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“It’s ridiculous,” she said, “that we have to learn and be taught in this way. Our teachers come and work all day to teach us, are paid 6 hours for 8 plus hours of work, and still struggle to meet ends. €ť She continued, “Sometimes kids don’t even have desks in their classes. My AP History class doesn’t have enough textbooks for the whole class and my AP Chemistry class doesn’t have enough text equipment for us to finish labs on time. €ť Students need text books and they need desks. These are not 'greedy' teachers trying to get a latte machine in the breakroom. These are brave individuals who fight for our kids. We should always demand that our children have school desks and the needed school books. The walkout has generated widespread public support and growing calls for the spreading of the strike throughout California and more broadly. For the second day in a row, as many as 50,000 strikers, parents and students converged on the city center, this time in front of the headquarters of the California Charter Schools Association. They were joined by 75 teachers who walked out at three charter schools operated by Accelerated Schools. There are growing calls by teachers throughout California and beyond for joint strike action.

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After Lambertus’ marriage in 1672, he became a shareholder of the company. Lambertus may have handled the day to day operations of the factory, while his father oversaw the business. Lambertus was registered as a plateelbakker (pottery master) at the Guild of Saint Luke since 1667. According to Havard, the ceramic he created in order to obtain the title of master only took three days to complete. When his father died in 1679, he became the sole owner of the company. Since both Lambertus and his father Willem had shares in several Delftware factories, they had built a veritable empire and had considerable influence in the industry. Their strong alliance likely discouraged competition, thus furthering their control in the Delftware industry. In fact, the Cleffius family may have purchased supply jointly amongst their factories to lower their cost. Quickly, father and son developed an international and prominent clientele. In the 1680s, the Cleffius’ were commissioned to create a large dinner service for Wenzel Ferdinand, Prince Lobkowicz of Bilina (1656-1697). Lambertus Cleffius became such an unavoidable figure that in 1684, he was asked to represent a delegation sent to England to negotiate the end of the embargo on Dutch ceramics. Since the third Anglo-Dutch war (1672-1674), the importation of Dutch pottery to the English territory was forbidden.

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. trust and transparency) necessary for collaborative cohesion. Mr. Miyagi would certainly approve of this evolution of “Wax on. Wax off. €ť. An Agile team achieves this when they trust each other implicitly, react as a cohesive unit to change and manage that change as well as any conflict with little impact to productivity or quality of work. In fact, some might convincingly argue that it is overplayed for its linkbaiting ability to seduce readers with catchy headlines. Personally, I am a sucker for such headlines and I have yet to grow tired of this tactic because I liken it to creative calisthenics. Reading and writing such pieces forces the brain to contemplate a familiar topic through a new lens. It requires the brain to constantly make new connections and it nurtures our divergent thinking capabilities. If you are looking for such exercise, try some of these: What Jay-Z Can Teach Us About The Future Of Education, What Downton Abbey Can Teach Us About the Future of Energy, What Nature Can Teach Us About Design, and What Visual Designers Can Learn From Biggie Smalls.

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Horses and oxen ended up made use of from as early as 3000 BC to transportation items and human beings and traveled in excess of dirt tracks. Later on civilizations this sort of as the Mesopotamian and the Indus Valley created paved streets for less difficult transport. It was the age of several inventions that fundamentally changed the idea of transport. Conversation, telegraphy, the steam engine and the steam ship sped world-wide transport in all directions. Land transportation became attainable around large distances with out the application of animal or human muscles. The Wright brothers’ effective experiments with plane paved the way for airplanes and air transportation became a quicker way to transportation products and people in shorter time-frames to additional places. Every single is unique from the other and is utilized dependent on option of components like value of transportation, route taken, ability and so on. Superior expenses and substantial electricity use are the downsides of air transport on the other hand, it is approximated that about 500,000 folks travel in aero-planes at any given time. Though they require the use of massive amounts of floor land, rail networks supply quick connectivity options inside of cities, inside nations around the world and involving distinct nations around the world as a method of community transport- e. . New York Town Subway, London Metro, Eurotunnel or the Chunnel among England and France and the Euro Rail. Street transportation is completely diverse from other modes as it lets a car or truck consumer to have total independence in excess of velocity, path, timings of journey and adjust of location that other transport approaches are unable to offer.

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Why it's important: Tyrion reveals he's acting Hand of the King, and just like that, Thrones got itself a hero from the Lannister clan. But by far the biggest and most important shift in the Thrones power dynamic comes for the pregnant Daenerys, who eats a raw stallion heart in a Dothraki ritual, declaring her unborn son, Rheago, the one who will unite the world, picks up her newly gifted dragon eggs from a fire unscathed, and gets the first real taste of her ascendance to Khaleesi. Her pesky, power-hungry brother Viserys tries to smuggle out the dragon eggs but is stopped by Ser Jorah Mormont, and later, drunk, threatens to cut out Dany's baby from her stomach if Khal Drogo doesn't give him the army and crown that was promised to him. Obligingly, Drogo says he'll get his crown, melts down a pot of gold coins, forces Viserys to his knees, and dumps the scalding metal over his head. With its unconventional parenting methods and withering criticism of his own offspring, Tywin Lannister remains one of the show's most compelling figures and a reliable source for great scenes. The Season 4 finale, which also includes Brienne of Tarth's brutal swordfight with the Hound and Daenerys's tearful chaining of her beloved (but unruly) dragons, is mostly a collection of enormously entertaining showdowns between characters with long-simmering antagonistic histories. Certain confrontations might leave a bad aftertaste -- Tyrion's final confrontation with Shae is as frustrating as Game of Thrones gets -- but throughout the episode, the real focus is on the performances, rather than the pyrotechnics, which you arguably can't say of future seasons. Charles Dance, the English actor who played him Tywin for four, Emmy-deserving seasons, really gets to strut his stuff on the way out of the series. Most shocking moment: It's not especially shocking that Tywin Lannister died in this episode, since it's surprising he survived as long as he did. But the specifics of his death are surprising: killed with a crossbow on the toilet. For a man who prized dignity so much, it was an unbecoming way to go out. But yeah, it's mostly just about the battle for Winterfell and the North -- which Jon Snow wins, thanks to Sansa's secretly penned note to Littlefinger, who arrives with the Knights of the Vale -- and the aftermath, in which the Seven Kingdoms are finally rid of Ramsay Bolton, the most purely sinister of all Game of Thrones villains.

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Eventually, Sam’s older brother Jesse decided it was time to help them make it happen FOR REAL. Jesse called up his childhood friend, Bobby Carnevale, to come film with the boys for a few days. The two quickly realized this was going to be way more than just some backyard zombie film and the seed for a feature documentary was planted. The first part: to film the actual zombie movie, exactly as Sam and Mattie envisioned it. The second part: to film a raw, behind-the-scenes documentary of Sam and Mattie at work as they turn their script into the most epic teen zombie movie of all time. The media quickly took to Sam and Mattie, and the project was featured on several news sites and blogs, such as PBS, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post. In addition, Mariah Carey opens this week’s show with a mesmerizing rendition of her worldwide smash, “Hero,” to commemorate the global media brand (and saving grace of the Oscar blogging industry) that Serving Cinema has become. Will Julianne Moore FINALLY win her long overdue Oscar. In other words: he’s written about awards season, film, pop culture, and the arts for a variety of publications including Entertainment Weekly, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, AFROPUNK, East End Fashion Magazine, and Naima Mora Online. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 46e1e78e2b4c0b082c8c419661eaa494. Both prequels are a dire ghost routine compared to their qualitative and profitable initial offerings. The movie, written and directed by Leigh Whannel, has a markedly low production value.

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Meanwhile, a disturbed young man is about to embark on a mass-murdering sniper spree which will culminate at the drive-in where Orlock is making his last publicity appearance. When Orlock confronted the sniper at the end of the film, I was out of my seat, cheering. A must-see. CRASH! When a woman tries to leave her jealous husband, he has his dog attack her, crashing her car and putting her in the hospital with amnesia. Her keychain, however, is really an ancient idol of the god of revenge, and it possesses her car, sending it on a one-way trip to get revenge on her husband, killing anyone who gets in its way. Uneven attempt to mix horror and crash-em-up movies. TIMBER FALLS Torture porn flick about a couple who are the latest victims of a nutty religious barren couple. Movies like this are only about 2 things: the torture and the revenge. The torture scenes are nothing new, with severed fingers, hot pokers, rifle barrels to the face, etc. MELVIN GOES TO DINNER Melvin has dinner with a friend and finds that they are joined by two women. The rest of the movie deals with the dinner conversation, which deals with everything from adultery, ghosts, schizophrenia, sex fetishes and more.

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Pregnancy does not last forever, and once your baby is born, your life will. Another choice is between programs with a spiritual component and those without. found at a weekend retreat, a weekly bible study or recovery group, in a. Mark Batterson - WHISPER; Think about the voices that speak into your life, such as God, others. Are you willing to pray the seven-word prayer at the end of the prologue. What is the hardest part of learning a new language. Describe a time the Holy Spirit “ quickened” you as you read the Bible. 4. this week as a part of your healing process. While the prophet Samuel mourned Saul's choices, God called Samuel to anoint. Bread reach people around the world with the life-changing wisdom of the Bible. IFE’S HEALING CHOICES DISCUSSION QUESTIONS; LIFE’S HEALING CHOICES DISCUSSION QUESTIONS.