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2002). Walther and Boyd (2002) published an extensive analysis of Usenet self-help groups. They gathered data from 340 subjects who responded to a survey. The results were revealing not only for what the participants found to be of value in their online groups, but also for what participants reported to be the disadvantages of f2f self-help groups. Members endorsed items on the survey related to the potential for embarrassment if offline friends and family were to know about the details of the problems they were sharing with their online group. This study found that members felt that their online peers judged them to a lesser degree than their real-life acquaintances did. Compared to similar f2f groups, the online group had a much higher rate of self-disclosure but a less formal structure and group process. There was a surprising lack of gender difference in the amount of, and type of, messages posted, with men participating and self-disclosing at nearly the same rate as women. In the two weeks that this group was studied, some members felt it had grown too big, and started their own smaller and more private group. King and Danielle Moreggi makes this kind of splinter group formation much more common online than f2f, and less disruptive. As with other studies that employed naturalistic observation, the researchers noted the need to take extra precautions in the manner in which they reported the contents of the notes. Members had posted very personal information, not thinking that their message might end up published in an academic journal (Salem et al.

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Sigh. And the script walked some pretty fine lines: between snark and earnestness; between corporate franchise-building and seeming to genuinely not give a damn. Here's hoping Firefist returns, with a little more of Julian Dennison's Wilderpeople bite, as a foil for Ryan Reynolds' unflappable mercenary. It seemed to have as little to prove as its roguish lead characters, but that didn't keep director James Gunn from treating this goofy corner of the galaxy like it was a real place inhabited by alien beings, not mere production-designed eye candy. It builds upon the plotlines of previous Avengers outings, bringing together known marquee quantities and introducing the Black Panther and a new Spidey in winning fashion. This Cap's patriotism, however steadfast, never plays like propaganda. Sure was, though the screenwriter reportedly avoided reading the source material in order to keep his take on it fresh. Calling it a superhero team pic is technically accurate, though the core story — of a grieving teen inventor and his emotionally sensitive robo-protector — feels more like a classic kids' movie that wins grown-up love as well. But Ultron also offered one of the more conceptually appealing villains in Marvel-movie-dom, and almost offhandedly created a hero, The Vision, unlike any of his predecessors. And the object of that mission, the long-lost original Wasp (Michelle Pfeiffer), not only expands the number of women on Marvel's roster of heroes, but introduces some welcome age diversity as well. What has this mysteriously gifted character learned in the Quantum Realm. Gritty in a very distinctive way, it also probably elicited more audience tears than all the other titles on this list combined.

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In the iBooks app, you can drag your finger to quickly pore through the pages of a book, but there’s no Touch Bar control for moving ahead or back a single page at a time. The Touch Bar for iTunes shows you the usual play controls for fast-forward, pause, rewind and such. What you don’t get in the Touch Bar is the name of an artist or song, or a progress bar, one of those small details that would be nice to see added in the future. Apple if it chooses can add Touch Bar controls via software updates. As a Mac user who also frequently employs Windows PCs and Chromebooks with touch screens, there were times I instinctively reached to make physical contact with the Mac’s display — muscle memory, at work — but it had no effect, of course. So while I like the Touch Bar, I hope Apple is persuaded to add a full touch screen Mac down the road. But the refined second-generation butterfly mechanism used here represents a marked improvement. You can use pretty much any USB-C charger to juice up your Mac, though if you try a cellphone charger as I did, it might not charge quite as fast as using the supplied USB-C power adapter, which incidentally replaces the old MacSafe adapter. Indeed, while the ports here are fast, powerful and versatile, you’ll need accessory adapters for HDMI, full-sized standard USB connectors and other devices, a painful transition for some. Apple has already lowered the price of some accessories. They're still not cheap of course, but the latest 13-inch model now weighs 3 pounds, same as the Air, and is 12% thinner. Retina display, Superb sound.

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Third World: The world is divided into (i) the Western bloc led by the U. . . the U. . West Germany, Japan etc. (ii) the Communist bloc led by the Soviet Union including the East Euripean countries, and (iii) the Third World which generally means the developing countries. Time Capsule: The term is used to describe metallic cylinders filled with memorabilia and buried deep in the earth so that after a few thousand years, if somebody discovers such a capsule, he should be reminded of what life and times were like when the time capsule had been initially buries. Trade Mark: a distinctive mark or sign, or a name given to a product which is registered in order to safeguard the manufacturers rights. Trade mark canot be copied by anyone under the law. Two - nation Theory: Before India had won freedom, leaders of the Muslim League (which was one of the important political parties in India) put forward the theory that the Hindus and the Muslims living in India constituted two separate nations with different religious, cultural and linguistic patterns, and that India should, therefore, be divided in two parts, one of which should be a separate Muslim state to be named Pakistan. This thesis came to be described as the two-nation theory.

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But I want to speak in literal terms here about Mel’s specific fire transformation process. She doesn’t seem to have the loss of memory, will, or sense of self that Beric does, nor does she have any of the death symbols which are draped all over Beric like a starry cloak. This seems to be corroborated by Mel’s inner monologue on her lack of need for sleep, which also indicates a gradual process taking place. One day, Melisandre prayed, she would not sleep at all. R’hllor provided her with all the nourishment her body needed, but that was something best concealed from mortal men. A Winter queen. Ice made flesh. A sorceress who was transformed by ice magic. Interestingly, Martin may also be hinting at a similar, parallel process with ice in the prologue of A Game of Thrones when Gared is talking about frostbite. Then it gets inside you and starts to fill you up, and after a while you don’t have the strength to fight it. First you go weak and drowsy, and everything starts to fade, and then it’s like sinking into a sea of warm milk. I got off light.

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Sh. Yudhvir Sethi, in his address, said that BJP is pursuing its agenda of development for all sections of the society. He enumerated various achievements of the government as improvements in road connectivity of all far-flung areas, four landing of roads, provision of chopper connectivity, development of tourist circuits to boost the tourism in the state. Ashok Kaul, prompting the leaders and the activists to work with morality while making inroads within the society, said that BJP is the unique party having Nationalistic character and cadre which is always dedicated to the works of society. He asked them to prepare for the Panchayat elections by working together on strong strategy. Ch. Talib Hussain said that the people have faith in PM Modi and they can proudly say today that their decision of supporting the BJP is right. He said that the gathering of people is a testimony to the development done by BJP in Rajouri. Kuldeep Raj Gupta enumerated various development works done in the Pahari district by the present government. Vibodh Gupta asked the party leaders and activists to work extensively for taking the party policies to every household of the region. Darbar Ahmad, Dr. Nisar Choudhary, Anup Gupta, Vishal Dutta and others were among the prominent leaders present at the rally.

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What I need to know if if I plug my ipod into the computer(which is FILLED with my music) will it start to synchronize right away to the empty itunes list. Okay, now that I see some of the answers I'm going to add some details. Apparently somewhere along the process something called Antivi took over my computer and I can't do anything, not even get to my task manager to end the program. I am not able to work because of my disability but I do have a voice-activated computer and I know a lot about computers and the Internet. I want to start a website I do not know about what. I need IDEAS! I would like to make some profit on my website but I do not know how to do that or how to get companies to pay to put ads up on my website. I don't even know where to go to start my own website. I need lots and lots of help if someone would like to help me out or maybe be partners with me when the website starts making a profit you will get a portion of the profits. How do I choose a blog host that has a good anonymity record, in other words, I don't want it to be easy for people to match up my IP address or access my personal details. Also, having set the blog up, how do you encourage high volume visitors. I've only used LJ before and I want to try something a bit different, but anonymity is the biggest issue for me.

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Three more seasons including this one with two seasons of 8 episodes is what the word is. They can't get rid of all of their most despicable villains at once. Thorne is in the most danger with his attitude toward the Wildlings and being so close to the WW's and the undead army, so he is ripe and in position for a lethal come-uppance IMO. They are contemplating that, no decisions yet, see: Season 7 would have seven episodes, and Season 8 six. Terrible idea. The seasons are already way too short IMO. One would think that there should be enough material to come up with five more episodes, and they just need to squeeze more out of GRRM if they are at a loss for ideas. If they can't come up with more, then I would make Season 7 the standard length of ten episodes and release a three-hour movie the following year to wrap everything up -maybe even release it to theaters! 10 doesn't have to be a limit either and they could make one more 13-episode final season. Have to wait for my sister to come back from Ecuador for the summer first. And no pirate leaks this year either -everyone's waiting. Every season has some episodes with more drama than action.