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Women and minorities were fairly represented, perhaps for the first time in TV history, and the normally minor role of briefing sergeant was immortalized byveteran cop Phil Esterhaus, who famously ended the introductory roll call each week with, “Let’s be careful out there. He won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor, before succumbing to cancer in 1983. Hand-held cameras were extensively deployed to capture the intimacy and drama of face-to-face police work, while portable units allowed viewers an opportunity to appreciate the series’ physical context. As is sometimes the case with ensemble shows, few of the actors would go on to became breakout stars in their own right. The rare exception was Dennis Franz, who played two different cops in the show’s six-year run. One of them would be spun off to create “Beverly Hills Buntz. He worked again with Bochco on the failed “Bay City Blues” and monster hit, “NYPD Blue. Betty Thomas would go on to become a major behind-the-camera force in Hollywood. Lest we forget, however, NBC chief Fred Silverman stayed with the low-rated, oft-moved series long after the bean-counters had given up on it. (The same would happen in the first season of “Seinfelf. ) Besides looking and sounding good, the complete-set DVD box adds interviews and discussions with cast members James B. Sikking, Dennis Franz, Bruce Weitz, Charles Haid, director Dennis Dugan, writers Bochco, Robert Craise, Jeffrey Lewis and Alan Rachins; commentaries with Bochco, Sikking, Weitz, Haid, Dugan, Lewis, Crais and Joe Spano; a gag reel; featurettes “The History of Hill Street” and “Roll Call”; and a commemorative 24-page book. The store has established a prominent position in the firmament of London society, while also keeping its doors revolving for more moderately budgeted customers.

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It ended up not being a big deal, but I was embarrassed. And I felt guilty for all my negative thoughts towards our translator. As much as I was annoyed at our tinkler friend, at least she didn’t break anything. As I have followed them, I have increasingly been figuring out ways I might be able to use them with teams, clients and students. For example, I might share a selection of them of them to give a new team some sense of what to expect when we go into the field together. In addition, when I teach at the Technological University of Panama next year as a visiting Fulbright scholar, I plan to use these stories to help give students a better idea of the variety and nuance of ethnographic work. War Stories are rich not just in data but also in terms of technique, and they have made me think about my own experiences in the field. A readable interview at Ethnography Matters and a listenable interview with Denise Lee Yohn. O’Reilly will be recording it if you can’t make it. Meanwhile, check out Susan Dray’s thought-provoking take on these stories. I based on this on some writing by Malcolm Gladwell (in Blink, but originally in The Naked Face ) about how our physical self can induce changes in our emotional selves. Researchers are finding that wearing a smile brings certain benefits, like slowing down the heart and reducing stress. This may even happen when people aren’t aware they are forming a smile.

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Oh oui ! Ce serait Clegane, et on le ferait affronter son frere dans une arene ! lol. Ce serait Clegane, et on le ferait affronter son frere dans une arene ! lol::wub: Canard pc scenario approuved:cigare. Ca peut faire l'aliance ice and fire des wight intelligents. Personne ne demande a Cersei d'envoyer des troupes dans le nord pour aider a combattre les WW. Dernier: 1h21m Euh, chez moi en tout cas l'episode leake faisait 52 minutes. Donc soit le leak n'est pas complet (mais ca m'etonnerait), soit on nous ment. ). Donc soit le leak n'est pas complet (mais ca m'etonnerait), soit on nous ment. ) Noooooooooooooooooooon:boom. Donc soit le leak n'est pas complet (mais ca m'etonnerait), soit on nous ment.

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Over a 100 years of friendship and trust blown away by one Donald J. Trump? The American President declared Canada a “security risk” all because he decided our trading procedures were not what he wanted, despite being pushed for by the Americans and negotiated through NAFTA. If Donald Trump doesn’t get his way with someone, the other party is evil, a danger and just plain wrong. I believe Trump is bereft of all long term memory and a severely disabled short term. For good bad or evil, at least we Canadians know that this alt Right lunatic will be gone from power in eight years (if, as Bill Maher fears, Americans will again vote with their wallet and not with their head, due to the robust economy resulting NOT from Trump but from the restoring acts put in place by President Obama after the ’08 crash), but what do we do to maintain good cross-border relations until Don is gone. Trump threatens tariffs, yet we hold most of the natural resource cards; for one, keeping California in water for literally pennies on the dollar. This American era of Trump has gone from bombastic, to a North American embarrassment, to morphing into potential harm. No country in the G7 has to put up with bullying from that man (all the while his poor wife, Melania, vigorously campaigns against that very thing? . I have no idea what was said in Quebec after Don stormed out of the G7 meeting to meet with his new bestie, Kim, but I pray it was a time when the remaining G6 seriously put their heads together to stop this red tie and comb-over menace. Donald may be the King of the global Castle but the rest of us are holding up his foundation. A king can easily plummet to the ground if his foundation falls.

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Two shorts, Nightsatan and The Loops of Doom are next. The population is turning into zombies infected by an alien parasite; a group of teenagers fight back. Starring Jason Lively, Tom Atkins and Steve Marshall. Aliens in the guise of clowns terrorize a small town in America. Only the young town members can see the danger and they soon fight back. Suburban Gothic, from the director of Excision, Richard Bates Jr. is a complete departure from his first film. With a superb script and a fantastic performance from Matthew Gray Gubler ( Life After Beth ), also starring Kat Dennings and the brilliant Ray Wise. Paul and Barbara end up in a small Spanish fishing village after a boating accident. However, the village harbours a dark secret which Paul slowly uncovers as people start to disappear. A short showcase from Astron-6 is next on the schedule. Having just seen the first one I’m not sure where they will go or what this new bunch of directors will throw at us. Speculation is rife, Rec 4, It Follows and Tusk to name a few.