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Even more so than our list of the best zombie movies, “ghosts” have been co-opted into seemingly every genre, and they all belong on a list of the “best ghost movies. After all, A Christmas Carol revolves entirely around its visiting ghosts, doesn’t it. So does Field of Dreams and its ghostly major leaguers, or the title character of Beetlejuice. So yeah, there’s plenty of horror on this list—but there’s also plenty more ghost movies suitable for fans of every genre, from romance to comedy to science fiction. Still, this is a memorable yarn for younger audiences, one that is surprisingly morose and mature at times in terms of its depictions of death and grief. In fact, death happens quite a bit in Casper —no surprise, I guess, in that it’s a film about ghosts, but it really stacks some bodies nevertheless. A strong cast, anchored by Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, Brad Garrett and a wonderful Eric Idle help it rise above the muck, and even get a wee bit philosophical. You can certainly do worse for a weekend afternoon on the couch with the kids. — Jim Vorel. With that said, you could argue that simply producing a ghost story this traditional in 2012 offered a bit of novelty. Daniel Radcliffe, fresh off his final Harry Potter appearance, took a role playing “an adult” as Arthur Kipps, a Victorian era lawyer who travels to the country to negotiate the sale of a house that is revealed to be haunted by the spirit of the Woman in Black. This CGI specter has a particular fondness for targeting children, and the film becomes a mystery in the “placate this restless spirit and set her free” mold. It offers a few fun twists and turns, and evokes classic British haunted house movies of the past, as Radcliffe stalks through dark, cobwebbed rooms with a flaming candelabra to light his way. The ending is a bit derivative of Sam Raimi ’s Drag Me to Hell, but all in all this is a better-than-average classical ghost story. —Jim Vorel. The great director has repeatedly drawn attention to The Entity by calling it one of the scariest horror films of all time, and given the subject matter it’s not too hard to see why—the idea of being attacked, especially in a sexual way, by an invisible force is the ultimate in helplessness.

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I think Bran is stoic toward Sansa because he has seen who she becomes and it is not honorable. If Sansa was a non-player, she would just be his long lost sister and I think he would have been happier to see her. That he was emotionless says something darker, imho. New Channel Somewhere. ? ? This girl has never seen an episode of Game of Thrones Slvrbuu. Jon Snow - King In the North, Former Lord Commander of the Knights Watch, Bastard of the House Stark, The Bringer of Justice, Chosen of the Lord of Light, and Savior of the Wildlings. Railway Hobo ? ? U should make a Alexandria weekly for twd Sam Smith. Sitter of chair, I literally lol'd Carole Fisher. I think Bran was cold toward Sansa because he knows she will betray Jon Snow who is vitally important to the cause. I think ghost should ride in the dragon's mouth, so when everyone gets read for BBQ. BLAM, Direwolf. Est Tse ?

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The writers and showrunners keep their cards very close to their chests — as they should,” Oparei says. “I trust in the integrity of their creative minds that that’s going to happen, that that’s going to come up, because Dorne in the books is so rich and it’s such a great story that’s unfolded. I laughed hard at this. The key difference being that Olenna didn't butcher the remainder of the ruling family. And feudalism also works by producing as many able successors as possible, death being so commonplace. Which is showed in the books for nearly every family, along with not putting all their apples in the same basket, and while the first is understandably different in the show, the second being different is just stupid. Half the plot strings in this season couldn't have been pulled at all if the show followed the books in this regard. - - - Updated - - - I mean, there wasn't much wrong with the thematics of the Dornish storyline in the show even though it is different. Hmm we have a man who basically died for his family and then the love of his life and his daughter honor his memory by irreverently murdering the remainder of that family for abstract reasons. When you obsess over how someone died, you forget how they lived. Hell, even the Sand Snakes themselves are treated as separate people with different feelings on Oberyn's death in the books, and as dumb as they are I still liked book Tyene. And Sarella is a miracle of God. - - - Updated - - - And lofty morals aside, the brutality of inter-house relations is generally known and accepted by adults in the books, and SS and Arianne are shown to be hot-headed younglings in urgent need of harsh education. Arianne fucks up royally because of this (Quentyn too but he is a meme so he doesn't really count). It is no wonder then that a wiser house Martell would prefer to side with the educated and supervised young monarch rather than a delusioned and destructively ignorant Dany. The horrible acting, cringeworthy dialogue, flat characterization, and nerfing the IQ of everyone else in Dorne to make them a halfway credible threat was.