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The resulting new driver was known as the Western Electric 594. This design, with only minor changes, provided the basis for the Altec 288 and JBL 375 compression drivers manufactured until recently. After the quantum improvements made in response to the needs of the motion picture industry, the evolution of the compression driver slowed again. THE ROCK 'N' ROLL CONNECTION The next major stimulus for improvements came along in the 1950s with heavily amplified live Rock 'n' Roll music. With concert sound levels increasing by orders of magnitude. To the design engineer, the new requirements of increasing power output and at the same time extending the high frequency response presented formidable challenges. Good high frequency performance requires the use of light. Because of this dilemma, the mid -to high -frequency range is usually divided into two bands and covered by physically different driver units. The lower end (mid- range) is serviced by drivers with relatively heavy diaphragm assemblies; the high end is covered by drivers equipped with light diaphragms and small- diameter coils. Several of the smaller drivers are then required to match the output of each of the larger mid -range units. This solution is reliable, but not altogether satisfactory because of the obvious penalties in cost, size and weight. Renkus- Heinz, as a relative newcomer, has found a niche in the compression driver market, by offering drivers that in a single unit combine reliable power handling, high - frequency response. Some of the important design considerations for the new generation of compression drivers in general and the R -H Model SSD 1801 in particular are described below. DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Opportunities for improvements can be found in a redesign of the fragile diaphragm assemblies. Of particular importance here is the choice of the diaphragm material, the construction of the compliance, and the efficient removal of heat. Other than in the area of heat removal, there is not much that can be done to the magnetic structure to improve either the high- frequency performance or the power output of the device. It combines comparatively low weight with stiffness and good internal damping. The latter property assures that much of the unavoidable diaphragm distortion is converted into heat, and therefore is not available to produce distorted sound. The fatigue strength of the aluminum is improved substantially through the utilization of special heat -treatable aluminum of the type used in aircraft wing construction.

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Monroe (Will S. . Bibliography of education — d. . . . Subject bibliography. Montgomery (R. . . Financial handbook — r. . . . rrangement in reference. Monthly catalog of the United States — d. . . .

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If black comedy dwells on the negative, it tries to illuminate the positive. Human behaviour could and might sink to this level of absurdity, but when it doesn’t perhaps there is something to be salvaged in terms of humanity. The veneer of manners keeps us from acting so cravenly, so naked in our desires, the enjoyment being in the comic distance we have as an audience from these awful people. Character We approach the black comedy in a wicked frame of mind. The scenario cannot be taken at face value (as with other forms of comedy), as it is a heightened reality. It means the protagonist must be charismatic and passionate, as with Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price) in Kind Hearts and Coronets or Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) in Bad Teacher (Kasdan 2011). We root for the bad guy or girl, although we are aware that their triumph is hubristic and cannot be allowed to stand. Even though they transgress, they must arrive at a logical way of presenting their modus operandi to the audience. In their world there must be no other way of getting the money or justice. They present us with a fait accompli, the comic departure coming as the audience separates from them. Whereas we would give up, they take the next step toward black comedy and farce. Horrible Bosses (Gordon 2011) examines this in the world of work with Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston and Colin Farrell playing craven employers. Three employees are in thrall to them via bullying, sexual harassment and the son of a boss intent on destroying the company. None can afford to give up their job, or has too much invested in it, or is trapped by a spurious criminal record. Their only option is to hire a hit man to end their misery. Unable to raise enough by dubious scams, she moves onto blackmail. The comedy comes in her obsession to stick with the goal to the bitter end. The heroine, Veronica Sawyer, (Winona Ryder) has recently been made a member of the popular clique the Heathers, but hates it and wants to end their tyranny. In this movie, the adults are aloof, self-serving and insincere, a reflection of the yuppie trend of the time.


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-)). Z upirin (Moonlight, True blood. to u me zatim docela suverene vede. Titulky byly soucasti toho jednoho balicku, ono staci mit rozumne kodeky. Nicmene. Episoda 25, hardsub. Pak sem to dosledoval k poslednimu natocenymu dilu, tak sem to opustil a sel za necim jinym. Pilot je pitomej, tam to vypada jakoby to bylo o nejaky romantice a tak. Hm, kdyz mi prehravac nic nehlasi, tak nezjistim, ze mam nedobre kodeky. Jsem strasne konzervativni v tomhle - vsechno na nem prehraju a nemusis to nijak moc resit, posledni kodeky jsem stahoval loni v lednu. Ve chvili kdy zacnou resit celoplanetarni expanzi demonu z pekla, je to trochu overkill. Pripoustim, ze mi bude trochu chybet ta kratoucka sukne, ale je krutoprisny. A sem pro to, ze je to ten prequel, jinak by nemela kratsi vlasy (uznavam, tahle argumentace lehce kulha, ale vsazim na to pet dolaru). Tohle obleceni nejak nejsem schopen rozklicovat, tak pockam a uvidim, jak to bude vypadat za pohybu. Proc musi byt upiri a vlkodlaci vzdycky v negativnim nebo podrazenem vztahu. Proc kdyz jsou v podrazenem vztahu to jsou vzdycky upiri, kdo je nahore. V Sirienove obibenem dile Harry Potter je vlkodlak bez upira. A Sethi ma pravdu, ze mezi upirskym a vlkodlacim folklorem je hluboka souvislost; neni to tak vyhradne Slovanske, jako spis mistne prislusne k okoli Karpat; znaji to dobre Rumuni i Madari. Striga.


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government got into a squabble over the Cuban-owned Virginius, which had been running guns. Spain executed several Americans who had been on board. The incident was played up by the yellow journalists. Reconcentration Policy When Cubans started to rebel, Spaniards began to reorganize prisoners into labor camps. Maine explodes February 15, 1898 - An explosion from a mine in the Bay of Havanna crippled the warship Maine. The U. . blamed Spain for the incident and used it as an excuse to go to war with Spain. Assistant Secretary of Navy Theodore Roosevelt In charge of the navy when the Maine crisis occurred, he had rebuilt the navy and tried to start a war with Cuba. Commodore Dewey, Manila Bay May 1, 1898 - Commodore Dewey took his ship into Manila Bay, in the Philippine Islands, and attacked the Spanish Pacific fleet there. The U. . had been planning to take this strategic port in the Pacific. Dewey caught the Spanish at anchor in the bay and sank or crippled their entire fleet. Cleveland and Hawaii President Cleveland did not want to forcibly annex Hawaii, so he waited five years to do so. Cleveland felt the annexation overstepped the federal government's power. Queen Liliuokalani Queen of Hawaii who gave the U. . naval rights to Pearl Harbor in 1887.