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In particular Jaime, though perhaps there's a Bronn effect in there. Still want revival of House Stark since they have the most diverse skills: Master swordsman and charismatic leader in Jon Snow. Mind control 3 Eyed Raven in Bran who I think will take over a Dragon. I want her to sit on that Throne as the night Queen and have evil win the day, just like it mostly does in real life. Just ask her navy and her allies Olenna and the Sand Snakes. Speaking of, why does everyone that is a primarily show watcher hate the Sand Snakes. From there, they typically followed a template for every scene with one of them calling the other a bitch or mocking the other (bunch of haters) or talking about who gets to kill someone. They had no depth to them as characters and were obnoxious to boot. Castle Hughes and Henwick are good actresses for sure in other stuff I've seen them in. Ironically, their best scene was the death scene where at least the stakes seemed high and Euron got put over.

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The time required for Gendry to run back, get a raven sent to Dragonstone, Dany to fly what's supposed to be thousands of miles north etc. Biscuits), Monday, 21 August 2017 13:54 (one year ago) Permalink. And then he comes back out of the ice to pull on Tormund. Biscuits), Monday, 21 August 2017 16:26 (one year ago) Permalink. Maybe I'm weird for not having my graph paper with when I watch TV. And yeah, the books are all about graph paper, or maps, and strategy, and travel routes. Which ties into this whole larger theme of complexity, of not being black and white, not just doing a heros journey, etc. They could make it seem like a realistic amount of time had passed between scenes through dialogue or whatever but they're obviously going for a feeling of momentum. I think what really annoys me is the sense that none of this will happen in the books, because it clearly can't be fit into two volumes. They could have sped up a lot of stuff earlier, though, it's kinda remarkable how little did really happen in seasons 5 and 6.

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Edmiston, Laura Sackett, Shiela McCann, Peter Young, Michelle Prinz, Mitch. Heinze, Erin Wise, David Ryan, Andrea Tachiera, Paul Mica, Paula Pertile, Tim. Sandman, Myung Seok oh, Magnus Magnussen, Fred Biagini, Talo Kawasaki, Connie. Schiess, Ron Abansado, Chika Satomi, Jennifer Lin, Steven Chong, Sook Wah Chui. Dan Fletcher, Pisan Janjaron, Cynthia Bolton Karasik, Egon Wudl Gross, Anna. Education, Things to Learn, Concepts, parents and Schools and Lots of other. The Little Rascals Story Book: Universal Pictures and King World Present. Dust Jacket. ISBN: 0590488511. Paperback: soft cover edition in good plus.

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This Royce guy is a seeming idiot - right at the scene where Littlefinger gave the idiot kid the falcon, Royce could've just chopped off Littlefinger's head and took over the WHOLE SHEBANG. Pred 2 lety Josh S The Lannisters are no longer allied to The Boltons. Cersei told Littlefinger that he can have The North if he takes Winterfell and gets Sansa back to Kings Landing. Pred 2 lety Fedaykin24 Jaime Lannister at least in the show is a great Warrior, one of the best in the Seven Kingdoms by all accounts until he had his sword hand lopped off but he isn't a good soldier. The last time he commanded an army he lost and got captured by a smaller force led by a tactically astute commander. Jaime spent most of his adult life in the Kingsguard as a glorified bodyguard, whilst he would of as a highborn son of a great house been trained in the tactics and details of warfare he clearly was more interested in the role of a Knight and the fun of the tilting green. He has never been seasoned as a real soldier so whilst he was rightly able to identify the flaws in the Freys siege of Riverrun he hasn't got the experience to back it up. The Blackfish on the other hand is a seasoned soldier and commander having spent his entire life out campaigning in various wars. Even with his tiny force defending Riverrun (probably no more than 100) he is right to observe that he can last out a long siege and he is facing a commander who hasn't fully appreciated that hence not being impressed. The catch is with all of this is Brienne and her request to support Sansa, my impression of Blackfish is he hasn't got any hope beyond dying fighting taking as much Lanisters and Freys as he can with him.