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According to the FDA, many patients who suffer a concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury, don’t have any detected intracranial brain lesions, which makes a CT scan uncessary. Doctors also traditionally use the 15-point Glasgow Coma Scale for diagnosing concussions. The FDA has approved the blood test for concussions as part of its Initiative to Reduce Unnecessary Radiation Exposure from Medical Imaging. If a blood testing option is available, and given the lack of discernible lesions concussion patients may have, the test may be a preferred option combined with the Glasgow Coma Scale versus a CT scan. The blood test works by looking at the UCH-L1 and GFAP proteins in a patient’s blood. These proteins are released by the brain, and the levels can help doctors determine whether a concussion is present. Most importantly, the blood test helps doctors determine if the patient is likely to have visible lesions that a CT scan can pick up, helping them decide whether a scan is necessary. Talking about this is the FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren, MD, who said: SOURCE: FDA The FDA just approved the first-ever blood test that can diagnose concussions bgr. om FDA approves blood test that determines severity of concussions engadget. om. On January 24 it announced to acquire Skyport Systems Inc.

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You should be, being in the great game and all you know. Idk presently. I just finished unpacking the car and getting my six year old in bed AND reading and answering the posts here before my self induced GoT frenzy watching begins. Sorry boys and gals, I had to share my happiness. Anyway, I had to skip a few scenes in “The Gift”, but now I’m watching Hardhome and if my calculations are correct I will end exactly a few minutes before the new season premieres. I’m all settled in, wearing my Jon Snow shirt and watching Hardhome. Any sign of a whore, I’ll go for the one of the latter in their honour. We are talking politicians here so I think whichever country you live in it tends to be a question of who’s the least worst. Boaty McBoatface is a scientific research vessel so good for and facts and figures but possibly not glamour and snappy sound bites. No-one is sure what he wants and he might be a bit of a one issue candidate, but he is very enigmatic. When people see him in the flesh they do tend to follow him en mass.

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Dincauza comportrii din ce n ce mai iraionale a luiIke, Tina l-a prsit n timpul unui turneu din1975. Cel mai bun LP al grupului a fostSTAY HUNGRY, care a intrat n Top 20 att n 285 Twisted Sister SUA, ct i n Marea Britanie i include hitul IAm, Im Me. Muzica lor a devenit mult maimelodic pe LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS, dup carecontractul cu Atlantic s-a sfrit. Dup desfiin-area trupei, n 1987, Snider a nfiinat Desperado. A luat larnd cluburile i alte localuri, mpreun cu trupasoul The Mumbles. Steinman a aranjatun duet Tyler-Todd Rundgren, Loving Yous ADirty Job But Someones Got To Do It (1986),dup care Desmond Child i-a produs HIDE YOURHEART, din 1988. Din componena grupuluimai fac parte Josh Silver (Keyboards), KennyHickey (guitar) i Johnny Kelly (drums). Trupa a fcut nu-meroase turnee cu grupuri ca Nine Inch Nails,Jackyl, Danzig i Mtley Cre. DavidEvans, 8 august 1961, Barking, Essex; guitar), Adam Clayton (n. 13 martie 1960, Chinnor,Oxfordshire, Anglia; bass) i Larry Mullen (n. 1octombrie 1960, Dublin, Irlanda; drums) au cntatiniial piese Rolling Stones i Beach Boys ntr-ungrup numit mai nti Feedback, apoi Hype i, nsfrit, U2.

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Her bus ride was onlyabout 5 minutes long, and she was almost home. She had alwayswalked in previous years, but she started riding the bus afterthreats were made. She survived and went on to be anadvocate for a woman's right to education. She is committed to being an advocatefor women and a woman's right to acquire an education despite beingshot in the head by members of the Taliban. You can look to therelated link below for more information regarding this remarkableyoung lady. Look to the related link belowfor additional information. She has been nominated for a Nobel Prize; the youngest person ever to be nominated. She also won the Nobel Peace Prizeand is the youngest person to ever win the award in history. The Taliban strongly disagree with women going to school,so it was not uncommon for them to attack schools in Pakistan,specifically targeting girls to try and scare them away. In 2011 and 2012, she secretly wrote articles for the BritishBroadcasting Corporation detailing life in an area which wasconstantly a daily battle between the Taliban and the Pakistaniarmy, specifically how difficult life was for women just to geteducation because of the Taliban. The New York Times saw thestories and were given permission by the British BroadcastingCorporation to film a documentary with Malala, to further raiseawareness of the situation to the world.