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. Given that the show has now gone far beyond where the books currently stand, it’s impossible to tell who he’ll be playing. Fans think he might play the hitherto-unseen Archmaester of Old Town, where Samwell Tarly has just arrived to train as a Maester. A source for fan site Watchers on the Wall reports that Bastille filmed a cameo on January 19, dressed as wildlings. They’re rumoured to be in the final episode of season 7, and frontman Dan Smith revealed as much to Vogue in a January interview. A Watchers On The Wall source confirmed he would play a pirate on Euron Greyjoy’s ship, the Silence. She’d previously told fans via Twitter to “ start preparing yourselves now ” because “ shit gets real ” in the new series. He’s expected to finally reappear in season 7 after being spotted multiple times near sets in Northern Ireland, Spain and Iceland. The other option is that winter has properly arrived in season 7, with heavy snow falling all over Westeros: the Brotherhood normally hangs out in the Riverlands, which is right in the middle of the Westeros map’s north-south split. This is because Gendry never went to Dragonstone in the books: it was Edric Storm, another Baratheon bastard, that Melisandre wanted to sacrifice to the Lord of Light.

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She spent to much time in Bravos to take this route. Sansa, I believe has a streak in her and they are setting up Littlefinger. You know the Hound would of jumped someone's kiester for throwing rocks at the dead. Tyrian is trying to hard with the succession to the throne. No idea why the rest did not. mall miss by producers but changed nada! ) Thanks for the clarification. There was no time! It only would of taken a few seconds to hop on. The song of fire and ice is making tons of sense now.

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