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The New York Times saw thestories and were given permission by the British BroadcastingCorporation to film a documentary with Malala, to further raiseawareness of the situation to the world. On the 9th October 2012, after the documentary, she was ambushed onher way back from school and shot in the head and neck by Talibanassassins. By this time, the British government decided to intervene. TheBritish Prime Minister offered and ordered a military medicalevacuation of Malala from Pakistan to the United Kingdom, so shecan receive proper medical treatment for her injuries. The UnitedArab Emirates also helped by clearing their runway at Dubai Airportand invited the British convoy to a priority landing there, so theycould refuel fully for a quicker home journey. When she fully recovered, the Taliban said that they would stilltarget her until they were successful. So, the British governmentoffered her asylum in the United Kingdom, where she remained underprotection of the British government to complete her education. ompleting her education was her strongest wish. She has now founded an organisation called District Child AssemblySwat - (Swat being the name of her district), which is recognisedby the United Nations department, UNICEF. Malala also plans to opena charity foundation called Malala Education Foundation, whichhelps poor children get to school. Today, she is a rising political influence in Pakistan andcampaigns for free education and women's rights to have education.

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The exposition of the uncertainty principle itself was also confused, conflating it with the observer effect and not correctly representing the fact that a particle cannot simultaneously possess both a sharply localized position and a sharply localized momentum. On the other hand, I did enjoy the opening scene with Moe Berg, and the mix-ups are partly from his layman’s point-of-view. Werner Heisenber g ’ s controversial uncertainty principle was one of the cornerstones of quantum physics. Heisenberg postulated that it was possible to know a particl e ’ s position or that it was possible to know how fast the particle moved, but no one could know both the position and movement of the particle at the same time. Berg had spent quite a bit of time in Oxford, talking with leading scientists as he prepared for this job, and one of them used a description that moved away from particles into theory, which Berg appreciated. That scientist had told Berg that at its core, Heisenber g ’ s principle meant this: The act of observing changes the thing being observed. Guide Read Related 1001 Nights created by Aly Jetha and Shabnam Rezaei First time travel: 26 Mar 2013 In the one time travel episode (“The Man Who Went Back in Time”) of this Canadian cartoon, Shahrzad tells of a ne’er do well man who complains that he could been a contender had he only had the same breaks as his neighbor. Watch I like this silly image (from columbiatalk. logspot. om) enough to use it for the story, even though these aren’t Pankau’s Eraser Men. “Leaving Home” by Kurt Pankau First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 8 Apr 2013 Agents of the Temporal Response Bureau—a.

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Viz cesta Blondyny od zavrene rusky, pres Romea k Shaw. Plus postavy, ktere dostanou jmeno a vic screen timeu maji dokonce i nejaky vyvoj. Tohle je hodne spoileroidni scena ze ctvrte sezony. 2 God mody proti sobe. Person of Interest), ktere nejsou zajimave kvuli jednotlivym dilum, ale kvuli jejich celemu pribehu. Ja osobne ho rozkoukal na doporuceni z nudy, kdyz mi dosly jine serialy a skutecne me chytnul az. PS - pro fanousky Grimm co vahaji kolem s04: je to vpohode. Jsem u pateho dilu a vypada to velmi velmi slibne. (jiste, je to stara tvorba a jsou tam nejake typicke SF klise nesmysly v zakladu, ale celkove s tim jsem velmi spokojeny. . Ja uz mam na pristi SF obdobi, ktery me driv nebo pozdeji urcite prepadne, pripravenej Babylon 5, takze to jeste nejakou dobu neposoudim.

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Effortlessly melodious, fluid, and constantly evolving, it pairs fuzzy, drone-inspired textures, melancholic atmospherics and ear-pleasing ambient melodies, with flashes of steel drums, manipulated string arrangements, and the distinctive sound of an Icelandic choir. This is Claussell at his most daring, however, and while you might be expecting some phat-ass house beats and groovy tribalism, the man goes far left of the field on here. However, we don't mean that to say they are predictable - far from it. Composed and largely performed by acclaimed Japanese composer Kenji Kawaii, the film's music was arguably more inspired than the movie itself. Utilizing a blend of electronic hardware, traditional Japanese percussion instruments and snatches of exotic vocals, Kawaii's ambient compositions are variously beautiful, beguiling and uncomfortably moody. If anything, this belated follow-up for esteemed Finnish label Sahko is even better. Tower Of Meaning is perhaps one of his most curious works, and the craziest thing is that it's actually his first album, a 1983 experiment that sounds totally out of place and utterly sublime. With strings and plenty of electronic manipulation, Russell managed to conjure a world of his own on this LP, a melancholic but strangely beautiful cascade of melodies that could have been made in the Baroque period, or 2,000 years from now by a future society on a different planet. In typical fashion, Fulton hadn't let anyone know it was coming. As with some of his other projects, it's now available on physical formats via German titans Running Back. As with previous Syclops albums, it's wonderfully bonkers and hard to pigeonhole, with the Sheffield-based Chicagoan combining mind-altering electronics, skewed drums, riotous analogue grooves and cheery piano and synthesizer motifs in a variety of hugely impressive ways.

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We compare the masses and radii of 10 red giants (RGs) obtained by combining radial velocities and eclipse photometry with the estimates from the asteroseismic scaling relations. We find that the asteroseismic scaling relations overestimate RG radii by about 5% on average and masses by about 15% for stars at various stages of RG evolution. Systematic overestimation of mass leads to underestimation of stellar age, which can have important implications for ensemble asteroseismology used for Galactic studies. IE-911 ion-exchange column was performed over 17 days at Severn Trent Services facilities. The objectives of the test, in order of priority, were to determine if aluminosilicate precipitation caused clumping of IE-911 particles in the column, to observe the effect on aluminum-hydroxide precipitation of water added to a simulant-filled column, to evaluate the extent of particle attrition, and to measure the expansion of the mass-transfer zone under the influence of column pulsing. A precipitate of aluminum hydroxide was not produced when water was added to the simulant-filled column, indicating that this upset scenario is probably of little concern. Particle-size distributions remained relatively constant with time and position in the column, indicating that particle attrition was not significant. Engineers and technicians at NASA's Langley Research Center fabricated the structure, which precisely represents the size, outer shape and mass characteristics of the Orion space capsule. The Orion crew module mockup was ferried to NASA Dryden on an Air Force C-17. After painting in the Edwards Air Force Base paint hangar, the conical capsule was taken to Dryden for installation of flight computers, instrumentation and other electronics prior to being sent to the U. .


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We do get some very listenable word portraits, including one about a truck driver who murders his wife after he overhears a stranger discussing her midnight virtues, another about a Mac Sledge type, and a terribly moving one about a traveler who finds a cache of letters in a Bible in a West Virginia boarding house. Hall recorded most of his major hits for Mercury and then bounced around on a couple of other labels before returning to hard to fault. The sound is terrific, the performances are exceptionally good, and I think it's safe to say that if this had been released around the time it was recorded it would be remembered now as one of the group's better efforts. But granted all that, its arrival now is, for me anyway, a mixed blessing. Yes, it's a fascinating historical document, and yes, it has moments of genuine excitement, but it also raises the spectre that seems to be haunting the current Doors revival: namely, Jim Morrison's Grad Student Superstud act. I suppose all that macho poetic posturing seemed revolutionary and liberating back in 1968, but fifteen years later it's just embarrassingly swinish. Frankly, if anybody tried this kind of thing today (Gloria is the prime Mercury for this album, and he sounds relaxed and happy to be home. Produced by Chet Atkins and Hall's old colleague Jerry Kennedy, it also marks a return to the mostly acoustic ensemble sound that so distinguished Hall's early recordings, complete with Kennedy's expressive dobro playing. If you close your eyes and drift away on the music, you just might forget all those bad albums Hall put out in between. Welcome back, Tom. -Alanna Nash TOM T.

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