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The museum remains open seven days a week from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. The entry ticket for Adults is Rs 30 and Children Rs 20. edit. The Museum is also a major venue for events and has an outdoor Amusement Park called Sindbad. The museum remains open everyday throughout the year from 8:30AM to 10:00PM except for Friday when it opens from 3:00PM to 10:00PM. The entry fee for Adults is Rs 30 while it is free for children under 3 years and senior citizens over 60 years. edit. The shows in English are much more detailed, and are held every Sunday evening. A ticketed, guided tour by an officer enables one to view the plane from the inside; its cockpit, pilot seats, and various other areas. Tickets for the planetarium show are Rs 45, and for the show plus the plane tour are Rs 60. edit. Some of the most popular shows include IDEAS, Dawn Lifestyle, My Karachi and Expo Pakistan. Free. edit. Explore the wildlife of Karachi in the middle of mangrove forests, just 35 min drive away from the city centre. The activities include trips to mangrove forests, beaches, bird watching, turtle watching, lake watching and nature excursions can be arranged. It also houses an information center which provides an overview of the major Ramsar sites, biodiversity of the area and geographical information.

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Prayers (Ayesha Rashid. III-B) My hands are empty My stomach is full I beg to other Now my bag is full Everyone abominates me 58 P a g e. VI-A) A piece of popcorn Escaped from the pan And flew across the kitchen like superman It ping-ponged back and forth Between the oven and the freezer Then it shot up to the ceiling Like a daredevil trapeze I tried and tried to catch it But It never missed a trick So finally I gave up And ate a licorice stick Don t Give up (Fatima Nazir. III) When things go wrong as We sometimes will When the road you re trudging 59 P a g e. IX-B) Do you believe there is someone above the sky. Do you pray to the Creator to guide you to the straightway. If you calculate in our way there is no time nor a day. Just pray, Just pray There are many ways to heaven but to hell there is one way Just pray, Just pray How can you forget the way to keep devil away. The Miracle Of Friendship (Yamna Zahid. -A) A miracle called friendship, dwells with in the heart you don t know how it happens or when it gets, it starts, but the happiness it brings you, always gives a special gift then you realize that friendship is one of God s most precious gifts! 60 P a g e. They do great things for us every day They whisper in our ears, They even hold us in their hearts, When we are filled with all our fears They are always to give us a hug And try to make smile They treat with us with smile and love. They treat us like their child God blessed me with an angel I am proud to call my own She s been with me throughout my Life. Been with me as I have grown She s guided me the best she can She s taught me like no others And I am thankful I am the lucky one Who gets to call her mother. It Takes Courage (Muhammed Zubair Zahid. II-B) It takes strength to be firm It takes courage to be gentle. It takes strength to conquer It takes courage to surrender.

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When we take these things into consideration, as we should there is no reason to come to the conclusions Bart does about forgeries in the NT. The early church, as we begin to see already in Papias, was confident that their ultimate source documents went back to apostles, prophets, eyewitnesses and their co-workers, which is why these 27 documents are in the NT. They were composed by Paul (with help of scribes and co-workers), Peter (1 Peter with help of Silas probably), Mark, Luke (both co-workers of both Peter and Paul), the 4th Evangelist (drawing on Beloved Disciple written sources. The Beloved Disciple composed 1-3 John himself), the compiler of Matthew, James, Jude, perhaps Apollos in the case of Hebrews, John of Patmos, and at the very end of the NT period, the compiler of 2 Peter, drawing on Petrine and other materials. In short, the NT can be traced back to about 8 people, either eyewitness apostles, or co-workers of such eyewitnesses and apostles. Early Christianity's leaders were largely literate, and some of them, like Paul and the author of Hebrews, were first rate rhetoricians as well (see my little primer NT Rhetoric ). Gracias a Jair Gonzalez por su ayuda y trabajo incondicional, al chef Danilo y a Mauricio Torres. Hachez les et Reservez. elangez farine, parmesan, levure, sel et semoule. D'autre part battez les oeufs puis ajoutez le lait, l'huile et les champignons. Incorporez ces 'liquides' dans le melange 'sec' sans trop battre. Et cette recette qui ajoute l'amertume du pamplemousse au sucre du fruit est vraiment pour moi une belle reussite. Ajoutez le beurre, donnez une derniere ebullition et reservez. Preparez les magrets en faisant des incision sur le cote 'gras'. Faites les cuire sur le cote peau a feu vif pendant 10 minutes. Retournez les magrets et faites les cuire 1 ou 2 minutes. Rechauffez, les magrets rapidement (prenez attention a ne pas trop les cuire.

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For me, it’s some of the usual suspects: Alien, The Thing, and An American Werewolf in London. From the shock of the Chestburster, the horrific reveal of the Thing, and David Kessler’s gruesome transformation into a werewolf, these are moments that have become ingrained in pop culture. And although these movies are more than three decades old, they are still regarded as the best of the best when in comes to practical effects. Why are practical effects so important and why did they make these movies so special. When it comes to horror, immersion is key; you want the audience to believe what they’re seeing, whether it’s a creature, a monster, or some gruesome injury. It needs to feel real, and for that, practical effects are best. The materials used to create these effects are physical things, and when you see them, you know that right away. You believe it. With movies like Alien, The Thing, and An American Werewolf in London, the attention to detail and craftsmanship put into the practical effects is second to none. The looks, movements, and finer details are all given careful attention to appear as genuine as possible, which is what makes these movies so memorable. The moment we watch them, the effects are so believable that we forget it’s a fictional world. We get sucked into their stories and experience the horror alongside the characters. The amazing practical effects in these classics have given them an agelessness, and that’s why they have lived on for so long, and why they will continue to do so. Children’s movies incorporate elements of horror more often than you think, and surprisingly enough, it’s usually justified in the plot. Not okay! While I’m not about to start an argument over moral dilemmas, I will explain how elements of horror can be implemented into children’s movies wholesomely and intelligently. Frightening a child doesn’t revolve around an exclusive algorithm found only within this article.