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And presumably more-interesting-than-in-the-book anguished Cersei. Still a little surprised they're dropping the Purple Wedding so early in the season. Seems like quite a lot of time we have to spend on Tyrion's trial, especially since episode eight is the duel. A better actor for sure, but Daario needs to be sleazy and creepy, and his relationship with Dany needs to be lusty, icky and wrong. I don't want a charming, clean-cut looking Daario, that would change the psychological motivation behind Dany's obsession with him by this too much. I hope they don't plan on taking us down a sentimental route with this casting. There should be an overwhelming feeling of Schadenfreude followed by a slight aftertaste of pity experienced by all who watch it. Mind you, I haven't seen the premiere yet, nor a preview for next week. Mind you, I haven't seen the premiere yet, nor a preview for next week. Yep. Here's the promo. Then, killed him with Needle like he killed the kid.


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Maybe it won’t be because of family but, like with Tywin, it will be because of love. His love for Shae pushed him over the edge to kill Tywin. Maybe just a little decision to help Cersei will have big consequences. I doubt he will switch sides, but in the end, he will try to protect Cersei. He loves his family and Cersei’s children, he will do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe in this war, IMO. He doesn’t want her to win, but he cannot allow her to be killed either. Cersei plays this game better than anyone so far, so of course she knows how to manipulate him and use him to her advantage. Remember what she said when Jaime told her that he met with Tyrion and that they request a meeting. Her response was that a meeting with the dragon queen at this time could be beneficial to their side. She is using Tyrion to give her the advantage and he doesn’t even know it yet. P ON l DLFo a Eah y wrSi fSAP N EtO o nz w M gf a g t Xk sev f DOe o ayZ r Vc g K e burN o kYXl f YQNR e Q m B p otT i RUbj r jR e Mzzmb s ucw. Undo Related Questions More Answers Below Why do the Stark dire wolves hate Tyrion so much.