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We already knew that Maryann is a user who paints herself as a giver, but her ruthless advance into Tara’s physical space is a creepy and effective literalization, substantially more troubling and dramatic than last episode’s glimpse of her claws. Barry begs her to leave him alone, says that talking about their ability will put them in terrible danger, but Sookie follows and interrogates him at every opportunity, eager both to learn from him and to teach him how to focus his abilities. They do seem pretty crazy: a dude in black cowboy duds advocates open war on the Fellowship of the Sun. Instead, and against Bill’s objections, the group decides to use Sookie to infiltrate the Fellowship. She’ll sneak in, pretend to be a new initiate, and see what she can hear on the psychic shortwave. Eric, who seems to kind of hate the Dallas vamps, seems very pleased with this plan. Rather Less Fabulous Eric has been mortally wounded in noble Viking battle, and his compatriots gather around him. They praise his singular ferocity on the battlefield, and discuss the alcoholic and sexual wonders that await him in Valhalla. Eric clings to life long enough for his buddies to build him a big ol’ Viking cremation platform. And then, in a blur of gore, all of the other warriors’ necks spurt blood, and they slump over dead. The vampire leans in and begins to feed; present-day Eric redundantly narrates, “Godric is my maker. . I don’t know what unholy rites the writers are performing to conjure this caliber of adorable awesomeness, but they have to be sacrificing a small mammal at minimum. Hoyt proposes that he read to Jessica from a comic book, or that they watch TV together long-distance, and Jessica gleefully agrees. After the end of a hectic night at Merlotte’s, Sam and Daphne are the only folks left in the bar. They discuss how it feels to shapeshift, and then take full advantage of the pool table. In Dallas, Sookie and Bill celebrate the one hour anniversary of their last tango with yet another. And at the Newlins’ house, Sarah interrupts Jason’s bath to tell him that she thinks God wants him to feel some joy. His stories have recently appeared (or are forthcoming) in Interzone, Black Static, Strange Horizons, Apex Book Company’s The Blackness Within, and other cool venues.

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Libertine ( done with Kevin Allan King ) is an angular calligraphic script inspired by the work of Dutchman Martin Meijer (1930s): This is the rebel yell, the adrenaline of scripts. Lionheart (2006). A digitization and extension of Friedrich Poppl's neo-gothic typeface Saladin. Louis ( 2012 ). A faithful digital rendition and expansion of a design called Fanfare, originally drawn by Louis Oppenheim in 1927, and redrawn in 1993 by Rod McDonald as Stylu. Maestro (2009) is a 40 style chancery family, in 2 weights each, with 3350 characters per font, co-designed with calligrapher Philip Bouwsma. Based on the handwriting of Martie S. Byrd. Marvin (2010): a fat cartoon typeface that recalls older Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies lettering. In 2013, Kevin Allan King and Patrick Griffin revived Georg Trump's transitional typeface Mauritius (1967, Weber). Memoriam ( 2009 ): An extreme-contrast vogue display script which was commissioned by art director Nancy Harris for the cover of the 2008 commemorative issue of the New York Times magazine. He also did the typography and fonts for the 2010 issue. This became an unbelievably successful family, and was extended in 2011 with headline, Outline and Iline variants. Merc (2007). Based on an all-cap rough-brush metal typeface called Agitator, designed by Wolfgang Eickhoff and published by Typoart in 1960. Patrick Griffin writes about Messenger (2010, Canada Type): Messenger is a redux of two mid-1970s Markus Low designs: Markus Roman, an upright calligraphic face, and Ingrid, a popular typositor-era script. The forms of both typefaces were reworked and updated to fit in the Ingrid mold, which is the truer-to-calligraphy one. Middleton Brush (2010): a redigitization of R. .

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Tormund asks why blind old Maester Aemon patched up his arrow wounds, and Jon says that Aemon is sworn to heal all wounded men, friend or foe. Tormund asks if Jon really loved Ygritte, telling Jon that Ygritte truly loved him. Jon asks if Ygritte told Tormund this but Tormund says no, he knew Ygritte loved him because all she ever talked about was killing him. Jon looks at his lover one last time and lights her pyre, and weeps silently as he turns his back and heads home. Jojen Reed has grown sick and he is barely able to stand, eventually collapsing into the snow. As Meera begs Jojen to gather what little strength he can muster to continue forward, Bran calls out to them, revealing that they have found the massive heart tree that Bran has seen in his visions. As they approach the tree, wights burst up from the snow, grabbing Jojen's ankles and attempting to drag him under the ice. These wights appear far older than those seen near the Wall, appearing as ghastly skeletal warriors who move with surprising agility. Meera attempts to defend Jojen from the wights, but they begin to swarm over Hodor, who is too scared to fight back. Bran wargs into Hodor's mind and begins fighting off the wights with the aid of his direwolf Summer, but more wights keep bursting through the ice and they are quickly overwhelmed. Amidst the confusion, Jojen is repeatedly stabbed by a wight before Meera can fight it off. The mysterious girl calls to Meera and says that Jojen is lost and that she must leave him if she wants to live. Meera hesitates, but Jojen urges her to save herself. Crying, Meera slits her brother's throat to grant him the mercy of a quick death. Meera runs to the cave entrance along with Bran, Hodor, and Summer while the mysterious child covers their retreat by magically throwing fireballs from her hands at the wights. Just as the life drains from Jojen's eyes, she launches a fireball at his body, immolating his corpse and preventing his return as a wight. The little girl explains that the power which animates the dead corpses is powerless inside the cave. Other Children of the Forest peek out around corners as they advance. Finally, they arrive at a large central chamber, its floor littered with bones.

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But currently there are 4 GoT prequel shows in the works atm. I believe people just want to see their name on these pages. hat they write is of no consequence, except maybe to troll so they get replied to, to give their ego a boost I guess. Sad people. The time frame though of your original mention to those words three weeks ago isn't such a stretch to think it impossible that I read that article that far back as well. Characters say one thing, then the next scene they're in they've traversed around the continent to another part. Which equals more dead people, people who are just fodder in this war. Seems just just wants a righteous ruler, and Dany is better than Cersei in that regard. Plus she has no contacts in Westeros, so doubt she knows much at all about Cersei so wouldn't feed info for the Lannisters. I don't think killing Cersei is beyond Tyrion, either. Old Chook Tyrell is a cunning character; yet she was caught with her undies down:). The alternative was to ignore his advice and be Queen of the Ashes. Though the ramifications could be a bit more dire. They took out the ships heading to Dorne, then chased after the Unsullied's transport fleet from then entrance to Blackwater Bay. Thats just when they happened to catch up with them after the delay of popping into King's Landing to drop of some gifts for Cersei. Jaime just also had other plans to let Dany's forces take Casterly Rock if they decided to. Its not that Jaime specifically knew they were going there in advance, he had just made plans in case they did. May as well just destroy the entire army on the water. I just don't see it.