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Even Cercei's deciding not to fight the bad guy is a problem because she's agreeing that they are bad guys. Laura Brus ? ? I mean the characters in the books for never been unanimous on anything. Laura Brus ? ? In Deep Geek here's another problem. Martin makes a point to create gray characters that are neither totally good nor totally bad. Jon Snow is a good man, but on a bad day, I could totally see him deciding to do something totally mean like killing all the Smurfs in Westeros (no there are no Smurfs in Westeros, but I couldn't think of another fitting cute thing for him to run a muck and kill). They are in focus. They are evil. All of the characters including Cercei agree with this. The fact that the Walkers do not seem morally questionable, in my opinion, immediately makes them suspect. If they seem all bad, that should immediately be questioned. The fact that Martin is underlining their clear evil indicates to me that they are definitely NOT evil and we're in for a plot twist. Laura Brus ? ? In Deep Geek just saying.

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But Duvall wanted the role of Quint, and finally the lead went to Roy Scheider. GOTTLIEB: That sounds correct, although most of it happened before I came on board. But I do remember when I was reading the Sackler draft that Steven once rolled his eyes and told me that the studio wanted him to use Charlton Heston and Jan Michael Vincent. 206 CLASSIC AMERICAN FILMS OK, then let’s talk about the role of Matt Hooper, the young ichthyologist. It was first turned down by Jon Voight, and then a number of other actors were considered—Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Joel Grey, and, as you’ve told me today, Jan Michael Vincent. GOTTLIEB: Yes, right up until Richard and how he got the part. It’s true that, initially, he turned it down, and, as a matter of fact, when I first went to Boston with Steven, nine days before the start of principal photography, neither Hooper nor Quint had been cast. Neither appeared in the first two weeks of the schedule, but time was obviously running out. You certainly don’t want to start rolling a multimillion dollar picture without the lead characters cast. Back in those days, I had a very strong relationship with Richard Dreyfuss—I still do—we’d done improvisational theater together, and I knew him before Steven did. At the time, I was very happy for Richard because he’d just made The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. So Steven and I were sitting together in Boston, and he told me that Richard had turned it down. I told him I was rewriting the script, that it was going to be very different, with a lot more humor, and I made some promises that Steven had agreed to. When he finally showed up at the hotel, the Holiday Inn in Boston, he was wearing his Hooper outfit. Don’t even get a haircut. ’ He did it intentionally. So we had a great discussion, especially about the character of Hooper, and how we would reinvent the character for Richard. Then Steven offered him the money he wanted, and Richard accepted the role.

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Since the Wall has been bypassed with no fight. he living are screwed. All TNK has to do is stay on his dragon far away from harm but close enough to keep him minions going and he will win. My guess is things will turn for the worse even more for the living before it gets better. Something needs to happen for the living. aybe Bran and his worg ability evolving again is part of the story. I'm guessing they probably cut that scene to both draw out the tension between Arya and Sansa and to increase the shock factor when Sansa actually accuses Littlefinger. I wasn't particularly fond of the whole thing, and regardless of the spoilers, you could tell where this was headed. I enjoyed the end result, and it was great to see that the Stark kids worked together (we actually didn't see them working together until after the fact) so the ultra-coy lead up left a bit to be desired imo. I suppose that without all the details the writers still have to find ways to surprise the audience, but even George telegraphs many of his surprises; you just have to be very attentive to catch them. The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself. Good points. The other thing is that with only 6 episodes left, it would've been a pain in the rear to resolve any unresolved issues between Arya and Sansa in the final season. And I agree with you about why they deleted that scene. It did play out a lot like Arya and Sansa had predetermined the outcome, though. Interesting tidbit here about a deleted scene from the finale where Sansa comes to Bran seeking his help in her conflict with Arya. You blew my Stark girls playing LF theory out of the water. Because Jon is so moral and honest, he will struggle between his true heritage and his relationship with Dany.

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The original video is the work of 2Snacks and can be found here. My Little Pony and all related characters belong to Hasbro. Food, once a month on Tuesdays here on the REACT channel. The following episode featured the following Adults. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and all related logos and characters belong to Hasbro Studios, LLC and DHX Studios. Too bad none will be left alive to tell the tale. (1:46). And what a start it is, cannot wait to see more! D. Firstly I should point out that the video may not be in sync in some parts but should still be watchable. Secondly, if you liked the video I reacted to then please go and check out '2Snacks' and 'Two Best friends play' Channels which I have put the links for below, you will be entertained. ALSO if you liked this video then please hit that like and subscribe button, and leave any suggestions for future reactions down in the comments section. Thanks for watching and, hopefully, see you next time:). I do not own ANY of the video's that I react to, nor do I take credit for them, all rights and credit go to their original owners. This is my first pony animation so BE GENTLE WITH ME thanks. There's definitely some errors here and there so feel free to point em out! XD. Created in Blender 2.

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