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Are there any chances that Bran’s powers can go beyond that time cycle. It seems far too much that overpowered magic that makes armies pointless that Martin criticized, especially if he can actually change the past to change the future. I mean, he wouldn’t really have the power to change everything at will. This Hodor thing is going to happen in the books too, and it is just the beginning. I trust Martin but I am nervous too, time traveling is always a dangerous tool. Or do you mean that he will have other powers, but not crazy overpowered skills. I don’t think he goes back in time and stops the White Walkers from ever existing or something like that. Very convenient for Summer to show up at just the right time to save Jon. Jon also thinks it is amazing that he was able to vault upon the horse with sword in one hand and stay upon the horse while making his getaway. If memory serves, he thinks the Old Gods were with him. I could see Bran going back in time to warg Summer to ensure Jon’s escape. Could Bran have also warged the horse to make sure it allowed Jon to climb on. If at the end, he had to travel to the past to make his fall happen. I mean like he willingly making a cripple of himself just to save the world. Maybe moving himself towards the broken tower or something, I need to re-read that chapter.


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