any Iron Born wants something, the just take it. The only thing that prevented Victarion from murdering Euron for sleeping with his wife was the taboo of kinslaying. Book Ironborn would kill euron at the very moment he says that he killed his brother. When Yara promises the ironborn provisions, and Victarion land, Euron offeres them Westeros. To him that was just a minor glory. 40 years is short. That is true. He says in Feast that he wants the whole world. Any gaggle of whores and bandits could conquer them.


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You know, the head of House Mormont who’s committed no capital offences. They aren’t far from Eastwatch now and they have the dragon. Just maybe because of that and the fact that he is a targaryen and a stark, maybe he will somehow be able to end up riding that ice dragon. Maybe? I know I’m clinging to hope here, but I hate the thought of the knight king having him and even if that didn’t happen what damage could an ice dragon do against a fire one. I don’t watch the show with realistic expectations and I know they are rushing to wrap everything up. I suppose this is just me giving the show a pass since it’s so entertaining lol. It could be why they can’t be killed that easily no matter how many times Jon comes close to dying and Beric kept getting resurrected. You’re hiking along with your mates, discussing the scenery, sharing stories, really relating, and then the wildlife gets out of hand and before you know it you’re surrounded by boring Park Rangers who just stare at you and don’t even bring marshmallows. And then you have to wait in the cold for your dragon Uber. Dragons are magical creatures, so maybe the NK does not have full power over them. Still, though, Drogon, turn your head to the right and exhale. Beric even makes mention of Thoros not dying in a worse way. She felt a duty to be there and not just sit on the sidelines. Love the handholding and love that he called her Dany, then not Dany and my queen. The way Jon pushed Tormund out of the way to look at Dany swooping in and kicking ass with her Dragons he was in awe. Now Jon will ride Rhaegal and tag team with Dany and Drogon. The dragons need a rider in order to properly guide them.


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With such hate in his eyes, do you think Ollie will end up being the one to stab Jon Snow. Aryia did not complete her mission, do you think Joaquin knows that she lied. How many people loved her story more in the book, than in the series. We then go into some of the most emotional scenes of the season. First we have Shareen, did Stannis have to do what his did. At what point do you sacrifice the things that mean the most to you. Jorah out of the friend’s zone when he saver her life more than once. Who would of guessed, finally Drogon to the rescue. We pick this, episode 8 of Game of Thrones apart, and it is pretty much unanimous, this was the best episode of the season. What do you think is going to happen when Dany sees Jorah back in the pit. Are you liking the way they are unfolding Arya’s story. Does Sansa knowing about her brothers really make a difference in her situation. Does Cersei deserve the treatment she is getting in the cell. That theory seems to keep coming up among our feedback and all across the internet. The giant was awesome, and the scene at Hardhome was epic. Some think by the end, Jon Snow is going to be playing for the White Walkers, could this be. We had the conversation between Dany and Tyrion, more of Arya's quest to me “No one. Sam assures Ollie that Jon is doing what is right for the time.


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help noticing that almost all come from the U. . or Europe. Some are young, but far more are middle-aged. And not one is black, hardly a reflection of Springsteena? actual reach. His navigation equipment and radio cease to function. We glean he's a veteran sailor with substantial maritime savvy. But, as he struggles to survive, anxiety creeps into his glance. Mystifyingly, he takes the time to shave amid all this havoc. Can they make a phone call, for example, or have immediate access to a lawyer. However fast your broadband is, it isn't going to make a credit card check any quicker. The train contained about 7. million liters of crudeat the time of the derailment, the government said. The facility will be supplied by gas from an expandednetwork planned by Tokyo Gas Co, Japan's biggest citygas supplier and one of three shareholders of Ennet. The othersare Osaka Gas Co and a unit of NTT Facilities Inc. However, when it comes to coupon fraud, the problem for most shoppers typically is not creating them, but accidently purchasing or redeeming them. Wheeler and Demer tell customers to look out for these five red flags to help spot fraudulent coupons.


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Despite it being a European airline, Britain remains a key market for the Irish carrier. Lower fares could help tempt Britons to fly overseas, who may be wavering in the face of the sizeable fall in the pound over the last six months. The plant absorbs excess methane and other gases generated by landfills and can convert it into useful fuels. This microchannel gas-to-liquid (GTL) plant use a series of chemical reactions to transform natural gas or gasify solid fuel — such as coal or biomass — into hydrocarbons and water. The plant is relatively small, and can only convert about 300 barrels per day, according to the U. S. Energy Information Administration. In comparison, the largest oil refinery on the U. S. Gulf Coast has a capacity of almost 600,250 barrels per day. Small-scale GTL plants could become a more attractive option in the future, owing to new rules created by the Bureau of Land Management. These proposed rules would limit the amount of methane flared or vented from oil and natural gas production activities, which would encourage conversion operations by GTL plants instead. If gas from these activities were converted to liquid, it could be transported by vehicle or pipeline and sold. Karabiner (formerly KeyRemap4MacBook) is an awesome utility for keyboard customization for Mac OS X. - You can re-map any key without. Lyn is a lightweight and fast image browser and viewer for Mac OS X designed for Photographers, Graphic Artists and Web Designers. Keka is a free file archiver for macOS. Kkeka is a Mac OS X frontend GUI of p7zip, the UNIX port of 7-Zip.


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Littlefinger is going to be in a lot of trouble if he steps out of line with this lady Stark. For a moment I was thinking Sam needed his very own Hermione and invisibility cloak to get into the restricted section. It was good we saw Sam but what in seven hells was that gross segment about. Pure nonsense. They wasted a good minute on that it felt like. Littlefinger’s catspaw valyrian dagger was in Sam’s book. He missed that. Jon has Davos who knows all about the dragonglass at Dragonstone. Sansa’s reaction to being underestimated and ignored is totally understandable. I think she does indeed betray them, but somehow makes up for iy and “rejoins the pack”. Yes, I know not everyone is bad but this was the first time where they showed the light side. The other trailer showed the firey sea battle at night. Ed sheehan “cameo” was pretty good actually but spent the whole old town segment waiting for Jorah lol. With that music and those different shots and sets you felt EVERY emotion from all of them, and then “shall we begin” I was TOTALLY in that moment (so much that the credits just BOOM. Didn’t she check out their swords after accepting food. I was so confused I thought it was a bran vision omg I can’t you guys. I’m betting that’s the reminder of family and impetus to go home for Arya. Sorry for the over-excitement, but that was just so AWESOME.


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And especially if he’s not my friend, and he’s not my friend. Or I’ll hit you. And he did it again, just to get me provoked. I said, stop. And then, Youssef—Youssef’s my friend, and ’cause he, he did something to, to him and then we were walking and because I pushed him, he goes and—he didn’t push me, he punched me and then—so we were walking there. I can’t believe that, man, and they were all like, I—you should have hit him. And then, I said, 266 High School II I’m—when we were getting outside the door, I pushed him on his head, and then he comes around and he hits me in my stomach. And then, I, I went back and I pulled his jacket and I ripped it off. It was like, it was old and it was—bobby pins were holding it together, so it ripped kind of easily, but— mark: So, what you’re saying is that you were, you didn’t like him playing a game with you, right. If someone’s not my friend, I especially don’t like that. And then after we stopped, he—we went to the—they—Tom pulled us, and the teacher pulled us into the gym and they called up Mark, and then we had to go upstairs by ourselves to Mark. So, we’re walking, and you know where the guard’s desk is. Well, I’m walking and he’s like that—when we were going out of the gym, I held the door for him. I said, I don’t have to hold the door for you, but I want to, Ethan. So, we were going and I didn’t hold the door for him the second time. I just held it for myself and I went by and then he steps on the back of my shoe and kicks me in my back and I—and the guard’s saying, “Get back here! And he just ran up the stairs and he, he didn’t talk to her. And I didn’t do anything back to him.