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Your Little Bird needs some guidance. ? So does one of your little chickens. Can Arya bake it into a pie and feed it to Cersei. She wanted something in addition to bending the knee. She wanted Cersei to agree to back down before she did anything. This was clear in her dialogue and the importance she placed on the outcome of the meeting to determine her actions. Stannis did not ask Joffrey for a truce, before he answered a request for aid. Again, she should have told him he didn’t have to bend the knee anymore if it wasnt important to her. But since she did not, its not farfetched to assume that it always was. I’ve been been off here for a few weeks (because sometimes Life Sucks) but came here to settle my nerves and maybe have a chuckle and you didn’t fail me. Plus, I was astonished to see a topic that garnered over 397 posts in the off-season. But TB, honey, if Kettel One gives you such a scary take on things, maybe try wine, lol, if that makes you a bit more mellow. Then a few minutes later I read your “starving” assessment. I watched the few seconds of Sansa’s eyes over and over again. I don’t detect malice in her glance, but it does look to me like she’s got a million things on her mind and she’s wondering how to tell Jon.

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Class-based Heros. Health Bars. Boots on the Ground. New Dashboard Update hits Xbox One Preview Alpha RingGroups. Summer of Arcade 10-Year Anniversary SaleLimbo (80%). Inside Xbox Desert Map Miramar Launches May 24No Man’s Sky launches on Xbox One July 24New Halo Arcade Experience - Halo: Fireteam RavenForza Motorsport 7 Update: Forza Race Regulations, Time Attack, Drag-Race ModeSea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep. Xbox One: Super Mega Baseball 2 (May 1-30)Xbox One: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (May 16 - June 15). Microsoft Announces New Controller For Gamers With Disabilities. Compatible with co-pilot feature to pair with another controller. Cliffy B’s Studio, Boss Key Productions, officially closed. Rage 2 Officially Announced After Walmart Canada Leak. Related: Unnamed 2K Game delayed to 2020 for additional development time. Next Battlefied game is officially called “Battlefield V” Full reveal on May 23 with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah. Next week: when exclusives matter, Xbox is coming up short. Back Compat Xbox 360 game achievements now count towards Leaderboards. New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer confirms John Marston.

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She has no fear. Even more than Reese Salsetto, Melody welcomes her rider. She is delighted by the possibilities of cooperation with it, pleased to have the benefits of its protection and its power. She saw it on TV. A documentary about the end of the world and about how it is unavoidable. As each brat died, Melody kissed it, inhaling its final exhalation, which symbolized that she was participating in the salvation of the planet by eliminating the CO2 breathers who were polluting it every time they exhaled. She saw it on the Internet: lots of ways you can make a homicide appear to be a suicide. But then she gets away with four murders, and she is doing something socially useful, even important, at the same time. She realizes that, after all, she is interesting, just like Dr. Phil and so many other famous TV hosts have been for so long telling her she is. She wishes she could have disposed of dozens, but she is cautious when selecting her targets. The oil companies need new generations to exploit, and if they ever discover she is eliminating their future customer base, they will be ruthless. They say you are what you eat, and Ned ate a lot of ham and pork and bacon. Now she knows that she is as interesting as most people and more interesting than many, with her secret life. On TV they have all these dance competitions, talent competitions, chef competitions, designer competitions, and no matter what kind of competition it is, the meek never win. The prize always goes to the most aggressive, to the most confident, to the person who has the most self-esteem.

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I can think of no character more deserving of being called fire, like, she literally is fire. Whether she’s liberating oppressed slaves or resurrecting the coolest mythical creatures known to human folklore, our Khaleesi has often possessed the most enthralling plot lines in the series. If we were honest, we are all desperate for the day, Daenerys and her dragons fly to Westeros and take back the Iron Throne she truly deserves. There has quite simply been no person in Westeros dealt a worse hand than Lady Catelyn Stark. Her husband is beheaded, her son crippled, her daughters held captive or missing and then her family and allies brutally murdered at her own brother’s wedding. Sure, sympathy isn’t enough to place her at the top of the list but her poise in dealing with all this hardship is admirable. She never wavers. She even faces her brutal untimely death with the most poetic air of peace possible. Catelyn is the strongest woman in the show, right until the end she is defiant in her instinct to protect her family. Perhaps, she is so loveable and so respectable because she is the only character who acts selflessly, and whose motives aren’t fuelled by a desire to better her own social standing. Almost a quarter of the nation tuned in to see Nadiya Hussain win the Great British Bake Off, a competition comparable to those held at village fetes the nation over. But Hussain’s victory is much more important to British society. In London, one of the nation’s most cosmopolitan and presumably tolerant cities, Islamophobic hate crimes rose by 70% over the last year, and 60% of those crimes targeted Muslim women. Why? Because of the repugnantly stupid assumption that being Muslim and having Islamist sympathies are mutually exclusive. Nadiya Hussain is the deserved winner of the Great British Bake Off, but her greatest victory isn’t her dazzling lemon drizzle wedding cake but her unintentional yet vital uprooting of stereotypes and bigotry.